May 2.10: Chat Room, Game #25 at Phillies: On the rebound.

It’s good to be back. I see we didn’t miss much yesterday. For nearly two weeks everything broke right for the Mets, then it unraveled in dominating fashion Saturday. Getting blitzed by ten runs is being dominated as convincing as it gets.

The Mets won the opening game of the series behind Jon Niese Friday, and the Phillies rolled behind Roy Halladay Saturday in Mike Pelfrey’s first loss of the season. That brings us to Johan Santana, the pitcher the Mets count on to make things right and plenty went wrong yesterday.

Tonight it’s Santana (3-1, 2.08 ERA) against Jamie Moyer (2-2, 5.25). Santana has won his last two games, giving up one run over his last 21 1/3 innings. Santana has gone at least seven innings in seven of his last eight starts against the Phillies – going 4-0 – so the Mets have reason to be optimistic tonight.

The streak wasn’t going to last forever, and logically one had to figure they weren’t going to sweep the Phillies. But, if this series was a test, so is tonight as it will be interesting to see how they respond from yesterday. Tonight is a gut check on several levels.

39 thoughts on “May 2.10: Chat Room, Game #25 at Phillies: On the rebound.

  1. There is zero reason for Ike Davis not to be in the lineup. He hits lefties fine. Tatis is awful. Mr ground into double play. Davis is 24 or something play him. There is an off day Thursday.

  2. (3) Jerry is a complete idiot. Tatis is awful. Thee entire bench is awful. Cut Mr double play. Cut. Cut Catalanotto. Cut Mathews Jr. Cut Castillo. Lets get young guys. Ruben Tejada at second. Ike Davis at first. F-Mart in center. Pagan and Chris Carter on the bench.

  3. Good on ya, D-Wright! Half as many dingers as all of last year. And no DP by Mr. Tatis.

  4. Mets gl: Never thought I’d be doing this, but I gotta defend both Manuel and Castillo. Castillo hasn’t done anything this year for us to find fault with. As for Jerry, the injuries last year weren’t his fault and I give him credit for not going into panic mode after the 4-8 start. He deserves at least the first half of the season to see if he’ll help take the team where it needs to go.

  5. (8) And it is such a good idea to give the 24 year old a day off on a night after a day game 2 weeks since being called up.

  6. Gil (8): Manuel could have lost the clubhouse with the slow start, but didn’t, You have to give him the benefit of doubt there. …. Castillo might go down as one of the most unpopular Mets ever. Not really fair.-JD

  7. (10) Even if Castillo hasn’t done anything wrong, I still would prefer to see Ruben Tejada.

  8. 8 Mets gl: A day off for Davis isn’t going to hurt him. He’s not a robot. Guys need days off from time to time. As for Ruben Tejada, right now I’ll take Castillo. Castillo hasn’t done anything yet this year to hurt the team.

  9. (14) The Mets have the day off Thursday. He has only been up 2 weeks and they played a day game yesterday. He doesn’t need a rest.

  10. 15 Maybe, mets gl it was a mental, not physical rest for Davis. He just played against one of the best pitchers in the game, in Halladay. Davis is still available tonight for pinch-hitting duty. It’s one game in May. In the big picture, Davis’s being rested for today means little, if anything.

  11. Oh for God’s sake! Johan walking in a run, with Jamie Freaking Moyer at the plate? Give me a $#@#$%$ break!

  12. So much for that hot April…It’s all going down the toilet in May.

  13. Johan Sucktana continues to toil out there. Unfreakingbelievable.

  14. I just gotta say it. I hate the way the Mets do this to us every freaking year. Teasing us with good play to inspire hope, then completely imploding when tested by a high-caliber team (well, OK last year, they sucked straight out of the gate). Yesterday, it was two dropped popups. Today it’s our alleged ace walking the opposing pitcher and getting creamed.

  15. Screw this. I’m turning to Showtime. “Zack and Miri” is on in 20 minutes. Talk to you all later.

  16. JD (34) That’s what I was thinking watching it, I mean even in batting practice people pop it up or hit flyouts, that was an unbelievable run with two outs.

  17. wow

    our 2 best pitchers get crushed by the phils. it is early and only 2 games, but not good.

  18. First place was fun while it lasted. On to Porkopolis and hopefully Coin Flip will make us squeal with delight. Or was that him wearing 57 on Sunday?

  19. I missed Saturday’s game. Not sure how long or bad Pelf was. :-(
    Watched friday’s game .. and then the tail spin on Sunday. *ugh*
    It almost looked as if they stole the signs. The way they just locked on to Santana’s pitches.
    Ok they need to pick themselves off and brush off the dirt and head back into the next set of games.
    But heed this , thisis very similar to the prior years as well. Not sure of what this is prescriptive but something needs to be done.
    2 blowouts back to back.. is foreboding..