May 8.10: Chat Room, Game #30 vs. Giants: Santana goes; Pelfrey still tight.

The weather is breaking up and the Mets and Giants should be set to go on time this afternoon at Citi Field.

Johan Santana, coming off his implosion last Sunday in Philadelphia, will start for the Mets. You know Santana will come out amped after Philly. He can’t be happy stewing for a week after a nine-run inning.

Having Santana going after last night has to make the Mets feel good about winning this series.

What a remarkable game last night was, one of the best in years. It had drama, excitement, great pitching, clutch hitting and leather flashing defense.

Lost in the buzz of the Rod Barajas’ game-winning homer – he and Ike Davis each hit two – and Davis’ catch over the dugout railing was the job of Mike Pelfrey, who pitched into the eighth inning. The Giants had chances to break open the game but Pelfrey neutralized most threats.

For the second straight game, Pelfrey said he still experienced tightness in his shoulder, but would start Wednesday against Washington.

I proposed the question whether the Mets pushed the envelope with Pelfrey. As well as Pelfrey pitched last night, that he still has tightness is not a good sign.

Sitting out today’s game is Barajas, who has a bruised left hand on a catcher’s interference play when Eli Whiteside swung at a pitchout.

Prior to the game, Giants catcher Bengie Molina told SNY he wanted to come to the Mets. He was upset because the Mets wouldn’t increase their one-year, $5-million offer, but signed a one-year contract for $500,000 to stay with the Giants.

If he really wanted to play for the Mets, he’d be here. However, the Mets’ catching has been superb this year with Barajas leading the team in homers.

Here’s today’s line-up for the 16-13 Mets behind Santana:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Jose Reyes, SS
Jason Bay, LF
David Wright, 3B
Ike Davis, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Henry Blanco, C
Johan Santana, LP

33 thoughts on “May 8.10: Chat Room, Game #30 vs. Giants: Santana goes; Pelfrey still tight.

  1. (10) Why are you asking me — I didn’t post his pic on my blog today…

  2. I dont get the TV feed. Sorry to miss ralph. I put kiners korner in a serch engine and found the opening day 1983 edition featuring the newly returned tom seaver.

  3. nah, im too lazy. just do the search engine Its on the second or third page. I see parnell is relieving in AAA. If he makes it back its going to be in the pen. Thole is off to a terrible start btw.

  4. EIGHTH INNING: No word yet on Castillo. If Manuel stays true to his word, he’ll sit tomorrow. Manuel says if he takes a player out for injury he’ll rest him the next day.-JD

  5. so santana has a good outing and 2 pitchers later needing only one our they give it up. hope the mets can keep the win.

  6. Johan should not have come out. He let 2 guys on but then got 2 outs. JERRY IS AN IDIOT!


  7. metsgl (22): He was already over 100 pitches and the Giants hit the ball hard that inning. You knew he was coming out.-JD

  8. (24) But there were 2 out. He could have gotten one more batter. I don’t know why Nieve came in. Mejia he should come in first not Nieve and Feliciano.

  9. metsgl (25): Nieve is their guy in that situation. Jerry is predictable that way. He’s going to pitch to the right handed hitter.-JD

  10. A QUICK WRAP/Game #30

    FINAL: Mets 5, Giants 4 (11).
    RECORD: 17-13.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: For the second straight game the bullpen blew a save only to be picked up by a walk-off homer from a catcher. Today a strong start by Johan Santana was thrown away, but Henry Blanco’s first homer as a Met was the game-winner.
    ON THE MOUND: Santana gave up four runs on eight hits in 7 2/3 innings. … Pedro Feliciano blew the save and Hisanori Takahashi picked up the win in relief.
    AT THE PLATE: Blanco had three hits. … Angel Pagan hit a two-run triple in the second. … For the second straight game Jason Bay drove in a run in the first.
    IN THE FIELD: Blanco started at catcher. …
    LOOKING AHEAD: Oliver Perez against Tim Lincecum tomorrow. -JD