April 25.10: Chat Room, Game #19 vs. Braves: Pelfrey trying to stay perfect.

Mike Pelfrey might finally be getting it. An uncashed checked so far in his career, Pelfrey is pitching with a sense of confidence and purpose early this season.

Hammered in spring training – Pelfrey said he wasn’t worried because he was working on things – the right-hander has been dominant in April and takes a string of 19 scoreless inning into tonight’s game against the Atlanta Braves.

Pelfrey (3-0, 0.86 ERA) is coming off a strong victory over the Chicago Cubs Tuesday in which he gave up three hits in seven scoreless innings.

“He has great rhythm,’’ said manager Jerry Manuel. “There’s a better presence. He’s staying on top of the mound. He’s ready before the hitter is ready. I think he’s that confident and that in control that he could say, `I’m ready to go and I already know what the sequence is.’ ’’

However, his career numbers haven’t been good against the Braves, going 2-5 with a 6.09 ERA nine starts.

Assuming the game isn’t rained out, he could have a pitcher’s duel with the Braves’ Tommy Hanson.

The Mets are going for the sweep and second straight series win.

“When you win a couple series, you start feeling good about yourself,’’ David Wright said. “You go out there expecting to win.’’

Pitching has been the key. The Mets have allowed two or fewer runs five times in the last six games, and has a 2.09 ERA over the last eight.

41 thoughts on “April 25.10: Chat Room, Game #19 vs. Braves: Pelfrey trying to stay perfect.

  1. FIRST INNING: Tough inning for Pelfrey, but he didn’t give in and got out of it scoreless. He hasn’t been that way in the past.-JD

  2. I’ve got the game on the radio. Pelf has been getting better at not going to pieces in the face of adversity. Is the weather that bad? Travel day tomorrow in case the game goes late?

  3. Aha — I just looked at the schedule. The Manny-less Dodgers will be in town. No cable here; trying to save $.

  4. Yeesh — 89 pitches after 4 inn. I wonder what the guys in the pen think when they see the starter throwing 20-25 pitches per inning.

  5. OK, so Pelf is right around 100 pitches. Do you send him out for one more to see how he handles it, or do you go to the pen?

  6. JD (21) “That’s 24 straight scoreless innings.”

    So we got that going for us.

  7. Mets’ pitching hasn’t given up a lot of runs during this stretch, but the bullpen has been worked as it has all year. The pen went into this game with 71 innings thrown already. That’s a lot.-JD

  8. If it comes to it, this is an official game. I never liked that rule. I believe the game should be suspended and picked up later. They should play nine.-JD

  9. JD (26): Yeah, they should play nine but if we can win this without using the pen I will take it.

  10. Sorry … Weather knocked out wireless until this morning.

    A QUICK WRAP/Game #19

    FINAL: Mets 1, Braves 0 (6).
    RECORD: 10-9.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Mike Pelfrey lived on the edge all night, but somehow got out of it unscathed and made a gift run stand up before the rains came.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey gave up five hits and five walks in five innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Jose Reyes stole a run with he singled, stole second and scored on a throwing error by Chipper Jones.
    IN THE FIELD: The double play saved Pelfrey a couple of times.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Oliver Perez Monday night against the Dodgers. -JD

  11. It’s amazing how good pitching will all of a sudden make a manager and a GM geniuses. LOL

  12. woa. i never said M&M were geniuses. they were taking pelf out. for mejia. i think that would have been disaster. as it is they had the stat that our pen has already pitche 71 innings in relief. most in the league. Unacceptable.

  13. (35) Last week we were all clamoring for their firings. Think of how much has changed since then for M & M. Pelfrey is pitching great, the bullpen has been performing well, Castillo has been very good, they saw the errors of their ways and brought up Davis. Some of the FA’s they passsed over…Marquis, Lackey..have struggled. In retrospect Piniero would have been nice, but maybe that is the only fault right now they have going for them. Enjoy the ride is all i’m saying and don’t be shocked if we’re calling for their firings in another week and a half!

  14. Steve -O .. I rather they still go. I honestly don’t think its them making the team play. M&M are still making half @ssed decisions if you ask me. I just think some of the payers are finally getting over the hurdle. no help from Warthen or manuel.
    Honestly I dont like Reyes batting third. unless he’s done as a speedster. If that’s the reason for all this fine. But he doesnt have the bat for the 3 spot.
    did you see castillo try to make Reyes look good stealing etc. so that a single would bring him home ?
    when was the last time castillo got on base so often after reyes was on? thats because Pagan is having issues getting on. so now the players have shifted alright. castillo batting 1st/reyes second.. etc.
    I like Pagan, but he isnt a number one batter.
    but thats just me. I guess they are trying to find a winning formula. that formula is consistency. which they arent showing.

  15. (37) Fair is fair. If you give Warthen and Manuel the blame when players don’t progress as they should, you can’t not give them credit when players as you say “get over the hurdle.” Do I think that they are long term? NO! But right now everyone looks like geniuses this week because they were left for dead last Sunday and a week later they are back in the chase.

    As far as the other points go, I agree with Reyes. I think batting him 3rd diminishes his value. But if Bay and Wright were hitting like they should (thank goodness Bay is coming around,) then there wouldn’t be a need to bat Reyes third. Either way, it is working so far so as long as it is, it works for me.

  16. 38. trust me i want to be fair. But we saw this seesaw in 2008 and 9. A manager who has a handle on the team wouldnt have such a seesaw. just not happy with the managers what can i say. I am very jaded with how they have handled the team. tell ya what/ I will watch with an open mind the next 2 series. fair?

  17. steve(36)

    they brought up ike because they get to keep him an extra year for arbitration.

    strictly a control and $$ issue.

  18. With that being said. if we lost him to another team M&M would be lynched.
    I am still not convinced. But I will watch with an open mind. But something tells me that they are still the same old M&M. but i will watch.. the fairness and the reward system that we were promised …