April 30.10: On to Philly.

The Mets didn’t win anything on their recent homestand and they won’t win anything this weekend in Philadelphia.

Neither will the Phillies.

The most important thing coming out of the homestand, and this weekend’s series, is it has made the Mets’ season relevant again. It might have started with the promotion of Ike Davis and ended with perhaps the best 10-game regular season stretch in franchise history, but in between we saw the Mets play alert, aggressive baseball.

We saw the Mets play as they promised us they would. We saw them play as if they wanted our attention.

And, they deserved it.

What I am looking forward to in this series are three games of intense baseball, of a rivalry where the competitive juices are flowing.

After all the promoting it as such, it finally is a rivalry worth paying attention to again. Each one of the games has a special nugget of intrigue.

Tonight is about Jon Niese and how the young pitcher will respond to the pressure of a high profile game. Niese giving the Mets six strong tonight will go a long way toward answering some of their pitching questions. It would also prevent an emotional let down.

After a week-and-a-half of being on an emotional high, tonight is about sustaining. The last thing we want to see is for Niese to get hammered and to lose that good feeling.

Tomorrow, and this is the game I really want to see, is Mike Pelfrey against Roy Halladay. In a season full of tests for Pelfrey, this is another one. Aren’t you curious about seeing him go against an ace?

Sunday it is the stopper, Johan Santana, who would be pitching to either stave off a disappointment or continue the ride. It will be as important a game as you can have in May, and you want your best.

The Mets went 9-1 because they played to their capabilities, but also because they did not try to exceed them. They played within themselves and didn’t try to do something they weren’t capable of doing.

They need that same, level approach this weekend, and if they get it, then it could be the start of a wonderful summer.

6 thoughts on “April 30.10: On to Philly.

  1. I would expect Santana to shut down the Phils’ lefty hitters (and the Mets’ righty bats to do some damage with Moyer).

    And I would expect Halladay to present problems for the Mets, especially since many don’t have a lot of experience against him. Indeed, if Pelfrey matches him, that’s great — but Halladay’s a bona fide ace.

    So, I think the series comes down to Niese and whether he can shut down those lefty bats tonight.

  2. I am curious about Wright.
    as for Pelf, I want to see him turn it on, with the bat as well.
    We finally have a team where we have at least 2 good hitting pitchers. In the national league .. thats a scary thing to have to face.. :-)

  3. I was looking at the matchups yesterday.

    They are throwing 2 pitchers against us with high era’s.

    This should mean we take the series.

    I think we went on the winning streak in part because of our pitching and hitting, but also because of the other teams and what they did not do.

    I am glad we won and were beating up on the other teams. I want to see it continue. I want to see Big Pelf continue to pitch well. I want to see Niese continue to keep us in games.

    I want to see what 40% of our rotation does week to week.

  4. Tiffany (1): I think you’re right about how the match-ups break down. Of course, it would be nice if Niese got a little run support. He’s had but a handful of runs all season.-JD

  5. just remember that we did fall victim to the unconventional. Torre showed us that if his team was more seasoned he had our number.
    All those “cockeyed” moves all worked against us.. luckily we are on a great roll. lets hope we are like a battering ram and just keep plowing down the opposition.