May 10.10: Perez to stay in rotation for now; plus tonight’s lineup

I have asked the question more times than I can remember: What is wrong with Oliver Perez?

I don’t know the answer, and I don’t think anybody – especially Perez – has the answer. After another meltdown Sunday against the Giants, the debate is again whether Perez should remain in the rotation.

Manager Jerry Manuel said the situation bears consideration, but for now Perez will get another start, Friday at Florida, to try to cash in on his potential check.

Presumably, the weather will be better, but despite the moaning in that direction, it’s no excuse. The weather was bad for everybody and as a professional he needs to overcome the elements.

After a good first, Perez quickly unraveled. You can always tell when Perez doesn’t have it, as the game slows down to a glacier-like pace.

That Manuel said he’ll have to evaluate the situation is encouraging news because there’s nothing about Perez that is encouraging.


Pagan, CF
Castillo, 2B
Reyes, SS
Bay, LF
Wright, 3B
Davis, 1B
Francoeur, RF
Barajas, C
Maine, RP

62 thoughts on “May 10.10: Perez to stay in rotation for now; plus tonight’s lineup

  1. wow. i guess because there are no other options.. huh :-\

    I know a certain japanese pitcher that wouldnt mind being a starter again. Then again he’s been a god send as long relief.

    oh well. we shall see what other torture M&M will put us through..

  2. (1) The Mets have plenty of options, should they want to take Perez out of the rotation. Nieve, Takahashi, Misch, Dickey, Gee — even Mejia — all look to be improvements over a certain journeyman righthander now commuting over the Ben Franklin Bridge.

    But this is all a sideshow. As bad as Perez was yesterday, the Mets still took the lead and had a chance to tie the game late. I know there’s nothing more fun than the weekly bitch-and-moan session about Ollie, but the real issue here is the offense’s inability to make contact when a bunt, ground out or fly ball is all that is needed. You can’t put the tying run on second in the ninth — and then have three consecutive strikeouts. Somebody has to shorten their swings and make contact. Otherwise, as Yogi might say, it’s going to get late early around here.

  3. 2.) you never want to blame poor management huh. you havent seen the over micro managing being done lately?

    yes offense needs to be better.. much better. if the pitcher gives up walks and runs like candy. there’s an issue.

  4. i dont think dickey and gee are the answer here. i dont think they are ready.

    I would swap Taki and Ollie. At least Takahashi knows how to pitch. He is also said to command a number of pitches so if one isnt working he has options. Not sure how Ollie will do in the pen considering he struggles to go above 90 and has no command.

    The issue is simple. Ollie was a huge mistake to resign let alone to give him 36 million. You cannot slot him in every 5th day and when you do he drains your pen. He is a reliever/spot starter. I don’t even know if he is that anymore.

    I remember all the happy talk about how he was a new man. A player with focus and new commitment. If he is it doesnt show.

  5. I think the issue is, when he LISTENS to advice and pitches well he believes he’s over the hurdle and goes back to his normal routine and how he used to handle the ball. instead of sticking with the “fix”
    i’d love to have Taki starting but he would leave a whole in our long relief.

  6. We need to do something about the rotation. The pen will burn out soon enough because our starters blow up after 4 and our manager likes to use at least 3 relievers an inning.

  7. 6. Thats the wonderful over micro managing style .. The pen is already burnt they are just falling apart now..
    the pen should only be used when the starter is really fried or hosed. Otherwise our pitchers should be left in at the minnimum of 7 innings. here’ a question. why did he take Pelf out? Pelf was pitching a great game. and the pen almost lost it for him. as a result Pelf went from a win to a no decision. This will plague the mets starters. their win loss will be in the single digits because of these very situations.

  8. i see ojeda is saying having a player like this sucks the life out of a team.
    THis is what I predict will happen: the mets will run him out there one more time and cross thier fingers, ollie will give a decent effort, maybe 5 and change innings 3 or so runs and they will keep him in there saying it was a positive development.He will get blown up again soon after. When they finally cant take it any more they will create an injury and finally send him down which is probably what happened last year.

  9. And whats up with keeping Castillo on the team? havent they learned enough about bone bruises from Beltran yet? they wait to cripple a guy before the put him on the DL.

