May 3.10: It happens.

What was surprising about the weekend wasn’t that the Mets lost two of three at Philadelphia, but the manner in which they lost them. After nearly two weeks of sharp, aggressive baseball they were pummeled the last two games.

Pummeled. Slaughtered. Waxed. However you want to say it.

It was discouraging the Phillies hammered both Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana, the two best pitchers the Mets have to offer. But, it isn’t surprising they lost. These things happen. If you want to read that the Phillies are still better, than please do. We kind of knew that all along.

However, the Mets had played too good for an extended period and Santana has been superb for so long to panic over this weekend. File it away under: “It happens.’’

I can’t read anything more into it than that. Both deserve the benefit of doubt.

A mark of a good team is how it bounces back and we’ll find out more about the Mets tonight in Cincinnati, and Santana this weekend against the Giants.

16 thoughts on “May 3.10: It happens.

  1. I watch each and every game with one thing in mind. a win. so i am always positive.
    I just hate the philthies.. they are the new braves.
    Remember it was the braves, then the marlins now philly.. *ugh*


  2. JD, you left out one key word in your description of the last two games: EMBARRASSING. The suddenly “rejuvenated” and “rehabilitated” Mets made their pratfalls the last two days in front of national TV audiences. Playoff-hopeful teams don’t do things like have infielders drop popups, have supposed ace pitchers walk opposing pitchers with the bases loaded, have baserunners make bonehead plays and give away outs and have hitters quiver in their cleats when they face elite pitchers and go out with a whimper instead of a bang. Yes, it’s only two games and yes it’s only two games in May. But the Mets period of excellence was only 11 games in April. What we saw the last two games was regression — and reality. Friday night, the Mets beat the Phillies’ fourth-best starting pitcher. The Phillies are also playing without one of their best players, Jimmy Rollins. Hate them if you will, Steve C, but the Phillies showed in the last two games why they’re the two-time defending National League Champions and why for the last three seasons and change, our beloved Mets have continued to be pretenders.

  3. It may just “happen,” but no way to sugarcoat that last night was a really bad loss. The chance to take two of three against your nemesis, continue the momentum from the homestand, with a 5 to 2 lead and your ace on the mound makes it an awful loss. If they lose tonight against Cincy, the snowball might be getting bigger.

  4. 4.) I know, the braves had the same when chipper and rocker were in prime.

  5. 6 Well, Steve C, at least Rocker and Chipper gave us real reasons to dislike them and their team. Chipper dissed Mets fans by telling us to change out our gear for Yankee gear and Rocker — long before his infamously racist and homophobic rant — taunted fans with his knockoff WWE antics on and off the mound. But with the Phillies, who on their current roster has really dissed the Mets, or Mets fans to make them hated? Sure, Rollins talked smack about his team being the one to beat, but he backed up the talk. Cole Hamels called the Mets choke artists and after ’07 and ’08, when the Phillies outperformed the Mets both years, we can’t really argue his point. Since ’07, the Phillies have outperformed the Mets. Disliking them for that isn’t hate — it’s envy.

  6. We shall see over the next week how the team performs.

    A couple of bad pitching performances should not quiet your bats, lead you to make bad decisions or play bad defense.

    Those things should be constant.

  7. While the Phils might be sighing in relief after the last two games, I don’t think they feel all that good about themselves right now. In most cases, a 5-2 lead for Santana is money in the bank, and I don’t think the Phils believe they’re going to score 10 runs against Pelfrey and Santana again any time soon. As Delcos has suggested, it was just one of those baseball oddities.

    The bigger picture for the Phils is a pitching staff in disarray. Their three key relievers — Lidge, Romero and Madson — are all dealing with injuries and/or recoveries and, as one anonymous Phillie told Howie Rose, Jonathon Niese would be the number-two starter in the Philadelphia rotation. This lack of balance between the ultra-potent offense and the questionable pitching is probably going to keep them from running away with the division. I see them as more vulnerable than invincible.

  8. 9

    I don’t know that much about the team from pa. assuming everything you say is true.

    that did not stop them from winning the ws with the same issues.

    not saying it is a recipe for success.

    but our met team has yet to get it together under duress. they have.

  9. (9) Tiffany: I’m sure the Phills feel pretty good about themselves. And with the way Niese performed as opposed to Santana and Pelfrey, an anonomyous Met source said that Niese should be the ace of the staff. lol

  10. 7. I dislike a team while they are playing mine. once the series is over its time to dislike the next team. 😉

    9. I have to agree with dave. I never compare against other teams. However between the Phils and Annie’s Yankees.. (JUST KIDDING) They seem to rise from the ashes. why do the mets have a hard time doing so? dare I say M&M? 😉

    11. Too funny.

  11. Regarding the last two games: Mets happen. But Coin Flip will start the next winning streak tonight.

  12. (11) There’s a huge difference in a Met saying that about Niese and someone on the Phils saying it: It’s a Phillie basically admitting that the Mets’ rookie fifth starter is better than anyone they have not named Halladay.

    Indeed, the Phils are now 9-9 in games _not_ started by Halladay.

    (12) Do the Phils do a better job rising from the ashes? Yes, absolutely. I think they’re a mentally tougher team that, if nothing more, knows how to win. That’s an advantage for them — but it’s not an insurmountable one and it’s not necessarily a permanent one. There could come a time when another team (dare I say the Mets?) matches that intestinal fortitude and/or the Phils’ pitching weaknesses become too much for their guts and grit to overcome.

    Put it this way: 9 times out of 10 five runs for Santana equates to a Phillie loss. As such, they should have lost two out of three on their home field and have fallen 1.5 games out. They’re lucky with what happened last night and, based on the anonymous player’s comments about Niese, they seem to know it, too.

  13. Tiffany: I am with you. for awhile the mets were that team. I remember when the owned the 9th inning. they could be loosing then they would rally …
    oh the good ole days. 😉