April 27.10: Chat Room, Games #20-21 vs. Dodgers: Let’s Play Two.

At one time the Mets were 4-8 and there were rumblings manager Jerry Manuel’s job might be in jeopardy. However, behind stellar pitching the Mets have turned it around.

During their four-game winning streak, the Mets’ staff has a 1.41 ERA, but a .239 average and only one homer. In a larger window, the ERA is 1.39 ERA from the starters in their last two turns through the rotation.

The Mets will start Johan Santana (2-1, 2.59 ERA) and Oliver Perez (0-2, 3.71) in today’s doubleheader against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Neither has been the recipient of substantial run support.

Santana has given up one run and 12 hits with 14 strikeouts in 13 1/3 innings to help the Mets win his last two starts. He’s gotten only four runs in his last three outings.

Perez has been given five runs in his three losses.
To be fair, Perez was not effective in his last start, throwing 97 pitches in five innings while giving up three runs.

Offensively, the Mets have won three straight since dropping Jose Reyes to third in the order, which coincidentally is about the time Jason Bay has started to warm up.

Still cold, however, is David Wright, who is batting .154 with four RBI over the last eight games. Like Perez, Wright has a degree of success against the Dodgers with a .425 average, four homers and 35 RBI in 39 meetings.

Wright will bat fifth behind Bay today. There are only two changes in the lineup from last night: Gary Matthews replaces Jeff Francoeur in right and Rod Barajas returns behind the plate.

Here’s the order for the 10-9 Mets:

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
Jose Reyes, SS
Jason Bay, LF
David Wright, 3B
Ike Davis, 1B
Gary Matthews, RF
Rod Barajas, C
Johan Santana, LP

NOTE: I will be with you for most of the day. I need to leave around six for my class and be back by around nine.

77 thoughts on “April 27.10: Chat Room, Games #20-21 vs. Dodgers: Let’s Play Two.

  1. You’re going to that poetry class again? Please feel free to share that free-verse thing you recently wrote about Rod Barajas. I think it’s got real potential.

  2. looking at the lineup. i wonder if swamping pagan with davis wouldnt be better..
    since we know reyes will stay in #3 until he is fully healed. I really do believe thats why he’s there.

  3. look what reyes just did. because he needs to get pop on the ball being the 3 batter. he just popped out. leadoff .. as keith would say a level swing and run reyes run..

  4. SteveC (6): I have no disagreement here. I don’t like the idea of Reyes leading off. I think the three games they won is more a reflection of their pitching and playing a slumping team more than the switch.-JD

  5. SECOND INNING: That was a tough at-bat against Santana. It wasn’t a good inning for him. For a moment I thought I was watching Perez.-JD

  6. If that were number 46 out there, there would be calls to send him to the minors or to the Mexico City Reds.

  7. funny how it works out. if it wasnt for teh wild pitch fricken torre would have made a smart play. the quiet man strikes again.

  8. will santana be allowed to pitch 7 inning?
    because lets face it. no pitcher can handle 100+ anymore.. (dripping sarcasms)

  9. SteveC (24): I don’t know … he’s got to get out of this and the next inning with a minimum. …. Getting that DP would have helped.-JD

  10. 10 years ago the answer would be he’s going at least 8. its 2-0 and he’s keeping them from scoring. especially with a doubleheader with ollie coming up.
    fricken let sanatana pitch until this veteran says i’m done.

  11. SteveC (26): They have Santana pitching Sunday night in Philly. They’ll want him as fresh as possible. … The BP has been good, so they’ll use it.-JD

  12. Santana can hack it, 5 days to rest..Remember they will be needed for the second game.. lets see.. a few hours rest? its gonna be bad.. watch..

  13. Agree with SteveC (26 + 29). Ollie going in game two, may need pen as early as the 3rd or 4th.

  14. I still say let him pitch the 7th. he has a shutout going.. but what do i know..

  15. Is anyone aware of the data that suggests a correlation between throwing in excess of 100 pitches and arm injuries?

  16. you can injure your arm throwing one bad pitch. seaver have arm injuries???
    Football players get more injuries. football – QB throws all day long.

  17. Johan 115 through 6, Kuroda 78 through 5 and 2/3. A hard 115 for Johan? Has he been struggling? His 3 BB came early in the game, I think.

  18. 37. i think he threw a lot of off speed stuff. and according to ronnie the fastballs were slow .. so .. who knows. hard or not.. I just think he could have done 7.

  19. no comment on Looies clutch hit? He is the new Rodney. No respect, I tell ya.
    Speaking of clutch, they need to do something with Wright.


  20. (35) I believe the data was the work of Craig Wright and former Brave pitcher Tom House. It basically stipulates that the pitches thrown after 100 are incrementally more taxing on the arm, leading to arm injuries. This is especially true for pitchers under the age of 25.

  21. Tiffany, Have you ever heard of a pitcher named Iron Joe Mcginnity? He pitched for the Giants in the early 1900s. He earned his name. He pitched both ends of a doubleheader 3 times. the result? 6 complete game shutouts.

  22. (46) Yeah — and my Dad walked eight miles to school each way in his tube socks.

