May 3.10: Chat Room, Game #26 at Reds: Perez needs to stop slide.

After their weekend in Philadelphia in which they were ripped the last two games, the Mets find themselves in position of needing to again right their ship.

As quickly as they won nine of ten they can lose the same, especially if they don’t get pitching. So, once again, it is time to say Oliver Perez needs to earn his money.

Maybe not all $36 million, but at least one game’s worth.

The Mets’ starting pitching, so good during the last homestand that is fast becoming a memory, has been poor in three of its last five games, beginning with Perez’s start last Tuesday against Los Angeles when he gave up three runs in 3 2/3 innings.

Manager Jerry Manuel gave Perez the benefit of doubt after that start, saying the cold and windy conditions made it hard to grip the ball. That won’t be a problem tonight in Cincinnati.

Manuel said Perez would stay in the rotation for now, however, he suggested he would keep his options open, and if the uncertain lefthander should continue to falter how impressed he has been with Hisanori Takahashi.

Here’s the line-up behind Perez tonight:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Jose Reyes, SS
Jason Bay, LF
David Wright, 3B
Ike Davis, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Rod Barajas, C
Oliver Perez, LP

73 thoughts on “May 3.10: Chat Room, Game #26 at Reds: Perez needs to stop slide.

  1. Gary and Ron were talking and mentioned that Pelf’s arm was tight the night of his pitching. However its nothing. and he will be ready for friday’s game I believe.
    Ok Ollie lets win this one…

  2. yep thats what i thought i heard. my kids were droning..
    lets hope this is true.. i really have little faith in the medical staff lately.
    i know people will ge t mad.. but I just dont know.. everytime they say a player is ok. he isnt.

  3. SteveC (3): Pelfrey is somebody they can’t afford to lose. I know what you’re saying. The med staff doesn’t have a good track record.-JD

  4. 5. Lets hope for the best.

    as for reyes see, instead of getting on base he feels he has to slug it. so instead of 2 men on base. we have the botton of the 1st coming up.

  5. shouldnt one of the IF go up to ollie after the walk and say nice things to him?

  6. The only person would be Wright. Ike is too young and castillo doesnt know how to do it. neither does reyes.

    Lets hope Ollie listens to someone whil at the bench./ and just relaxes.

  7. steve/john

    yeah. that’s a shame. he needs pep talks.

    someone should get up there and say lets go or something.

  8. thank you Franc!!! ok so the game is officially do over/ OK ollie start the next inning with a clean slate.

  9. just came across a link where m was talking about m.

    jerry is consistent, and good managers are consistent.

    wow. how many ways can i refute this?

  10. wow

    jerry has about a 500 record with us.

    i am surprised it is that good.

  11. 24. are you kidding? from day one he wasnt consistent/ oh wait .. i said that before.. he’s consistently inconsistent.

    26. yes painful comes to mind.

  12. when was the last time he bunted for a hit?

    oh that’s right, you cant do that in the 3 hole

  13. 1 inning at a time ollie .. one inning at a time. thats it.. way to go.

  14. SteveC (35): The Mets are 7-2 since the switch so it will stay this way. Of course, I’m not convinced it is the reason. Has Bay really been scorching? That was supposed to be the end result.-JD

  15. 38. not a fan of the fried twinkie. you have to see ZOMBIELAND. *L*

    37. yeah i know. I think its because of the wright/bay/franc/davis.

    i am sure we could have done this without moving reyes. becayse really what has reyes done since moving to 3 hole?

  16. 49. But castillo didnt make the one play and reyes had issues.

    watch we will find out Reyes isnt 100% more like 75%

  17. It’s amusing watching these guys talk with the gloves over their faces. I don’t buy into the lip readers theory.-JD

  18. where is krod?

    why is a guy with no experience and a 7 era pitching?

    yeah. jerry the consistent.

  19. so i guess they were gonna save him till we got a run or lost.

    the coin came up tales.

    we lose.

  20. A QUICK WRAP/Game #26

    FINAL: Reds 3, Mets 2. (11)
    RECORD: 14-12.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: After two crushing losses at Philadelphia this one was about rebounding. Oliver Perez pitched well enough to win most games but came away with a no decision. The bullpen pitched well, until Laynce Nix ended it with a homer in the 11th inning.
    ON THE MOUND: Perez gave up two runs on six hits and four walks in six innings. He was on the edge several times but worked out of trouble. … Manny Acosta gave up the game-winning homer.
    AT THE PLATE: RBI hits by Jeff Francoeur and Jose Reyes. … They stranded seven and went 2-for-10 with runners in scoring position.
    IN THE FIELD: Ike Davis made a couple of good scoops at the bag. … Nice backhanded plays by Luis Castillo and David Wright to throw out hitters.
    LOOKING AHEAD: John Maine will try to encore his solid start against the Dodgers tomorrow. -JD

  21. kelvin escobar is out. will have surgery.

    i am glad we did not back up the truck for the perennial ir 2 yrs out of baseball guy. but we did drop a valued reliever who could help the team for this guy who will never play for us didnt we?

  22. This isnt the first time the team has done this move.
    Once again, the medical staff evaluates all pitchers , no? All potential players are required to give a physical.
    I know I will catch heat but lately M&M and the medical staff , one of the 2 leaves me thinking about how they run this business.