  10. Tiffany (2): As far as yesterday goes, the offense’s inability to produce – i.e. David Wright – was a factor in the game to be sure, but let’s not forget Perez did give seven walks and four runs. He deserves a lot of the blame.-JD

  11. Ray (8): You conspiracy theorist. You’re probably not too far off. I don’t think they have the stones to part with Perez because of his contract. I don’t see them eating $13 million for next year and the balance of this year’s $13 million. … I also don’t see them eating the balance of Castillo’s contract.-JD

  12. john, we all know that. they will keep on hoping and praying for a turnaround and continue to let ollie hurt this team.

  13. 9.) I have to give Castillo Heart. He drives me crazy. But he plays with heart. I saw him land on second base yesterday and hop around. all i could think was thet he blew up a bionic knee.

  14. Delcos, why do you bring up eating castillos contract? he is one of the few players on this team that makes consistent contact and the other day you said you were surprised at how his range has improved. If Looie is out for a long time, he will be appreciated finally.

  15. Ray (9): Less than an hour ago you asked why he was still on the team. I was answering your question. Personally, i think is play warrants it since the start of last season, but he’s still everybody’s pet pinata not named Perez.-JD

  16. 14. Ray his talent isnt lost on me. there are times he lets one dribble by, buts thats his knees locking up. drives me nuts that he’s playing but you know what , they dont have anyone like him and we DO need him. he knows how to move a runner or manufacture a run or tire the ever lovin hell out of a batter. He has my support. 😉

  17. As for Ray’s original intent on waiting until a guy is crippled. That is what this particular organization has excelled at. under M&M and their phantom medical staff, we lose more players due to quick fix. or ignoring an issue.

  18. JD, My original point about Castillo is he should be DLd. He has a bone bruise. He is an older player and he needs a rest. Steve C. gets it. It also shortens the bench and manuel has a hard enough time with a full roster.

  19. I think that we need to attempt to take Ollie’s salary out of the equation. He is the clear #5 starter. And not many teams have #5 starters with ERA’s of 4.50. I mean if you look at him closer, he really has had only two bad starts, against the Dodgers and yesterday. Otherwise, I think he is about what the #5 starter in the majors should be. On a side note, Santana’s ERA is 4.54.

  20. Steve O (19): It’s hard to take the salary out of the question because it is a number about him that stands out more than his ERA. He’s about what you expect from a No. 5 stat wise but not salary wise.-JD

  21. I think we all agree the lineup needs to change. and maybe the pitching rotation for thr starters needs to change to reflect the real Number 1,2,3,4,5

    JD: who do you think should be in the starters positions?

  22. SteveC (23): If I’m bumping Perez from the rotation now I’d replace him with R.A. Dickey (3-2, 2.56) because of his major league experience. He’s averaging seven innings a start with a 34-6 strikeouts to walks ratio for Buffalo. His knuckleball will provide a different look. Granted, he’s had limited success as a starter on this level, but he’s playing well now and deserves a shot. That being said, the Mets won’t do it.-JD

  23. who do we have that knows how to catch it ; wait for the knuckleball to stop rolling? 😉

    I gather as a number 5.

  24. Here’s tonight’s line-up:

    Pagan, CF
    Castillo, 2B
    Reyes, SS
    Bay, LF
    Wright, 3B
    Davis, 1B
    Francoeur, RF
    Barajas, C
    Maine, RP

  25. (24) I feel a Saturday Night Live skit coming on…. R.A. Dickey? Really? I mean the guy with the career major league ERA of 5.43 and 1.57 WHIP Really? The 34 year old pitcher who has dominated AAA with his slop? Really? I mean Really? Do you think he’ll fare better than Ollie would? And when you are talking talent wise, if you aren’t cutting him you have to take salary out of the equation IMO and see him for what he is.

  26. Steve C (25): It’s a hard pitch to catch sure, but I’ve got confidence in Barajas and Blanco. … Of course, letting it stop rolling always is an option.-JD

  27. Steve C (28): No, he’s stubborn that way. I’m betting he won’t until Beltran returns. When that is, nobody seems to know.-JD

  28. Steve O (27): I noted he’s had limited success in the majors, but for know he’s Buffalo’s best starter. He’s no worse than Nelson Figueroa and look how many chances he got.-JD

  29. (11) The minute the Mets cut Perez and essentially agree to eat about $21 million, he’ll sign with another team, which will fix his problems. That’s the Mets’ nightmare and that’s why they haven’t done anything like that with him. They know there’s talent in there — but this current group has no idea how to get it out of him.

