April 25.10: Is Bay warming up a coincidence?

Jason Bay is starting to warm up, but it is premature to say the line-up switch lit the fire. Dropping Jose Reyes from leadoff to third is, in theory, supposed to provide Bay with more fastballs.

After a RBI triple Friday and three hits yesterday, Bay said: “It’s really only relevant if Reyes is on first or second,’’ Bay said. “I haven’t noticed a huge difference. I think it coincides with me feeling lot better.’’

Bay is too good a hitter for results to not eventually show. Bay said he’s not there, yet, but does feel more relaxed at the plate.

“A few hits I’ve gotten and at-bats I’ve taken, I feel a lot more comfortable and it’s starting to show,’’ said Bay, who has struck out 23 times, but none since the switch.

Bay is right, to fully see the merits of the switch we have to have multiple situations of Bay up with Reyes in steal situations. The one time we had that, Reyes stole second and went to third on a wild throw.

For Jerry Manuel’s switch to work, we need a broader sampling of at-bats.

4 thoughts on “April 25.10: Is Bay warming up a coincidence?

  1. I still think Reyes should be leading off. The lineup should be:

    Castillo (even though it really should be Tejada)

  2. 1. Do not like your lineup. Bay is in theory your biggest slugger. He has to bat 4. Barajas is a horrible batter. He needs to bat 8. He does not know how to get on base and swings for fences every swing. I would put Castillo back in 2 and then Pagan Bay, Francoer. Davis, Wright Barajas. Maybe pushing Wright to the 7 hole will be a wake up call for his year plus of horrible bat approach. You need to go back to your first few year approach David. The one you have now is as bas as least year’s maybe worse. Looks like you want to be Barrajas the second.

  3. (1) Jerry has said that he’s trying to model his batting order after the 1999 Indians, who featured Lofton, Vizquel and Alomar, followed by Manny, Thome and Justice. He’s trying to match this by having Pagan, Castillo and Reyes at the top, followed by some combination of Bay, Wright and either Frenchy or Davis.

    (3) What’s amazing with Wright, beyond the idea that each year his mechanics appear to be worse than the year before, is that he’s got this all-or-nothing, swing-from-the-heels approach now. I’d love to see him shorten his swing a little and slap some line drives over the infield, instead of the gust-generating swings that lead to the catcher firing the ball down to the third baseman.