April 21.10: Chat Room, Game #15 vs. Cubs: An Ollie P. encore?

With a victory tonight against the Cubs, the 6-8 Mets would win their third straight game and first series of the season.

On the mound is Oliver Perez, who is coming off a solid start last Friday at St. Louis when he gave up one run in 6 1/3 innings.

Perez worked quickly and got ahead in the count in that game, spotting his pitches low and on the corners. It was how the Mets have wanted him to work for years.

He’ll be backed by this line-up:

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jason Bay, LF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Ike Davis, 1B
Rod Barajas, C
Angel Pagan, CF
Oliver Perez, LP

Offensively, Wright and Bay have been strikeout machines lately and Francoeur’s hot start is now a memory. On the upside, with four hits Reyes might be getting into a groove.

Ryota Igarashi was placed on the disabled list today with a strained left hamstring (he was replaced by Manny Acosta), which leaves the eighth inning to Pedro Feliciano and Fernando Nieve.

74 thoughts on “April 21.10: Chat Room, Game #15 vs. Cubs: An Ollie P. encore?

  1. ed kranepool and keith are talking about coming up. both said they were too young.

    of course they were discussing ike.

    jenrry needs to be in the minors.

  2. Kranepool came up when he was 17 and a few months out of high school. Most notably, when Kranepool went to Spring Training for the first time in 1963, he showed up with his mother.

    Ike Davis is 23 and his mother has not been seen at Spring Training. At the same age, Kranepool already had 2500 big-league ABs under his belt.

    In other words, not very comparable.

  3. I checked the mlb stats last night to see how all the FA starters from the winter are faring so far. Lackey is getting lit up. Of the bunch only Piniero and Sheets are off to good starts. Sheets ERA is good but hits to walks ratio not good at all. Still dont blame mets for passing on him.

  4. Ray (9): I don’t either. He was a risk asking for a lot of money. Pineiro, I’d like to have, but I was always cool on Sheets.-JD

  5. Real good job by Perez with the two punchouts. Nothing to those last two hitters was over the plate. Low and on the corners. Real good job.-JD

  6. Tonight’s game is in HD. Wonder if there was just some technical difficulty last night… or the HD cameras weren’t back in time?

  7. I just checked back and saw that last night, metsgl responded to me and said the game WAS in HD. If that’s the case, then there must have been some problem with Dish Network; they definitely didn’t have anything on the SNY HD channel.

  8. While I was looking at the stats, the Mets hitters are doing terrible. How long can they wait until they get Davis in the middle of that order? Three righies in the middle is not good. thats why Beltran being out hurts so much.

  9. Ray (18): They really do miss Beltran and they aren’t about to get him back any time soon. I don’t think they want to slot Davis in there somewhere as to avoid putting pressure on him-JD

  10. In case anyone’s forgotten, you can’t stop Rod Barajas — you can only hope to contain him.

  11. Jeff M (22): He’s played well all year in the field. During the winter we heard how Bay wasn’t good defensively, but that hasn’t been the case.-JD

  12. Jeff M (25): Perez isn’t nearly as sharp tonight as he was the other day in St. Louis, but it could be worse. Trying to look at that as a plus.-JD

  13. If Perez and Pelfrey keep up their improved performances, I’m almost ready to eat my words and concede that sticking with these guys wasn’t a huge Wilpon mistake. Especially after the way Marquis got lit up the other night.

    But that’s a big “almost”… still a long way to go!

  14. Ollie and Maine have gone from flamethrowers to guys with Glavine like fastballs while still in thier twenties. At least glav was old when he got here. Lets hope Gees start is for real.

  15. Ollie has already given up 8 hits and 3 runs, wrapped around a couple of sparkling defensive plays behind him — against a Cubs team Keith has repeatedly called incompetent? Not good.

  16. So Ollie gave us the slow slow drip drip torture of giving up one run an inning instead of the one inning meltdown.

    Would it have been better for the Mets to have played one day game in this series versus the Cubbies? There have to be some fans in this 16 million MMA that find it easier to make a day game than one at night? The Yankees had two day games and one night last week against the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles

  17. dan

    the mets want their fans to go home at 11pm to midnight.

    this way they are ready for school or work the next day.

