May 12.10: Davis goes all out.

There’s only one way to play the game and that’s all out, which is what Ike Davis has shown us during his three-week Mets career.

Last night marked the third time he’s gone over the dugout railing to make a catch, this time it was a game-ender.

Said Davis: “It’s not that far a drop. I’d rather end the game than worry about getting a bruise.’’

More telling, is Davis said he’d make the same effort regardless of the score.


Was last night a breakout game for Jason Bay?

“I would like to say yes, but I can’t stand here and tell you that everything is hunky dory,’’ said Bay, who had three singles and a bases-loaded walk. “It’s a feel thing, and I am starting to feel a lot better.’’
Bay has been struggling all season, the first of a four-year, $66 million deal. He entered the game batting .248 and ended it at .263, but with still only one homer.


Luis Castillo is playing with an orthopedic wrap on his left foot to protect a bone bruise that has bothered him since spring training.


How much playing time Chris Carter gets remains to be seen, but for now it looks as if it will be as a pinch-hitter. With Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur had productive games last night so they probably won’t rest, but it is a day game today so you never can tell.

Carter delivered a RBI double last night in the Mets’ six-run eighth inning. “It’s a great feeling,’’ Carter said. “It’s really special. I definitely felt like part of the team right there.’’

7 thoughts on “May 12.10: Davis goes all out.

  1. great to hear about Davis. sounds like we have a 1st baseman at last!
    I liked Murphy, but it appears davis was a good fit. they both play the position hard and thats all you can ask.
    Castillo always plays hard , my only issue is he’s getting old.. and this wont last much longer. but god love him..
    lets go mets!

  2. SteveC (1): I know it didn’t work the first time, but there were extenuating circumstances – like trying him in the outfield, too – but I’m not sold that Murphy can’t play second base. They have to find a position for him and that’s the only one. Once he’s healthy they have to try him there again.-JD

  3. so are you saying thats why the phillies are doing so good? they have someone in the stands texting the signs? welcome to the 21st century.
    this has always been done and its the catching thats the hardest part.


  4. (5) Thanks for welcoming me to the 21st Century. It’s such a bold, new world, isn’t it, with globalization and everything? How’s that working out for a 21st-Century guy like you? Are you liking it?

    Catching the opponent cheating isn’t the hard part. Geez, Louise, it pisses me off when people who don’t have a grasp on issues take a condescending tone. The hard part is when you confront the other team and they don’t stop. That’s the unwritten rule: Once you’re confronted, you’re supposed to stop. (But you knew that, because you’re a wired, 21st-Century guy, right?)

    Both the Mets and Rockies have now confronted the Phils on this, with the matter now going to the league offices.

    And, yeah, that’s why the Phils are doing so good[sic]…just ask Belichick.

  5. Tiffany, I was agreeing with you. i dont like it either. my apologies if it sounded cut off.

    I have to say for a gal you love to confront and stand your ground as good as any guy i know..

    good on ya.