April 28.10: Perez to stay in rotation.

You knew the question would be asked: Will Oliver Perez stay in the rotation? You probably knew the answer, too.

“I’m going to say with Ollie,” manager Jerry Manuel said after last night’s game.

The Mets have few options to go with instead of Perez, who coughed up a three-run lead and didn’t make it out of the fourth. One option, Hisanori Takahashi, who relieved Perez and struck out five in 3 1/3 innings, has proven to be so valuable out of the pen.

They can also dip down to Buffalo for Dillon Gee, R.A. Dickey or Pat Misch.

Any might be an interesting choice for a game, but none can match Perez’s potential when he’s on. It wasn’t that long ago that Perez came up big in a start at St. Louis. The Mets lost, but Perez was strong that night.

It looks like it will be another summer of the Good Ollie vs. the Bad Ollie, but you knew that, too.

19 thoughts on “April 28.10: Perez to stay in rotation.

  1. If there was a little more consistency to him. I would say keeping him is fine. listen everyone hoped Pelf would finally climb the hill and he looks like he has finally started.
    People are upset with Maine. and Ollie.
    this is a great dilemma what do we do?
    shouldnt M&M have had a contingency plan? no? so why do they still have a job?
    so many managers .. good ones have been let go for less.
    Gee funny how the great Joe Torre is no longer with the yankees. He’s slowly building the Dodger team back to where they were.. the national league should be very afraid..
    The Mets are getting fired up yes. Is that good management or is it that the good players we have are finally out of their own heads and playing ball again.
    I want to keep winning but i cant see that it is from anything M&M have done. but i am sitting back and watching to see if they too have actually turned around.

  2. I noticed that the pitchers have added to their arsenal of pitches in games. Does this mean Werthen is doing something right?

    I am conflicted on this issue of Ollie. He has been here for some time now and is the same pitcher he has always been.

    He has potential. Would it be better to swap Takahashi and Perez? I think at some point one of the pitchers in the system will come up. Right now none seem like a much better option. Our most talented minor league pitcher is pitching one inning or less in the majors.

  3. SteveC (2): There’s always a contingency plan, but I’m not sure what it is. My first inclination is the minor leagues and give whether it is Maine or Perez a chance to turn it around. … I doubt this early in the year that trading for another arm is the first option. However, as good as the starting pitching has collectively been lately, there will be a need to add another pitcher before it is over.-JD

  4. dave (3): Bingo. If the Mets are certain Mejia is destined to start, and with the cracks they have in the rotation, he should be in the minors getting stretched out. Last night was a joke how he worked one mop up inning. Why not two? Better still, six or seven in Buffalo.-JD

  5. I am all for giving them time to turn it around. But ollie has had a few years as Dave mentioned.
    Well we shall see where the rollercoaster takes us.

  6. 5.) I watched Mejia a little. he definitely is not ready for prime time. he needs more seasoning.

  7. SteveC (6): Perez has had several chances, and unless they can unload that contract, he’ll keep getting them. Manuel already blamed a lot of last night on the weather and the difficulty of getting a good grip on the ball. Excuse or reason?-JD

  8. Send both Oli and Maine to AAA to work out their issues, promote Fernando Nieve and Hisanori Takahashi to the rotation and call up Elmer Dessens and Pat Misch to replace Oli and Maine on the big league roster.

  9. I forgot about Maine.

    He is another hole in the rotation.

    40% of the rotation is useless.

    That is a recipe for a championship season.

  10. (10) I’m all for sending them both to the Minors. But I would leave Taka and Nieve where they are. They are too valuable to move as Nieve especially is proving to have a rubber arm. And Taka throws alot of pitches too. I would call up Gee and Misch to replace Maine and Ollie in the rotation if they ever sent them down.

  11. (11) Dave: You just described almost every team in the NL except for the Giants. As of today the Mets have the best 1/2 in the NL except for San Fran, IMO.

  12. (2) Why do Minaya and Manuel still have jobs? I don’t know. I looked at the standings this morning and couldn’t figure it out myself.

    (3) Ollie is the same pitcher he’s always been? I guess that means he’s consistently hitting 94 on the gun and is winning 15 games and in the top 10 in ERA and strikeouts, then.

    (7) What makes you think Mejia needs more seasoning? For me, it’s his ERA. Anytime a pitcher has an ERA more than two times less than the league average, I think he needs more seasoning.

    (9) Nice link. No data, but at least we’re moving away from the realm of fast-pitch softball blogs. If I were Rick Honeycutt, I’d give Mark Prior’s cell phone number to Clayton Kershaw the next time the young pitcher doubts the relevancy of pitch counts. If nothing more, the two should at least send Christmas cards.

  13. steve(14)

    let us c if pelf can keep it up.

    but i still want more than a 3 pitcher rotation.

  14. 15

    good ollie/bad ollie
    same as he has always been

    4 innings. same as he has always been

  15. #15 Mejia needs more seasoning to be a starter, he is just fine for a reliever role, but I don’t WANT him in a reliever role, I want him to be a starter. End of this year or early next year.

    As for Ollie, he will have games like this and he will have games where he looks great. What I like about this year is that we have Takahashi and Nieve to step in and give us 2-3 innings when Ollie and or Maine can’t get to the 5th inning never mind the 7th.

    No matter who was at the helm this year we couldn’t really fix Ollie and Maine, they had to be in this rotation no matter what. Takahashi and Nieve makes them a little less painful in my mind.

  16. 18. I always see maine more fixable than ollie. Ollie never seems to want to get fixed, even in interviews .. unless his attitude has changed. one can hope 😉