  18. not really watching this game, but is soto this good or are we this bad? 2 hits in 6 innings?

  19. Day games are a nice idea, but…
    1) Who can afford to take a day off from work these days?
    2) People who are free because they’re not working, can’t afford to go.

  20. Jeff M (39): That’s true for walk-up sales. But, a majority of the tickets are sold months in advance so people have already planned to take off work.-JD

  21. This game is starting to feel distressingly more familiar than the last couple did.

  22. Terio? Didn’t he used to host Dance Fever?

    I think I’m packing it in for the night. Enjoy the big Mets comeback…

  23. here comes the inevitable meltdown of the bullpen due to overuse. Igarashi on the DL and others now getting pounded. Ollie and Maine will continue to kill the bp. hitters continue to suck. Not good.

  24. Ray (48): There’s been no offensive consistency all year. And, yes, I’m always concerned about overuse in the pen. Count on four innings for the pen whenever Maine pitches.-JD

  25. and 5 for ollie? Omar has to answer for his incompetence and he will soon. This team will be battling dc for last place it seems.

  26. i dont know about that. their hitters havent done anything.

    anything is possible. as i write this david gets an hit.

  27. Davis down on three pitches. Totally overmatched in that at-bat by the breaking ball. Anytime he gets a fastball he should consider it a gift.-JD

  28. The Mets are going to need some 9th inning magic to keep pace in the battle for fourth place since the Gnats won tonight.

  29. Sorry to say, Bay has been killing us all year. please dont tell me Davis cant hit a curveball. but you already did.

  30. Now the battle is to see if Takahashi can hold the Cubs to single digit runs scored.

  31. Delcos, what do you expect when these guys are sent out almost every day? One thing you can be sure of, Mejia will now be in the bullpen all year.

  32. A QUICK WRAP/Game #15

    FINAL: Cubs 9, Mets 3.
    RECORD: 6-9.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Oliver Perez wasn’t nearly as sharp as he was in St. Louis, but the damage could’ve been worse. The bullpen made sure things did. Meanwhile, Carlos Silva settled down and stymied the Mets.
    ON THE MOUND: Perez gave up three runs in five innings, shy of a quality start. … Bullpen had a rough night; Hisanori Takahashi walked three and gave up three runs.
    AT THE PLATE: Another strikeout by Jason Bay, who has 22. … Rod Barajas homered.
    IN THE FIELD: Ike Davis went into the dugout to snag a pop-up by Jeff Baker. … David Wright made several diving plays at third.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Johan Santana starts tomorrow night.-JD

  33. I think if this continues, we will hear lamentations over piniero. A staff with ollie and maine is poison for the bullpen. Imagine if Niese was a bust?

  34. The problem with Ollie’s performance occurred with two outs in the fourth inning, when he walked the opposing pitcher and gave up a single on a long AB, before retiring the number-two hitter. In all, he probably ended up throwing an additional 20 pitches that inning, when he could have been over and done with, had he simply retired the opposing pitcher.

  35. 71. 11 baserunners in 5 innings. There’s a lot that sucks, pitch count is irrelevant. This bum Baker the Cubs have batting second should make every Metsie appreciate Luis Castillo’s ability to get on base. Very proud of the little Metsies in the metro NYC area. They have spoken with their wallets…. a very empty Citi Field.

  36. (72) I think Ollie got in trouble with a few pitches — he clearly didn’t have the same command as his last start — but he was, to use Art Howe’s term, “battling,” and was getting decent results. Those extra 20 pitches would have likely allowed him to pitch the sixth, and that would have put an entirely different spin on his outing.

  37. 70- everyday is poison for the bullpen. M&M do not know how to bite the bullet, throw the pitch count away and just leave the pitcher in to fight it out. Everyday at least 2 pitchers from the bullpen will be used. this is a fact for last season and this season ad nauseum.
    its a sad day in mudville.