May 10.10: Chat Room, Game #32 vs. Nationals: Can Wright get it going again?

Right now, David Wright would be one of the first to admit this game is impossible to figure out. Wright took a 10-game hitting streak into Saturday’s game.

That streak hasn’t just been snapped, it has been shattered.

Since then, Wright has gone down on strikes eight straight times (he had a sacrifice fly in there that would have accounted for the winning RBI had not the bullpen not given up lead for the third straight game).

The last one got him ejected from Sunday’s game and had the Mets tied it would have brought on the fun scenario of Jon Niese in left and Jason Bay playing third base. There’s a morbid curiosity, I admit, of wanting to see that.

Wright denies it was a culmination that caused his explosion at plate ump Paul Schreiber, but it was certainly more than the “disagreement’’ he called it.

“In a season you’re going to go through some ups and downs and I’m not seeing the ball right now,” said Wright. “Hopefully I’ll get back to swinging the bat well. Obviously you want to go up there and put together some good at-bats but it hasn’t happened the last couple of days. I’ll keep plugging away and working at it until it does happen.’’

Wright is too good a player for it not to happen, but what is alarming is not the strikeouts, but the quantity. He has 41 on the season and the Mets play their 32nd game tonight against Washington.

“It’s a combination of me not seeing the ball that well right now and facing some good pitching,’’ Wright said. “It’s two-sided. Pitchers make good pitches, especially when you’re not feeling that good at the plate, and chances are you’re not going to be that successful.’’

Tonight the 17-14 Mets play the 17-14 Nationals with John Maine going against rookie Luis Atilano (2-0, 4.67), who is trying to bounce back from a six-run effort against Atlanta.

Maine (1-1, 5.97 ERA) appears to have righted himself after a rough start. H was 0-1 with 10.38 ERA in his first three starts, but 1-0 with a 2.30 ERA in his last three.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Jose Reyes, SS
Jason Bay, LF
David Wright, 3B
Ike Davis, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Rod Barajas, C
John Maine, RP

METS NOTEBOOK: Catcher Henry Blanco was placed on the bereavement list and replaced on the roster by Josh Thole. … Mike Piazza said if he ever was inducted into the Hall of Fame he wanted to go in as a Met. “The bulk of my career was with the Mets,’’ he said. One of the most enduring images in Met history was his homer that beat Atlanta in the first game back from 9/11.

65 thoughts on “May 10.10: Chat Room, Game #32 vs. Nationals: Can Wright get it going again?

  1. Manuel said Beltran is doing some limited hitting in the cage, but there’s no word on when he’ll begin running. … Also, Igarashi threw on the mound today in his rehab.-JD

  2. Part of Maine’s turnaround was getting out of trouble. We’ll see how he does. Zimmerman’s ball to Francoeur was a bullet.-JD

  3. SECOND INNING: For those scoring at home, that’s 43 pitches in two innings for Maine. We’ll see the pen a lot tonight.-JD

  4. off the subject there was a real nice article in todays times about Piazza. He says he wants to go into the Hall with a Mets cap on. lets hope he has better luck getting his wish than Carter did.

  5. Ray (17): The theory is the player will go in wearing the cap of team where he “makes his mark.” That could be the Dodgers even though he played longer with the Mets.-JD

  6. Let me get in front of the TV now — I want to see if Wright can continue the streak.

  7. since Piazza only made it to the WS with the mets that may be considered, we shall see in 3 years.

  8. Ray (23): He did have an impact with the Mets that can’t be denied. Enough to make a viable argument to wear the Mets cap. I think they should let the player decide.-JD

  9. They’re lucky to have Adam Kennedy out there to catch that ball hit by Wright. It was absolutely blistered!!!

  10. it would be nice to keep him in but we need some runs and its getting late in the game.

  11. Strong throw by Pagan saves a run. That’s it for Maine. Two runs in six innings. I’ll take it. Too many pitches, he’s given the Mets a chance to win. Only their offense isn’t cooperating.-JD

  12. remember the last homestand when they played such crisp baseball? that seemed like years ago.

  13. correction: overpriced all stars. I am tired of reyes hitting 3rd already. time to move davis up.

  14. Ray (47): It is time to quit fooling around. Move up Reyes to leadoff and slot Davis between Bay and Wright. It can’t be any worse.-JD

  15. the kid shows more poise than many of the vets on this team. he can handle it

  16. Ray (54): They really are. This is a game with another hit or two they could have made the difference. More strikeouts, too.-JD

  17. i wonder if a team has ever led the league in walks allowed and strikeouts made in the same year.

  18. A QUICK WRAP/Game #32

    FINAL: Nationals 3, Mets 2.
    RECORD: 17-15.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: The Mets pitched well enough to win, but were again let down by their listless offense that wasted a strong outing by John Maine.
    ON THE MOUND: Maine gave up two runs on seven hits and four walks in six innings, including back-to-back homers by Adam Kennedy and Ryan Zimmerman.
    AT THE PLATE: Angel Pagan homered. … David Wright ended a streak of striking out nine straight times. … The Mets went 1-for-12 with RISP and stranded six runners on second and/or third. … Eleven more strikeouts.
    IN THE FIELD: Strong throw by Pagan to the plate saved a run. … Diving stop of a grounder by Alex Cora in the ninth saved another run. … Luis Castillo started despite a bone bruise on the bottom of his foot.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Jon Niese and Mike Pelfrey will start the next two games for the Mets against Washington. -JD

  19. at least Wright is hitting. and bay finally got a hit.
    I am noticing that the team is not happy. Reyes gets kicked out?
    but notice … Manuel came out and got kicked out too. where was he for David?
    I just dont think manuel is doing a good job… and now the players are frustrated..