April 17.10: Chat Room, Game # 11 at Cardinals: Santana tries to stop slide.

OK, the Mets lost last night in a game they could have won. In the grand scheme of things, it’s still a loss, but as the game progressed there was a different feeling than most times this young season. That’s because Oliver Perez was pitching well, giving the Mets two strong-pitched games in a row.

There’s a different feel defensively when a team gets a well-pitched game, and the Mets were indeed crisp in the field.

Today it’s Johan Santana, who always gives the Mets a chance to win, even when the offense takes a pass as it has most games already this season.

It’s the same story with the Mets offense, which is to say they aren’t hitting with runners in scoring position. Chris Carpenter pitched a good game last night, but still the Mets had a chance to put the game away before it was turned over to the bullpen.

The Mets are on national TV this afternoon. I hope you tune in and also drop by here with your thoughts.


231 thoughts on “April 17.10: Chat Room, Game # 11 at Cardinals: Santana tries to stop slide.

  1. It looks as if moving Jose Reyes to third in the order won’t happen imminently. Good thing. Reyes is where he belongs offensively.-JD

  2. FIRST INNING: Another walk by Wright. That’s 15 walks in 11 games. It means he’s seeing the ball well. That will translate into increased production.-JD

  3. Looking at this ballpark, it’s nice that artificial turf did not catch on. As Dick Allen so eloquently put it “If a horse can’t eat it, I don’t want to play on it.”

  4. Tug also had a classic quote.
    When asked which he liked better grass or astro-turf.
    His reply ” I don’t know I never smoked astro-turf”.

  5. kevin (7): They’ve done nothing with the bats today. Five hitless. I’ve seen a couple of no-hitters. They are exciting. Hard to believe the Mets have never thrown one.-JD

  6. Scott (8): My favorite Tug quote was about his salary: “Ninety percent I’ll spend on good times, women and Irish Whiskey. The other ten percent I’ll probably waste.” … They don’t make them like Tug anymore.-JD

  7. Wow. Mets game on out here. The local Fox station usually gives us steady diet of Cubs and ChiSox.

    First time we have faced Garcia? Mets never seem to do well against a guy the very first time around. It’s like our guys have great difficulty analyzing and adjusting on the fly in a game situation.

  8. Was it really necessary to show the Castillo dropped pop up.
    At least mention the fact that he answered every question from the media after the game and the rest of that weekend.
    McCarver is still mad at the Mets for firing him.

  9. I wonder if we will see the Beltran strike out against Wainwright or the Molina HR.

  10. McCarver said the Castillo drop was emblematic of the Mets’ problems the past three years. Hardly. The Mets problems can be traced to starting pitching, a fractured bullpen and hitting with runners in scoring position. In that order. … Pitching is the explanation for the collapses of 2007 and 2008. Pitching and injuries explain last season.-JD

  11. (17) Don’t forget the careless decision to stop running those Giuseppe Franco ads.

  12. JD (17) McCarver is a joke. He has called Santana Carlos multiple times today and said Heilman threw that pitch that Luis dropped. Earth to Tim.

  13. Nice job by Santana.
    McCarver is living on his reputation.
    He only works on Saturday’s and the post season and this shows in the quality of his work.

  14. This is the third straight game we’ve got at least 6 scoreless innings from our starters. If we end up 1 – 2 in those games, that’s just unacceptable.

  15. The way things are going I would bet Catalanotto is not with the Mets by the end of next week.
    I could see the Mets bringing up Chris Carter to replace him mostly as a move to show the fans they are trying to do something.

  16. Scott (23): With the lack of production at first base, I’m thinking more and more it should be time to find out about Ike Davis. What would it hurt?-JD

  17. JD (24)
    If they do bring up Davis I would be it will not happen till after they finish the up coming home stand.
    Less pressure if he makes his ML debut on the road.

  18. These two games have had a playoff-like intensity. It’s hard to fire your manager when his team is competing like this.

  19. So if they lose this one, maine tries to avoid the sweep tomorrow. jerry better start packing.

  20. Tiffany (31): Manuel won’t get axed anytime soon. The Mets have been competitive these past few games. And, the players haven’t quit on the manager. That’s usually the first sign, but it hasn’t happened.-JD

  21. TENTH INNING: Just one hit for the ballclub today. That’s not going to cut it. … The offense has been consistently poor this season. … On the bright side, they do have Mike Jacobs off the bench.-JD

  22. Delcos, have you looked at the standings lately? wait until we see lots of empty seats on the next homestand. competitive? they suck.

  23. Another fine outing by our ace wasted. one hit in 10 innings? competitive? whats wrong with this picture?

  24. This is just sad, I think a curve ball machine against this team could throw a one hitter.

  25. Wow, Manuel’s move didn’t immediately blow up in his face?!? In fact it worked. Great play Cora.

  26. Almost missed this…turned the radio on earlier this afternoon and no game, so I thought it was tonight!

  27. Have to say I’m totally surprised at how things are going. The way the preseason and beginning of the season went, thought they’d have good hitting and no pitching.

  28. Jeff M (52): With the exception of the first game in Colorado, the pitching has been good lately. With any kind of hitting they could be riding a four-game winning streak.-JD

  29. I think losing Murphy has been overlooked. He was just getting hot at the time. the guys who have replaced him have been horrible.

  30. A struggling Ike Davis is likely to offer more than Mike Jacobs playing to his career levels.

  31. I am still perplexed why Cora came into the game at firstbase, he made a great play… but why?

  32. 61 Kevin
    Something Jerry did worked, not sure I want to know why he did it.

  33. JD, I am still not seeing numbers on the posts. I am coming around to the idea of bringing up Davis now. But maybe they should give carter a chance first. They need a change and thats for sure. whats the schedule for murphys return?

