April 19.10: It’s Davis’ time now.

Tabbed the Mets’ first baseman of the future, that future could be now for Ike Davis, who’ll be brought up from Triple-A Buffalo for tonight’s game against the Chicago Cubs.

While the Mets opted not to take Davis north after Daniel Murphy’s knee injury, several factors conspired into the decision being made now.

Twenty innings Saturday night forced the Mets to bring up a pitcher, Tobi Stoner, to bail out the bullpen, and expendable was the struggling Mike Jacobs, who was designated for assignment.

So, as much as the Mets wanted to avoid force-feeding the majors to Davis, necessity prevailed.
Davis, 23, the son of former Yankees reliever Ron Davis and first-round pick out of Arizona State in 2008, scorched the ball during spring training and hasn’t cooled. Davis is hitting .364 with two homers and four RBI for Buffalo and is riding a seven-game hitting streak.

Initially, I thought Davis needed more Triple-A time, and that might be the case, but as early as it is, there’s a sense of urgency for the Mets and it isn’t assured Davis will struggle at this level. Frankly, he can’t do much worse than what the Mets had been getting at first base.

While there is talk the Mets are rushing Davis, it must be remembered there is no guarantee he’ll be overwhelmed, just as there are no givens he’ll flourish like David Wright, who was promoted after only 114 Triple-A at-bats in 2004.

“When it’s time for him to come up, he just needs to remember to come in and do what he’s done his whole career,’’ Wright told ESPN.com. “I know there are expectations. I know there is going to be a lot of pressure. But he seems like he’s a tremendous player, a great guy, and will do well at this level.’’

With Murphy down, the Mets hoped to fill the position until his return with the platoon of Jacobs and Fernando Tatis. (Frank Catalanotto started at first last night).

“We just felt that we didn’t quite see what we wanted to see in that brief opportunity he was given,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said.

It was obvious Davis would be elevated when the Mets designated Jacobs for assignment rather than option him outright to the minors. In doing so, they cleared a spot on the 40-man roster for Jacobs.

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17 thoughts on “April 19.10: It’s Davis’ time now.

  1. Months ago, I was ridiculed here for suggesting that Davis would be up early in 2010 because of the Mets’ organizational tendency to use AA as a finishing school; I believe the exact quote was something to the effect of, “Give up the ghost.”

    It’s never too late to atone, you know.

  2. John – Yes, Wright had only 114 AAA at bats before being called up, but he had a few more years in the lower levels before that. Full season of Sallie, full season of A+, 60 games AA, 31 games AAA.
    Davis played 58 games in Brooklyn in 2008 and did not do well. He had a good season last year, between PSL and Bingy (114 games in total).

    In other words, Wright had an extra minor league season under his belt, and had raked everywhere. David had 1 good season, + 10 games.

    This smacks of desperation. I fear this could hurt his development. The team continues to rush prospects, due to poor planning when it comes to depth and the bench (Mike Jacobs? Catalonatto? REALLY???)

    I hope he hits, and plays good defense.
    But the way he is being positioned by the media, as a sort of salve for all that ails this team, is setting fans up for disappointment. He is 23 yrs old, and could very well struggle. He did not face major league pitching in ST.

  3. Ed (6): Desperate times mean desperate measures. Against this earlier, I’m for it now because I see no better options on the horizon. … I wouldn’t be for this if the problem was Murphy slumping because I think he can get out of it.-JD

  4. (6) While David was getting his seasons in the lower minors, Ike was playing in a major collegiate program. In other words, apples to oranges when comparing the number of minor-league years/ABs.

  5. Comparing one player’s developmental path to another’s is recipe for failure.

  6. By the way, what a LOUSY poll.

    Where’s the answer, “Yes — between his minor-league numbers and his impressive showing this spring, Davis appears ready”?

    Why is every poll couched to fit a certain point of view?

  7. i will vote that his promotion is deserved.

    he played well last year , in spring training and in AAA this year.

    However, it is only deserved because as you say there are no other options. yeah it’s early, but he has played well and we have nothing left at the major league level.

    another item to hold against minaya.

  8. when will M&M get the boot? Willie didnt make half these cockeyed decisions. honestly this is getting ludicrous. when your GM says I will take 1 of 3? time to kick him to the curb. and when manuel cant make the decision to save his bullpen by leaving the pitcher out there and say screw the pitch count after a 20 inning game. give him the boot.
    People can say steve it wont happen get into the new century of baseball.. you know.. i like the previous era of Baseball it was exiting and it had dynamics. now its all reduced to some dumb@ss formula that everyone is using. might as well get rid of the managers . throw it into a computer and let it make the decisions. I’ll even volunteer to write the bloody program because you know.. this is what it has turned into…
    ok off the soapbox.

  9. What do you mean? 1 out of 3 is an all star. do you know how hard it is to hit? same with winning.

  10. Tiffany – a major college program using aluminum bats. That’s a significant difference. Players need to get used to the wood bats, the ball travels differently, they are not as “forgiving”.

  11. until they want to save the trees and the pros start using aluminum.
    then the parks will have to be made 500 feet 😉