May 7.10: Should the Mets sit Pelfrey tonight?

Are the Mets pushing it with Mike Pelfrey?

After complaining of stiffness in his throwing shoulder following his last start – he was ripped in Philly last Saturday – Pelfrey underwent an MRI and threw an abbreviated bullpen session this week.

“I’ll be able to make it,’’ Pelfrey said of tonight’s start against San Francisco at Citi Field.

Pelfrey said he pushed it in his bullpen session and that he felt fine. Then again, what else did you expect him to say?

Even so, an argument can be made for pushing Pelfrey back a start, much like the Yankees are doing with Andy Pettitte.

It’s still early and it isn’t as if one start is a make-or-break deal on the season. Why push him? Give him the extra rest and let him throw a full bullpen to make sure.

It seems the Mets are taking an unnecessary risk. When it comes to a pitcher’s arm, it is better to always land on caution. What good is tonight if he misses his next two or three or more starts?

12 thoughts on “May 7.10: Should the Mets sit Pelfrey tonight?

  1. i don’t know.

    At some point you have to trust the doctors , trainers, coaches. Which is very dangerous with the Mets.

    Players play with soreness all the time. In the end the player needs to know his body. Is it soreness or something else?

  2. I saw that Wall Street Journal comparison of Met and Yankee fans, and the moment I read the description of the Starbucks-drinking metrosexual chasing thin girls wearing pink baseball hats I knew they were describing Delcos. Did you participate in the survey, JD?

  3. dave (1): Players should know their own bodies, but there are too many times in which they overestimate their physical situation.-JD

  4. Let him pitch, but carefully monitor him. I think he has a short leash tonight. Tiffany suggests limiting his pitch count to 40 if I understand correctly. 😉

  5. Not only should they push him back at least a day because he’s not 100%, they should also do it to pitch Johan Santana on four days rest. I never understood why teams don’t pitch their ace every chance they get, like the Phillies do with Roy Halladay.

  6. With the concern over straining a pitcher’s arm and the religious adherence to pitch counts, it’s odd that they would let Pelf pitch before he can do a full bullpen session. And if they are so concerned about the pitchers, why do they put Nightly Nieve and Perpetual Pedro out there game after game after game?

    bbgods (9): Would have been cool if Johan could have lined up vs. Lincecum on Sunday.