  34. kevin (61): He came in as part of a double switch. I was going to say Manuel liked the pitching match-up with Cora better than Jacobs. But, they hit for Cora anyway.-JD

  35. But he wasted a bench player in an extra inning game… for no easily discernable reason

  36. That looked like a surefire hit off the bat… in regards to Davis, sure I’d love to see him up… but I appreciate the need for him to be in the minors, F Mart last year looked awful in the majors.

  37. Ray (64): What’s your operating system? Maybe that has something to do with it. … A couple of people complained about the numbers earlier, but haven’t lately.-JD

  38. Wright coming up leading the league in walks because he has no protection again.

  39. kevin (69): That was my initial thinking on Davis. But, with the lack of production at first, and no return date for Murphy, I’m thinking differently.-JD

  40. before they couldnt hit curves, now they cant hit fastballs. somebody throw a slider please!

  41. When Ray said he still couldn’t see the numbers on the posts… I thought he was talking about the foul posts.

    My son just put on Doctor Who. I may never know how this game ends.

  42. He doesn’t remember that, he doesn’t even remember that Aaron Heilman pitched to Yadier Molina in the infamous 2006 at bat, even though they mentioned it earlier in the broadcast and he called the game.

  43. OMG. Catcher’s interference???

    Feels like the sword of Damocles is dangling over the Mets.

  44. (84) But I’ll bet he remembers every outfielder who ever played too deep… or too shallow

  45. I thought Cardinal fans were smart? How could you boo walking Pujols to face a relief pitcher?

  46. I remember that 25 inning game. Hank Webbs errant pickoff allowed Bake Mcbride to come all the way around from first. Mets get out of the inning. How many will this one go?

  47. Ray (89): The Mets also played a 24-inning game against Houston … and a 20-plus inning game (2nd game of a DH) against the Giants.-JD

  48. “I think if he gets thrown out at second base to end the inning, that’s a good base running play.” Tim McCarver

  49. McCarver is starting to sound like one of those boxers who took one too many punches to the head.

  50. “Keith Miller tried, oh, so hard to catch that ball in centerfield…” — Bob Murphy circa 1989

  51. The good news is that, regardless how this game ends, the Mets can count on Maine to give their bullpen a rest tomorrow.

  52. “The most remarkable thing about Pete Falcone is that he can grow a full beard in about two weeks.” — Bob Murphy circa 1979

  53. Twice today LaRussa has brought in a righty to make Luis Castillo bat left handed.
    Never thought I would see the day when Castillo would be the most feared bat in the Met lineup.

  54. Just throwing it out there, the Mets were .500 when Reyes came back… now 4 games under. I don’t think one has anything to do with the other, still interesting.

  55. That didn’t just happen… there is no feasible way they didn’t score with a man on 2nd and 3rd and no one out…

  56. Kris Benson is starting for the D-Backs tonight. That’s just scary bad.

  57. 140 JD
    Right now I think Mets fans would settle for just winning this game.

  58. Did he trap that ball or not? They showed a replay from the worst vantage point once.

  59. Kyle Lohse playing LF and Felipe Lopez on the mound.
    I wonder what Tony knows ?

  60. OK JD, I forsee the Mets scoring 2 runs this inning and Krod blowing the save giving up a 2 run bomb to Pujols..

  61. Well, if Reyes needed more spring training time, at least he’s getting his work in…

  62. The guy can’t throw a strike and you give up an out?!? How is Jerry Manuel a manager?

  63. Something wrong with Reyes? Heavens! Next you’ll say the Mets are going to score with the bases loaded…

    Well I’ll be!!

  64. I knew I’d seen that remark earlier.
    Actually, that’s not being a smart ass… that’s being a realistic Mets fan. Sorry, JD — now you’re one of us!

  65. McCarver just called it the worst loss the Mets will have experienced in the last several years, before it even happened.

    At least now Pujols can’t win it. But he could tie…

  66. At least this game is right out of the Classic Mets History book. Probably the only thing this team has done that is.

  67. If Jacobs could face a thirdbaseman every at bat, he just might be major league caliber.

  68. Holy Cow…runners on the corners, 0 out? Isn’t this how the Mets failed to score every other time?

  69. Jeff M (210): His ego cost his team today. How do you not use a pitcher instead of a position player? Of course, if Pelfrey blows this save, he’ll get another chance.-JD

  70. John, if we don’t hang out together, we will surely hang out separately.
    Or something like that.


    FINAL: Mets 2, Cardinals 1 (20).
    RECORD: 4-7.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: What started as a classic pitcher’s duel between Johan Santana and Jaime Garcia turned into a classic. The bullpens traded zeroes until the 19th when the Mets got to Joe Mather, the second position player the Cardinals used as a pitcher. Of course, the Cardinals tied it against Francisco Rodriguez. After the Mets took the lead in the 20th inning, Mike Pelfrey came in for the save.
    ON THE MOUND: Johan Santana was superb, giving up four hits in seven scoreless innings with nine strikeouts. … The bullpen pitched out of three bases-loaded jams in extra innings.
    AT THE PLATE: Mets didn’t get their first hit off Garcia until Angel Pagan’s single leading off the sixth. … Seven combined strikeouts for David Wright and Jason Bay. … Jeff Francoeur’s hitting streak was snapped, but he drove in the first run with a sacrifice fly. Jose Reyes drove in the game-winner with a sacrifice fly.
    IN THE FIELD: Alex Cora dove into the stands on a Matt Holliday pop-up to end the tenth. … Errors by Rod Barajas (catcher’s interference) and Hisanori Takahashi.
    LOOKING AHEAD: John Maine tries to get on track tomorrow night.-JD