April 21.10: Although news not good on Beltran, it was still a good signing.

The news isn’t good on Carlos Beltran, who was examined Tuesday in Vail, Colo. Beltran remains in neutral with no word on a potential return that is anything other than guesswork.

Beltran, who underwent knee surgery in the offseason, hasn’t been cleared to start running. And, until he runs there’s no telling when he’ll begin baseball activities, and after that a return to the line-up.

Initially, the prognosis was up to six weeks following running for a return in May. That’s not happening. Try June now, or maybe after the All-Star break. Who is to say? I mean, who is to say with any authority?

“It’s kind of unfortunate,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “But what we have to do is we have to continue to play the way we have the last three or four games and hope that Carlos recovers quickly. He’s obviously an integral part of our lineup, but Angel (Pagan) is playing real well.’’

Maybe so, but there’s a reason why Pagan is a role player and Beltran a perennial All-Star.

Let’s assume at least until the end of June at the earliest. For now, Pagan is the center fielder. Gary Matthews will be kept for insurance. For now I don’t believe they’ll bring up Fernando Martinez as long as Pagan is producing.

I’ve always liked Beltran. He works hard, he hustles and he plays hurt. This was an unfortunate injury, but it would be unfair to say he was a bad signing.

This is a player who played hurt. I don’t think it would be fair to say just because this injury has lasted that the Mets should regret signing Beltran. This guy showed what he is made of when he played with a broken face after his collision with Mike Cameron.

The only thing of hindsight was the issue of the surgery. It should have been done last year, not last winter. Had it been done in September instead of trying to get him back in a lost season they might have him now.

30 thoughts on “April 21.10: Although news not good on Beltran, it was still a good signing.

  1. I agree with you JD:
    My issue is once again, the med staff for the Mets. Why wasnt the surgery done after the season was over? so he could have the entire winter to recover.
    This is ridiculous. We have people on this blog that defend the medical staff or M&M. But in the end anyone of us would put it off because of money or timing, he had plenty of both in sept.

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  3. Yes.

    We talked about the timing in the offseason.

    It should have been done when he was on the shelf. Why wait?

    Yes. He has played hurt. He is tough. He also gets hurt a lot. I have no problems with the signing.

    At the time he was the hottest position player on the market. For whatever reason he came here. He plays great D and is a force at the plate. He did have problems with the inside breaking pitch in the postseason.

    I think he was a good signing. He got his money and that will always be an issue, but he plays his butt off for us.

  4. Beltran was still an excellent signing IMO. Yes there is always this sort of risk to long term deals, but he has always been a very good player for us and I don’t regret having him on our team. I am not sure we should resign him at the end of next year, but I will wait for that discussion until I have seen his last 1.5 years with the Mets.

  5. (1) If you blame the medical staff, I think you’re missing the bigger picture: This is most likely a pissing match between Boras and Jeffie.

    Reportedly, Boras wanted an extension and Jeffie balked; the next thing you know, Beltran is having surgery at a time that’s far more convenient to the player than to the organization. And then the Mets respond with a press statement saying Beltran did not have their permission to have said surgery.

    In short, I think the timing of the surgery has nothing to do with the Mets’ medical staff and everything to do with the organization’s refusal to negotiate a contract extension.

  6. either way. i think its management. i man is injured he has a boatload of money and insurance. he should get the surgery immediately.
    Beltran as always been forthcoming with his status as far as health. and as dave has said. always played his butt off. as did church and look what they did to him they ruined him. and M&M never gave him a real chance to get aback into the swing.
    A doctor is to do no harm and the medical staff should have pushed beltran to get fixed asap for his own sake. and screw negotiations and M&M.
    There should be laws or rules about this nonsense. this is not the first time a met didnt get “fixed” properly or timely.

  7. i am not sure how the ‘medical’ decisions get made. certainly as Steve says above a doctor takes a Hippocratic oath.

    Not all doctors are clean. But a doctor’s first duty should be to the patient. Obviously they also have a duty to the employer which creates a conflict.

