May 4.10: Seeing is believing.

This falls under the `I’ll believe it when I see it’ category. Carlos Beltran is taking soft toss BP in Port St. Lucie and is hopeful of running, then resuming baseball activities later this week. “It all begins with running,” Beltran told reporters in Florida. There is no timetable for Beltran’s return until he begins running. Until then, everything is merely wishful thinking.

I thought of Beltran last night while watching the Mets’ offense sputter in losing to the Reds. Oliver Perez did his job, and so did the bullpen, but the game was lost at the plate. The Mets were cooked the last two games in Philadelphia, but last night was a winnable game, and losses like that ultimately come back to haunt a team.

Last night also reinforced the streaky nature of this team. It is capable of winning seven straight one week and going on a losing streak the next. As evidenced by their record, the Mets are barely a win-one, lose-one type of team.

Save for a few games, the offense has been inconsistent all season, and Beltran’s absence is a big part of the reason.

Losing Beltran forced Jerry Manuel to juggle his line-up by moving Jose Reyes to third. The problem is Reyes is not a No. 3 hitter and it has weakened the leadoff position. Reyes is not playing his normal game, two hits last night notwithstanding. Nor is his replacement, Angel Pagan, a leadoff hitter.

6 thoughts on “May 4.10: Seeing is believing.

  1. I cannot agree with you more. Also bringing tatis in to play first doesnt ever help.
    the up in the air players are Cora/pagan/tatis. of the 3 who do we really want.
    Then there’s Castillo, god love his aggressive play but he is error prone :-(
    I think if they put Pagan batting 7. and Reyes 1st. then put Wright/Franceour/Bay/Davis that could be something.

    Then we have the pitching and the lack there of.. amazingly the bullpen has gotten better. But is that the plan ? Keep struggling pitchers and just rely every day on BP. Not sure I like that formula.

  2. SteveC (1): Of the three, I believe Cora is the most versatile and the one I’d keep. … Castillo isn’t going anywhere because of his contract. … The BP has been good, but it will be worn down at this rate. It’s only a matter of time.-JD

  3. Last night gary and Ron gave nieve and pedro nick names. Nightly Nieve and I forget for pedro. it will come to me ..

  4. if jose was playing right it would help.

    he is still not jose. it doesnt help that the other guys are not hitting.

    i dont think beltran would help that much since the whole lineup isnt doing what it needs to.

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