April 23.10: A lot to look forward to tonight.

It’s early in the season, but tonight’s game against the Atlanta Braves could be telling on several fronts, with the most important being John Maine.

Maine, he of the 10.38 ERA, will be making his fourth start of the year. After being hammered in his first two, Maine demonstrated improvement in his last start at St. Louis.

Maine is moving away from his dependency on off-speed pitches and more toward a reliance on his fastball as he did in 2007 and 2008. There’s also been the mechanical adjustments of a higher leg kick, different positioning of his right foot, and throwing more over the top.

In short, it’s back to Pitching 101.

“I have to get back to where I was,” Maine said. “After seven weeks of doing something I haven’t been doing, I just have to break that habit.’’

Hopefully, the adjustments will result in a spike of his velocity.

In five innings at St. Louis Maine threw 115 pitches to continue a disturbing tendency that has to stop. What kind of progress has Maine made in the past five days? If there’s little or none, how long will the Mets stay with him or will they try to get him well in the bullpen or minor leagues.

A five-inning Maine offers no help to the bullpen which was tested the past two series and didn’t always pass.

This was a concern going into the season, and after a fast start it is a concern again, especially with Ryota Iragashi going on the disabled list and Hisanori Takahashi unable to find the plate with a GPS.

We’ll may also see tonight what Jerry Manuel does with his line-up that until last night has been a vacuum in the 3-4-5 spots. David Wright and Jeff Francoeur showed snap-out-of-it signs with RBI hits, but Jason Bay is still a horror show at the plate.

Even so, the Mets have won three of their last four games, and four of six. So, does Manuel want to tinker with what has worked the last week? If the Mets were .500 instead of two games under this wouldn’t be an issue.

On one hand Manuel talks of consistency, but on the other he’s the man who can’t resist playing with the charcoal at a barbeque. A day doesn’t go by when Manuel doesn’t talk of making some move, and he still has the itch to move Jose Reyes to third.

The alternative would be the more palatable move of Bay to No. 2, something that worked in the past for Wright.

Another option would be tinkering with Ike Davis, which would be a mistake. Four games into his career he has six hits. Let’s keep him where he’s been successful instead of adding pressure. Davis said he’s on board with any move, but it’s only human nature for a player to try to do too much when he’s put into the clean-up spot.

The prudent thing would be the slight adjustment of flipping Bay and Francoeur in the 4-5 slots, and if they do mess with Davis not to go any higher than fifth.

7 thoughts on “April 23.10: A lot to look forward to tonight.

  1. but ike is at the top in avg and slugging.

    of course he will put him at cleanup.

    i dont even want to talk of maine and his 10 era.

    i want to see him do something positive first.

  2. speaking of positives. pelfrey is our best pitcher.

    he holds the lead in wins and saves and is second in innings pitched.

  3. Speaking of our pitching staff, I have come up with a line the borrows from the old Spahn and Sain and pray for rain. How about Pelfry and Santana then you slip on a banana? (raises arm to cover face) 😀

  4. 3. Sadecki; Did you see the news that another Filly starter is on the shelf (Happ) so your man Figgy is now the # 5 starter for the fils?

  5. Chiti, no tomatoes thrown and thats a good thing. Figgy helping the enemy is a bad thing. the should have sent the young stud Mejia down to the minors and let him get practice as a starter. If Maine makes it through 6 tonight it will be a minor miracle.

  6. Ouch, Chiti your local club was demoloshed by the not so great brew crew today. at least the have lastings to give them hope for the future.