May 9.10: Chat Room, Game #31 vs. Giants: Mother’s Day edition.

Happy Mother’s Day all. Greetings to all moms. Enjoy your day.

The Mets go for the sweep today of the Giants, which would be their tenth straight win at Citi Field. It will be Oliver Perez against Tim Lincecum, perhaps the game’s best pitcher.

After a dismal start, the Mets are only a game out of first place causing me to wonder where they might be if Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur were hitting at all.

Bay has been getting better at-bats since the team returned home and has driven in first-inning runs in the last two games. Francoeur, after a hot streak to open the season, hasn’t been the same since the 20-inning game in St. Louis.

Francoeur admits to lunging and swinging at pitches outside the zone. He doesn’t have the same patience he had at the start of the season.

Things won’t get easier today against Lincecum.

Luis Castillo is out of the lineup with a bruised left heel and will be replaced by Alex Cora. Rod Barajas returns behind the plate.

Barajas made an interesting comment the other day about Perez, saying he fights himself too much and too quickly when things start to go against him. Perez is the kind of guy who needs a lot of stroking.

Here’s the lineup for the 17-13 Mets behind Perez:

Angel Pagan, CF
Alex Cora, 2B
Jose Reyes, SS
Jason Bay, LF
David Wright, 3B
Ike Davis, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Rod Barajas, C
Oliver Perez, LP

98 thoughts on “May 9.10: Chat Room, Game #31 vs. Giants: Mother’s Day edition.

  1. mighty quiet around here lately. Maybe everybody is out with mom. or they looked at the pitching line and found something better to do.

  2. Lincecum is a true ace. Does anybody feel that way about Santana anymore?

  3. Isnt it funny how so many power pitchers in thier prime are losing thier velocity?

  4. It’s really not about the pitching, especially against this anemic Giants batting order. It’s about the offense — it’s about all the strikeouts and how those strikeouts are failing to move (read: score) runners that other outs would. The way the Mets are striking out, Chip Hale might as well send any and every runner in all situations.

  5. Tiffany (13): Those strikeouts of Bay and Wright in the first were on nasty breaking balls. The offense hasn’t clicked consistently all year.-JD

  6. Too many swings and misses, especially in the middle of the order. Ollie is really stinking it up today. Doubt he makes it through this inning.

  7. JD, My guess is that mothers little helpers are no longer available (how about me getting that in on mothers day?)

  8. (15) You have to make some contact with runners in scoring position. What’s been happening with Bay and Wright is nothing short of inexcusable.

  9. Perez will go down as one of the worst signings in baseball history. I dont him ever turning it around.

  10. Wow. I just got Gameday up and Ollie is already gone. 98 pitches in 3.1 innings? And Lincecum at 51 after 3.

  11. maybe they should send ollie to buffalo and bring up gee or dickey. Of course its too cold for ollie in buffalo. radio broadcasters making excuses even now.

  12. Forget Manuel batting Reyes third. The real blunder is batting Babe Barajas eight!

    Time to start the comeback and sweep the Giants who had the nerve to desert New York 52 years ago. Serves them right for never winning a World Series since.

  13. Geez, talk about throwing gasoline on a fire !! they will end up dfa ing him sooner or later

  14. #26 I suppose Wayne Garland getting a 10 year contract from Cleveland is the worst ever. For sheer disaster to a franchise, Vince Coleman with the Mets.

  15. Tweet from Jayson Stark noting it’s the 9th time in his career that Coin Flip has 7+ walks.

  16. Dan (41): As an Indian fan growing up, I remember the Garland signing. It was brutal. Ouch … Vince to the Mets was a disaster.-JD

  17. (41) Hampton’s Colorado deal was bad, as was Chan Ho Park with the Rangers. Even if Ollie never picks it up, his was only a three-year, $36-million deal.

  18. Did you see Ike’s opposite-field poke? When’s the last time we saw Wright try to slap the ball over the infield?

  19. I like how Davis takes the ball to the opposite field. …. Here’s Francoeur, another strikeout waiting to happen.-JD

  20. the other signings turned bad because of injuries. Omar signed ollie when he was coming off a year where he led the league in walks and hbp. 2 different things. Omar knew what he was getting.

  21. delcos, francouer only has half the strikeouts of bay and wright.

  22. (55) The Mets’ signing of Bonilla? He had a rough first season, but he hit 34 dingers the next year and, by the time they traded him, he was having the best year of his career. And Alex Ochoa was supposedly the top hitting prospect in the Orioles system.