    My point is that there is data to support pitch counts and ignoring that data leads us to believe that the powers that-be are simply moronic, rather than measured and careful with a multi-million-dollar investment.

    Rather than focus on Joe McGinnity, take a look at the pitch counts Dallas Green foisted upon a guy named Pulsipher and another one named Isringhausen. If Jerry had been their manager in 1995, both might still be in starting rotations today.

  23. We are a half game behind the phils… go figure… and WOW… I thought this kind couldn’t field… great play by Bay

  24. Im not saying Iron Joe was a normal case, but there were pitchers in our time who could pitch 15-20 complete games with regularity and go more than 6 innings almost every time. Manuel is burning out his bullpen IMO Igarashi is the first casualty. He wont be the last.

  25. (49) You have to be pretty unfair to blame Igarashi’s hamstring injury on Jerry. I mean, why not blame him from that rash I had last week?

  26. Tiffany (54): It’s 43 degrees. I’ll bet the issue of not getting a good grip on the ball because his hands are cold will be brought up.-JD

  27. I would guess the other pitchers hands a cold too. This team cant survive too many more games like this from ollie and maine

  28. Ray (56): Honestly, I think the issue of not getting a good grip would affect the knuckleballer more. Very important game for Maine tomorrow.-JD

  29. Murphy is probably thinking that either the organization was very desperate to bring up Davis or that Davis is very raw and will likely go back to the minors.

  30. They say Josh Towers might be pitching tomorrow for the Dodgers. For a moment, I got scared and thought it was Josh Banks.

  31. that dodgers pitching staff aint what it used to be, thats for sure. Team ERA was 4.90 before todays games.

  32. Ray (65): The Cubs, Braves and Dodgers have all played poorly during this homestand. But, the mark of a good team is to take advantage of your opportunities and that’s what they’ve done.-JD

  33. NINTH INNING: Don’t know why they wouldn’t let Mejia finish out. It would have been a good opportunity to get him some more work.-JD

  34. Sorry — I’ve been busy. Clearly, so have the Mets.

    What can I say, except:
    I don’t… believe… what I just saw.

  35. A QUICK WRAP/Games #20-21

    FINAL: Game #1 Mets 4, Dodgers 0; Game #2 Mets 10, Dodgers 5.
    RECORD: 12-9.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Jason Bay’s first homer and a two-run single by Luis Castillo supported Johan Santana in the first game. … The offense finally exploded with its first double-digit game in the nightcap to take Oliver Perez off the hook.
    ON THE MOUND: Santana gave up four hits in six scoreless innings. … Perez blew a 3-0 lead and didn’t make it out of the fourth. … Hisanori Takahashi had another strong outing in the second game, striking out five in 3 1/3 innings.
    AT THE PLATE: It looks as if the monkey is off David Wright’s back with three hits in the second game in which he reached the 1,000-hit milestone. He had a bases-loaded triple later in the game. … The hot Bay homered in the first game but struck out three times in the second.
    IN THE FIELD: The Dodgers showed why they lead the majors in errors. … Angel Pagan let a fly ball drop in the second game.
    LOOKING AHEAD: John Maine starts tomorrow afternoon. -JD

  36. i see that our first relief pitcher in game 2 pitched almost as many innings as our primary starter we picked up last season.

    2 less runs,one less hit, 3 more strikeouts, 3 less walks.

    as stated above and by me the past 2 weeks, the pen is getting a workout. in fact the pen as we expect is pitching as much as the starters.

  37. 47. Tiffany everyone is built differently. To say that everyone human on the planet sucks after 100 pitches is like saying every tree is exactly the same and they handle the winter just as badly.

    As for the doubleheader, these were 2 decent games all our bats finally broke out. lets hope they keep the momentum.

  38. (72) It’s not “sucks”; it’s sustains damage to the arm.

    Google Craig Wright and Tom House, and you’ll likely find some excerpts of the study.

    Are their outliers? Absolutely. But, by and large, young pitchers break down from overuse. And that’s important for one reason: That this blog doesn’t devolve into some cult that has decided that pitch counts are meaningless and we’re right and everyone else is wrong.

  39. the point of the blog is to discuss these issues. you bring valid points to the table.. as i stated in the other post. some like it .. some dont.
    I just have an issue with this magical number of 100. I will look at the research because i am intrigued.
    BTW – if you are used to walking 10 blocks a day. then you walk 20. is that good or bad ?
    something to think about.

  40. (74) I’m with you: We should discuss issues — not ignore them. But there’s been a finger-in-the-ears approach to pitch counts around here, as if we all agree that pitch counts are meaningless, this somehow must be true, then.

    I don’t know that walking is analogous to the act of throwing a baseball. More likely, carrying the ball as a running back would be a better comparison: Does your tailback wear down more after 30 carries, rather than 20?

  41. I will admit to having a slight finger in the ears with pitch count. But it mostly has to do with this magical number 100.
    I believe theres a correlation with a pitch count or innings pitch as it pertain to each individual ball player.
    Football is hardest on the knees. how many pro ballers from the day, have really BAD knees now?
    yes too much abuse on anyone part of the body will wear it down. absolutely. but we are all unique. IMHO : to have this definitive cap based on one body type is not science. its a bean-counters delight.