April 20.10: Mets Notes: Let’s not get carried away.

Easy does it.

It was only one game and two hits, not enough for them to be fitting him for a statue or anything.

The Ike Davis Era got underway in fine fashion last night, bringing with it an electricity missing during the first homestand. There was a lot to like about Davis’ composure and patience.

For example, on the first hit he worked his way back from down being 0-and-2 in the count.

While there was a lot to like, remember it is only one game, far too early for the Wally Pipp analogies.

As much as I enjoyed watching Davis, the real buzz for me can with Jon Niese, who showed poise and guile working out of trouble.

Niese’s outing was the Mets’ fifth straight solid performance from a starting pitcher, one strong cycle through the rotation. As encouraging as watching Davis was, the bigger picture was another strong game from the rotation.

It has to be that way because wherever the Mets go this season is contingent on their pitching.

I’ll embrace Davis, I want him to do well, but he’s not the final piece to the 2010 puzzle.

NOTES: We should see Jose Reyes back in the lineup tonight. Tired, he asked for the night off to rest his 0-for-17 slide. Since coming back from the DL, Reyes is batting .154, which should shelve this No. 3 talk for awhile. … GM Omar Minaya said Carlos Beltran will go to Colorado this week to be re-examined.

16 thoughts on “April 20.10: Mets Notes: Let’s not get carried away.

  1. What do you say we bet a pizza that Davis will outperform Murphy’s .266/.313/.427 line from last year?

  2. JD
    Agree 100 % Ike is not the final piece of the puzzle. More changes are coming.
    My feeling before the season was that this was going to be a year of transition both on the field and off.

    And I will add a pitcher of beer to Tiffany’s bet.

  3. ok

    I will sit on the fence.

    We need both. I know it is a cop out, but with the offense in a snooze we need more hitters. Ike should add to the quality of the offense with some pop.

    I also agree that it is good to see Niese continue to do well. If Niese/Ollie/Pelf continue not to explode we can always find a fifth somewhere although Niese was supposed to be that fifth.

  4. Oh and to continue flogging the horse. Our pitchers need to pitch into the game. If they stop at 5 or 6 innings these feel good moments with our great pen will melt away like ice cream in August.

  5. I wasn’t for bringing him up initially, but the more I think about it…what the heck. But I don’t think he should be made out to be more than he isn’t..after all I believe his scouting reports have him with an Adam LaRoche upside.

  6. 5. Agree Original. You know many decades ago somebody made poor young Chiti out to be somethng more than he was able to be and poor old Chiti didn’t even get one vote for the Hall… haha….

  7. Since I didnt see the game I can’t really comment on how good he was but I hope to catch the games again soon.
    glad Niese had a good outing.
    But i am sure M&M will hose it over. BTW – its very telling that Reyes asked for the day off. he rarely backs out because of fatigue. Either he understands his limitations or he was crying over Scott and Tifanny;s beer 😉

  8. (6) Still reeling from being traded for yourself Chiti? lol

    By the way I have this observation on Mejia…in his last two appearances he has thrown two innings each time, with last night I believe had him throwing more pitches in an appearance than he ever has. I’m kinda thinking that this is the start of the Mets stretching him out and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him start throwing more innings per appearance over the next few weeks. I think it bears watching at least.

  9. True, a 5-8 record is nothing to get excited about. But seeing Davis at first gives a feeling of hope for the future.

  10. I’m sorry, but I’m mystified about this. You have a first-round pick coming out of a major college program who projects to be a 30-homer guy and your clean-up hitter for the next ten years — and Delcos’ reporting seems to be downplaying the significance, first by positioning it as a desperate move by the front office and then by suggesting it’s too early for Wally Pipp analogies.

    Beyond displaying bias against the Mets, this reporting is disrespectful to Davis, who, by virtue of his collegiate performance and his professional work over the past 13 months, has earned this opportunity. Indeed, Davis’ promotion wasn’t a question of “if,” only one of “when.”

    Ike Davis is a legitimate prospect in every sense of the word. The last time the Mets used their number-one pick to select a slugger out of a major college program was Jeromy Burnitz in 1990. I just wish we could get beyond our negative-colored glasses and accept this promotion for what it is: The debut of a prospect who projects to be our clean-up hitter for the next decade.

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  11. Since this was brought up…

    Courtesy of Wiki

    Billy Traber Left-handed pitcher Loyola Marymount University
    Bobby Keppel Right-handed pitcher De Smet Jesuit High School
    Aaron Heilman Right-handed pitcher University of Notre Dame
    David Wright Third baseman Hickory High School
    Scott Kazmir Left-handed pitcher Cypress Falls High School
    Lastings Milledge Outfielder Lakewood Ranch High School
    Philip Humber Right-handed pitcher Rice University
    Mike Pelfrey Right-handed pitcher Wichita State University
    no first-round pick
    Eddie Kunz Right-handed pitcher Oregon State University
    Nathan Vineyard Left-handed pitcher Woodland High School
    Ike Davis First baseman Arizona State University
    Reese Havens Shortstop University of South Carolina
    Bradley Holt Right-handed pitcher University of North Carolina at Wilmington
    no first-round pick

  12. (10) Tiffany: You know me, i’m the biggest Delcos basher for being a naysayer more than anyone else here I think, but in this case I do agree with him. Niese is the bigger story. He showed a ton of moxie getting out of the jams that he got himself into and ended up making some of the Cubs look foolish. As far as Ike goes, I think the line of upside goes from Adam LaRoche to Tino Martinez. I’ll take Tino.

  13. O; You’re the only one to show sympathy for the late great Chiti. I will cry all game long tonite knowing Chiti has a fan!!!!

  14. (13) I would expect Ike to have a higher OBP than both LaRoche and Martinez, neither of whom were (are) particularly selective.

    By the way, your phrasing suggests that you believe Tino was better than LaRoche, yet LaRoche is the one with the better career stats.

  15. (15) I guess I was blinded by watching Tino play. Also having an outstanding cast around him didn’t hurt him either. I guess the point I was trying to make about Ike is that the reports have him being a good,not great 1bman. 25 80 .275 is what has been projected. Not that reports are correct all the time, but we’ll have to see.