April 20.10: Chat Room, Game #14 vs. Cubs: Staying on a roll?

Jerry Manuel said he’ll keep an eye on Mike Pelfrey tonight as he his pitching for the third time in six days in an effort to give the Mets two straight wins for the first time this season.

Last Thursday he pitched seven shutout innings in beating the Rockies and Saturday worked an inning of relief in the 20-inning marathon against St. Louis.

Remember how woeful the Mets were the first week of the season? Well, that’s the Cubs right now. This is the team the Mets should get well against.

Here’s the line-up for the Mets (5-8):

Jose Reyes, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jason Bay, LF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Ike Davis, 1B
Angel Pagan, CF
Henry Blanco, C
Mike Pelfrey, RP

SOME THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS: Will be interesting to see how Reyes responds from his day off. First thing I thought of when I heard he requested last night off was a thyroid reaction. … I’m waiting for Wright to take off at the plate. Some tentative at-bats lately. … Also waiting on Bay. He hit the ball yesterday, but still looking for the long ball. … Francoeur needs a hit to snap out of a slide. Those long games have sent many players into slumps. … Looks like to the center field platoon is no more. … Blanco is with Pelfrey because they worked so well the last time. Could it be permanent?

NOTE: I am taking my class tonight so I’ll miss the start of the game. Should be back around nine. I hope you guys pick up the flow.

37 thoughts on “April 20.10: Chat Room, Game #14 vs. Cubs: Staying on a roll?

  1. I finally was able to get a working account here. Pelfrey should pitch the 8th even thought he is at 102 pitches. Let him pitch. He has a shutout.

  2. At some point the middle of the order is bound to get going, Wright is typically a slow starter, so I’ll let that slide.

  3. (9) I hate Igarashi. He is going to blow something big this year and I hope it is soon. He is going to be awful. The Mets are awful with Japan

  4. Why is Pelfrey out. Please go back to the old ways of baseball. Pitchers should go into games thinking they will pitch 9 maybe they won’t pitch 9 but they should expect to. Pelfrey was amazing. Let him complete his effort.

  5. metsgl (15): Tonight was Pelfrey’s third appearance in six days. After the relief outing Saturday on his throw day they weren’t going to extend him.-JD

  6. (16) But still I wish baseball would go to their old ways that I said above. 6 innings 2 runs shouldn’t be good enough. 9 innings 2 runs is. Even 9 innings 4 runs I will take. COMPLETE GAMES

  7. metsgl (19): Maine has thrown eight innings in his last two starts combined. They need a lot more from him. He’s been awful and he knows it.-JD

  8. If Dillon Gee keeps throwing shutouts in Buffalo Maine’s going to find himself out of a job.

  9. kevin (21): I think they’ll stay with Maine for another few starts at least. He wasn’t good Sunday, but he was better. Such that it is.-JD

  10. A QUICK WRAP/Game #14

    FINAL: Mets 4, Cubs 0.
    RECORD: 6-8.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Mike Pelfrey threw seven shutout innings and Jose Reyes delivered a two-run triple in the second. Fernando Tatis hit a two-run pinch homer in the eighth.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey was outstanding again, giving up three hits and walks with six strikeouts in seven scoreless innings. … Ryota Igarashi sustained a hamstring injury.
    AT THE PLATE: Nine Mets struck out. … Reyes drove in two runs with a triple, one of his four hits.
    IN THE FIELD: Henry Blanco picked Mike Fontenot off second. … Busy day in left for Bay.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Oliver Perez and Johan Santana will start the next two games.|-JD

  11. (32) I think Pelf is going to be very good in the long run. I think he is something special. GO BIG PELF

  12. JD. I think you should start a thread on Beltran. Was he a good signing? Yeah He was great for 3 years. the problem is he was signed for 7 years. For a helluva lot of money. Maybe the Yanks knew something Omar didnt.

  13. 28. – what did i tell you the shrink told pelf. screw what Warthen says. just pitch 😉

  14. 34. – in the beginning i didnt like beltran because of teh way he nickle and dimed the organization and had issues playing with mets. then when he settled in, he won me over. He’s always been honest about how healthy he has felt. unlike delgado and a few others that didnt say anything until the season was over.

  15. metsgl (33)

    We shall see. I like him too. He needs to trust his stuff and his secondary stuff needs to get better.

    He also needs to keep his sinker down.

    If he can do the above, he will be a top line starter for us for years.