  23. Wright has k’d his last 7 abs. the Giants have him terrified. Word will spread to the rest of the league soon.

  24. #56 I understand what you are saying but the big thing with Bonilla was some of the off the field nonsense. Like calling the pressbox during a game to complain about a scorer’s decision when the Mets are losing 9-0. Plus he good the biggest contract at the time when it was clear he was only a pretty good player. But I wonder how things would have turned out if the Mets had done what Francesa suggested at the time: wait a year for Bonds to leave Pittsburgh. But I couldn’t see his personality in this market.

  25. #61 the second Bonilla appearance was a trade to get rid of Mel Rojas. I’m sure Bobby V doesn’t mention his bringing in Rojas to pitch to Paul O’Neill when he does managerial interviews.

  26. If wright doesnt overcome this, he could become the next tony conigliaro, i fear.

  27. ha looks like the worm has turned for the mets. oh those bases on balls

  28. Now our relentless Mets offense loads to bases with a chance for Jason Bay to put us ahead. Or choke badly, as his nearby Vancouver Canucks are doing yet again.

  29. (60) Bonilla was definitely overwhelmed his first year in New York, especially with the burden of that contract and a Met team at the end of its cycle of contending. But, to be fair, many free agents have themselves overwhelmed trying to adjust to New York in the first year of their contracts. His play after that first season was around his career levels.

  30. routine flyball played into a two runs tying the score. The Magic is Back!

  31. Take that Horace Stoneham, for deserting New York City (and he originally wanted to go the Minnesota before O’Malley talked him into California)!!!!!

  32. (74) Look at what has happened this inning when Bay, Wright and Frenchy all made contact. When you put the ball in play, you force the defense to make the out. There are some interesting studies that suggest a batted ball is akin to a crapshoot: Getting an out is no sure thing, regardless of where the ball’s hit.

  33. (77) I don’t think there’s a job awaiting Sean Green when his rib injury heals.

  34. EIGHTH INNING: The Mets have walked 11 and hit two batters. Amazing they aren’t losing by more. … NIce play by Wright keeps them down by a run.-JD

  35. If the theory was to bat Reyes third to get good pitches for Bay to hit, whom should Manuel bat second for reyes to get good pitches? Overswinging badly

  36. how about jerry putting in the injured castillo? no players on the bench. using krod 3 games in a row? this game could come back to bite them in the long term.

  37. (91) Tying run on second with none out — and no one can make contact? That inning was a microcosm of the Mets’ offensive troubles this year, particularly as it relates to the strikeout.

  38. i wanted the tie to see how jerry was going to figure out a lineup

  39. A QUICK WRAP/Game #31

    FINAL: Giants 6, Mets 5.
    RECORD: 17-14.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: No late inning magic this time. The Mets rallied from four runs down to briefly take the lead, but Aaron Rowand’s two-run homer off Jenrry Mejia snapped New York’s home winning streak at nine.
    ON THE MOUND: Mets pitchers walked 11 and hit two batters. … Oliver Perez gave up four runs on two hits and seven walks in 3 1/3 innings. … Raul Valdes pitched 3 2/3 scoreless innings in relief. … Mejia gave up the homer to Rowand.
    AT THE PLATE: Jason Bay tied the game in the seventh with a two-run, wind-aided double and David Wright put them briefly ahead with a sac fly. … Wright is on a strikeout slide and now has 41 on the season.
    IN THE FIELD: With Wright’s ejection in the ninth, the Mets would’ve used a pitcher to play third if they tied the game.
    LOOKING AHEAD: John Maine opens the Washington series, followed by Jon Niese and Mike Pelfrey. -JD

  40. i c ollie is back to the inconsistency that marks his career. 7 walks 3 innings. wow

    more interesting is the comment ray makes above.

    pitchers no longer able to dial it up above 90 and hitters becoming mere mortals from superman.

    big pappi comes to mind. a hitter who was nothing. a marginal ballplayer who became one of the most feared power hitters for a time who all of a sudden has no power.

    i noticed the best player in the game has 2 hr’s. that would be aroid. how does a healthy mr olympian on the yankees only have 2 hr’s in may?

  41. Once again Manuel has over managed the game. plain and simple. Yes we have great relievers now but they are over burdened.
    how hitters are waiting to find out where in the rotation they hit. Finally I saw Reyes actually steal and get on base. wait like hewas hitting at the #1 spot.
    Then taking out key players and bringing in cantalope and mathews. oh brother…
    real good job there…
    at least we won the series and thats all the numbers will show.. so Jerry is safe this year… regardless of these bad moves.