April 19.10: Chat Room, Game #13 vs. Cubs: Ike Davis arrives.

The Ike Davis Era was born out of necessity, with the Mets having waived Mike Jacobs, Daniel Murphy injured and Fernando Tatis an unacceptable option.

“I don’t see him as a savior,’’ manager Jerry Manuel said. “I see him as a complement.’’

And, Mets fans will see him, said general manager Omar Minaya.

“We need to get better production from first base, so why not promote the kid,’’ Minaya said. “I talked to Jerry about (Davis’ playing time). You’re not going to bring a kid like that to platoon.’’

Here’s tonight’s line-up for the Mets (4-8):

Angel Pagan, CF
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jason Bay, LF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Ike Davis, 1B
Rod Barajas, C
Alex Cora, SS
Jon Niese, LP

37 thoughts on “April 19.10: Chat Room, Game #13 vs. Cubs: Ike Davis arrives.

  1. “It hasn’t hit me yet. I think I’m running on adrenalin right now,” Davis said this afternoon at Citi Field. “I’ll be a little nervous, but it will be a good nervous.”-JD

  2. Ron Davis said his son’s style reminds him of former Met John Olerud. I’d sign up for that right now. Olerud was a fabulous player.-JD

  3. i know.

    i am being sarcastic. but really. considering how the manager does things i am only half joking.

  4. wow, seeing Ike Davis get that hit sure did lift my spirits as a Mets fan! I’m probably overreacting but it’s nice to feel a little optimism.

  5. 15 How ’bout Will Clark’s first-ever MLB at-bat? A grand slam off Nolan Ryan.

  6. FIFTH INNING: Hell of a job by Niese getting out of the bases loaded jam. He’s running up his pitch count but has been able to make the money pitch. It’s something Maine didn’t do last night.-JD

  7. Pagan’s play is speaking loudly. That homer was their first extra-base hit in 116 at-bats. … There’s no longer a platoon in center field.-JD

  8. Just got home gotta question who is the Cubs 2nd baseman. For a moment I thought Castillo was playing for the Cubs.


    FINAL: Mets 6, Cubs 1.
    RECORD: 5-8.
    Wells stymied the Mets’ offense, trading zeroes with Jon Niese until the fifth inning. … The Mets’ offense broke with five runs in the seventh, highlighted by Angel Pagan’s homer.
    ON THE MOUND: Niese gave the Mets their fifth straight strong start. He got out trouble with runners on third in the fourth and fifth innings. Niese gave up one unearned run on eight hits and three walks with seven strikeouts.
    AT THE PLATE: Davis singled in his first at-bat and went 2-for-4 with a RBI single when the Mets broke the game open in the seventh. … Pagan’s homer was the Mets’ first extra-base hit in 116 at-bats.
    IN THE FIELD: Davis became the fifth player this season to play first base for the Mets.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Mike Pelfrey, Oliver Perez and Johan Santana will start for the rest of the Cubs series.-JD

  10. i didnt get to see his premiere. Bloody Canadian TV. so did he look confident?
    I see that HoJo must have put the lineup together because no way M&M had anything to do with it, as it made way too much sense.
    why didnt Reyes play? are they resting him because of his recovery? that makes way too much sense too.

  11. Steve(35)

    He was a bit uncertain but he was able to ignore the pitches out of the zone his first at bat and get a hit. He definitely did not look over-matched.

    I hope he keeps it up. This would give us a legit bat at 1b with quality D.