  30. Tiffay (31): Yes, he can. But, Blanco will be back by the time Perez’s turn comes around a second time. He’ll start Friday.-JD

  31. JD: you know willie got fired for hedging his bets on players that were never getting back in the lineup.
    I think Reyes came back too soon and he’s only now getting the swing of it, but at what cost? The bionic man Castillo is bruised battered and beaten.
    I’m just at a loss, and the kicker, with our win loss ratio he looks like a god right now. there’s just no justice in the world.

  32. (10) Ollie was nothing special yesterday, but the real story was the inability of the offense to advance runners. A ground ball from Wright and a fly out from Davis — and the Mets take that game into extra, good Ollie or bad Ollie notwithstanding.

  33. Tiffany (37): You right about the offense, but if we saw the Good Ollie yesterday that ninth inning might never have come around. Don’t you have to look at all aspects of the game?-JD

  34. 31. If Thole can catch the knuckler then he should catch for him.

    38. that candy coating and knee pads .. saves them everytime 😉

  35. (32) I think the greater point is that Nieve and Takahashi are better options than Figueroa. I hear all this hand-wringing about Figueroa, and I can’t understand it, especially with the depth Omar has brought in this year.

    As for the conjecture about who would replace Perez, while I’m not happy with his performance to date, but what are they going to do with him, particularly since Jerry has indicated he’s not interested in him as reclamation project in the bullpen? Would Perez accept a demotion to AAA? I’d say either Warthen has to fix him here and now, or they have to create a phantom injury that puts him on the DL and then allows him a 30-day stint in the minors to rehab.

  36. Steve C (41): It’s not unheard of to carry three catchers. And, with the amount of time Catalanotto has had in the field it probably wouldn’t matter having one less infielder. … Or, you could cut loose Matthews.-JD

  37. (40) How many runs did Bad Ollie give up yesterday — four? Contributory, yes; but hardly the story. The idea that Mejia coughed up the lead kind of exonerates Ollie, no?

  38. Tiffany (44): No, Mejia doesn’t exonerate Ollie. Wasn’t suggesting that. Subtract the four runs, or even half of that, and the Mets have enough runs to win. You’re right the offense is Hoovering right now, but that was only part of the equation yesterday.-JD

  39. All i know is if the pitchers dont show up perfect the pitching coach is unable to fix a broken one.
    it took a psychologist to get to Pelf. what does that tell ya..

  40. (46) I disagree. If your set-up blows a save in the eighth inning, it’s hard to blame the starter, regardless of how well the starter did or did not pitch. If Mejia does his job, the Mets win. Hard to come back and blame Perez under those circumstances.

  41. Steve C (48): There’s something holding back Perez. It’s mental, emotional and physical. It can’t be one thing. He fixes his mechanics but can’t stay with them. Physical or mental? I don’t know. It’s not heart because I know he tries and cares. But, something goes wrong and he unravels. That has to fall on the emotional and mental side.-JD

  42. 50. Then i say send him to the shrink that fixed Pelfrey. so he can hear how he shouldnt listen to manual or warthen..
    oh wait Ollie actually has issues with his mechanics. ok dont listen to warthen listen to Johan. 😉

  43. 49. when your pen is overworked thats what you get. these guys have been pitching multi inning games every day.
    which is worse a pitcher throwing 200 pitches every 5 days. or a guy throwing 50 every day?

  44. no, they dont! you must be kidding.. oh brothere where has this game gone? oh how the bean counters now rule the world.

  45. What they used to say about Perez is for him to just throw the damn ball because his stuff had enough natural movement for it to be effective. That was the case in 2007. Trouble is, Perez has lost something off his stuff. If he doesn’t make the perfect pitch he can hang one over the plate. Fortunately for him, he’s missing on the outside part of the plate where the hitters, at least yesterday, have a harder time reaching.-JD

  46. Wow, i cant believe looie is in the lineup tonight. I couldnt see the game but radio announcers said he was running like an old man. a bone bruise is not a hangnail.

  47. Ray (58): It isn’t. I don’t know why Manuel doesn’t use this as a time to get Cora some at-bats. Or Catalanotto, too, for that matter. You’re going to need your bench down the line so you might as well keep it sharp. If the injury is not that bad, surely he can rest for a day or two. I don’t have an answer for that.-JD

  48. (52) How many innings did the pen throw on Saturday? Friday? Thursday?

    (54) Complain about bean counters and Tata all you want, but don’t forget to remove your fingers from your ears.

  49. Folks, I hope you’ll join me for the Mets Chat Room in about an hour. Looking forward to a lively conversation tonight.-JD