  8. As James said there is still close to 2 years left on the contract even though he will miss at least the first 2 months of this one. The fact that he was saying his knee felt great before and he still cant do any baseball activities has me worried that the real problem can only be fixed with microfracture surgery. If thats true, He will miss at least a year from the time of the surgery. Carlos is a very good player when he is healthy, so was tommy agee. Tommy gave us 2 great years and Carlos 3. Tommie won a World Serries with the Mets. Carlos teams have won nothing. This new injury isnt the only issue. He has been on the Dl 3 times and has had no less than 25 times of day to day injuries since hes been here. (mbd.scout.com.mb.aspx?s=228&f=1380&t=5603480 The difference is about a million dollars or so.

  9. hmm. I put a parenthesis before webite so no link. sorry maybe john can take it out or you can go manually if you want to see the proof.

  10. Agreed.

    Is anybody actually silly enough to consider it bad signing though?

    His first year wasn’t good, but since then he’s been great. The injury is unfortunate, but sometimes that stuff happens. It certainly doesn’t erase the previous 3 years.

  11. LGNYM. It depends on what happens during the remainder of his contract. If he comes back healthy soon and stays that way then maybe it was good. If his knees (he has two bad knees)continue tokeep him out extended periods then it was pedro two over a longer period.

  12. (14) While I agree that injuries happen, I do question the timing of the surgery, which seemed to disregard the interests of the team.

  13. I know this is unfair but everytime I hear/see the name Beltran, I immediately think “bat on his shoulder”. But it was a pretty good signing when you look at it calmly. Especially to those of us who were there when Grant sat on his thumbs while Steinbrenner was signing Jackson, Gullett, Gossage, etc

  14. Wow! I thought Mets fans were tough. It is very possible that this guy will give us 3 years of a 7 year contract. and thats ok? Oh, he was great for 3 years, it was a good contract. unbelievable. time will tell, but right now its not looking too good. I bet the drama with his knees are far from over. He is the ultimate tease. great talent who cant stay healthy. Another surgury is in the near future. He will get well just in time for free agency. You heard it here first. btw, even in his most productive years as a met his avg was around .270.

  15. 1. What an idiotic post. Nobody can make you have surgery. Beltran, unlike you, is a grown up man, wthout an education by the way making more to do nothing than ypou’ll make in your life being a jerk, and Beltran decides whther to get the kniofe or rest. I know you are too stupid to listen to anything but your blinf hatred of Minaya and Manuel, but they didn’t decide when Beltran got the surgery. You write the same infantile post 5-10 times a day that everything is the M/M boys fault. Grow up. When the Mets do something good you decide in your infantile manner that somebody else did it. When something goes wrong its the same worn out pathetic, infantile reason.
    I suppose your have decided that Minaya told the doctor to screw up the surgery so Beltran would be out for too long.

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  21. 11&25 – using firefox the numbers show up. but if you switch firefox to use ie. the numbers disappear. so it appears there’s a failure to compile 😉
    remember when HTML was supposed to be X-platformed along with JAVA 😉

  22. Sadecki – Since when do we rely on batting avg to measure how good a player is?
    Straw was considered a good player no? His avg was .259. Now, he also slugged 505 for his career, hit 335 hrs, drove in 1000 runs, scored 898 runs.

    Beltran career BA 285. 273 hrs, 1,035 rbi, 1,085 runs scored, slugging % 496. Oh, and is widely considered one of the best centerfielders in the game.

    He’s played 4 full seasons with the team by the way, 2005 – 2008, removing last season of course.
    Does the fact that he has missed so much time stink? Of course. But fans realize that he is a top player in the game, and maybe, just maybe, are willing to give him a break considering the severity of his injury.
    Pedro was signed damaged, Beltran was not. Big difference.

  23. 27. agreed. there are many aspects to a player when measuring their worth to the team. Otherwise Ordonez would have never stayed shortsop as long as he had. as soon as he his glove died. he was history. you can only put up with a batting avg of 1.34 (approx) for so long. 😉
    Bektran’s worth has been measured most assuredly however, the timing of the surgery the nonsense with management. this is the issue. My vote is he was well worth the signing he has done nothing but be professional when on the field.

  24. 11/25/26

    I use both firefox and ie.

    it works in both.

    when i am forced to use an old version of ie it just shows the posts, but the numbers are gone.