April 17.10: Random thoughts: On Perez, Bay and Reyes; line-up.

The question was raised last night that whether Oliver Perez’s diminished velocity has helped in becoming a pitcher rather than a thrower. While last night’s 6 1/3 innings was a start, it’s too small a sampling to make a definitive conclusion. However, it was a very good sign and something that bears watching.

Perez didn’t blow away any hitters, but was effective in spotting the ball on the corners and getting ahead in the count. Perez pitched last night; he didn’t overpower. And, if last night is a sign of things to come, then maybe ….

But, I regress. I vowed not to get on the Ollie Bandwagon until there’s some consistency. String together four, five games like this and I’ll jump. Until then, I’ll view with cautious optimism.

That being said, did Jerry Manuel do the Mets a disservice when he pulled Perez when he did? You’d have to say yes based on what the bullpen did, but I got the feeling Perez was spent so I can’t blame this on Manuel. Afterall, the bullpen, for the most part has been stellar.


Jason Bay is having a rough time, but his track record said he’ll hit eventually. Even so, with Jeff Francoeur on a tear, maybe Manuel ought to consider moving him to the clean-up slot and dropping Bay. Try to take advantage of Francoeur while he’s hot. The flip side, and the gamble, of course, is moving him up might change his approach.

One thing I don’t agree with, it slotting Mike Jacobs between Bay and Francoeur. The idea is to split up the right handers late in the game. But, what about the previous two or three at-bats? Seems counter productive to adopt a strategy for the late innings and discount two-thirds of the game. I could see it if Jacobs was hitting, but he’s not. It’s time to drop him in the order.

Speaking of dropping hitters in the order, Manuel might have had a change of heart when it comes to moving Jose Reyes into the three hole. He says now he doesn’t want to interfere with his recovery from a thyroid disorder.


Here’s this afternoon’s line-up:

Jose Reyes SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Jason Bay, LF
Jeff Fancoeur, RF
Fernando Tatis, 1B
Rod Barajas, C
Angel Pagan,CF
Johan Santana, LP

5 thoughts on “April 17.10: Random thoughts: On Perez, Bay and Reyes; line-up.

  1. “The question was raised last night that whether Oliver Perez’s diminished velocity has helped in becoming a pitcher rather than a thrower.”

    That was a great comment by Tiffany and it reminded me of something the Jacket said. I googled around to find a quote:

    “As Peterson tells his pitchers: ”When they wrote that check to you and now you become a professional, that was a velocity check. You cashed out. You’ll never make another dollar on velocity. All your money’s been made.”

    He pauses for effect, then adds, ”But you’ll make a whole bunch of money on location.” ”


    After the game I was thinking that Jerry might have pulled Ollie based on Ollie’s past history of letting the wheels fall off the bus when he gets in trouble. Plus as you point out the pen has been great.

    Yes, time to drop Jacobs in the order. And I prefer Jose to lead-off; putting him third just encourages him to swing for the fences, which is not his forte.

  2. Omaha (1): I had forgotten that quote by The Jacket until you mentioned it. Thanks for researching it for us. … Tiffany did make a great point and it bears watching. Let’s see if Perez becomes a pitcher instead of a thrower. … You’re right on why Manuel pulled him. Another thing, Perez had pitched so well and Manuel wanted to leave him with something positive to build off of.-JD

  3. I miss the Jacket. Getting 15 win seasons out of maine and Ollie the same year now looks like more of an accomplishment now than it did then. He got much hate from mets fans for the kazmir trade but pitching coaches dont pull the trigger on deals.

  4. Perez’s performance is a good sign but if David Wright does not channel his inner Brooks Robinson the outcome may have been different.
    The bottom line is the hitting has been horrible. Only two Mets have an OPS+ above 100. ( Wright and Francoeur )
    Plus Rod Barajas has done the almost seemingly impossible his BA is 242 and his OBP is 229.

    Jon Heyman’s current story in SI.com is a fair assessment of what is going on with Omar and Jerry right now.


  5. “Afterall, the bullpen, for the most part has been stellar.”
    The performance of the bullpen is deceiving. They are outstanding in the numerous games when they come in down 4 runs or more. Bring em in in a tie game or a close game and how they doing?? Lousy.
    4. You pegged Perez’ performance perfectly. He was all right and was helped out a lot by the defense for a change.
    3. The jacket’s in Milwaukee. Still holding his pers in his hand and writing notes after every pitch.