April 16.10: Paging Carlos Beltran.

General manager Omar Minaya gave us a projection early this month that Carlos Beltran would be back around late May, which was four to six weeks after resuming baseball activities.

Well, that time frame is right now and Beltran hasn’t even begun running. Based on what’s going on, we might be looking now at June if not July and the All-Star break.

Fact is, Beltran, if he hasn’t started running, doesn’t have any real timetable. They can say four to six weeks from baseball activities all night, but they have no idea when that will be.

Would it surprise you if we didn’t see Beltran to the second half of the season if at all? Wouldn’t shock me.

Part of the fallout of Beltran’s absence is the issue of Jose Reyes batting third.

Here’s what Jeff Francoeur has to say about it: “I don’t want to see that. Not at all. He’s the most dynamic leadoff hitter in the game, and I want to see him there. Who knows what we’ll do? But I’m just saying, he’s never been really a run producer. He’s been more of a guy to score 150 runs. … I’m just saying, I think he’s the most dynamic leadoff hitter in the league… Reyes has always hit leadoff to me for a reason. He’s the best. He gets on base, steals, makes things happen.’’

Jerry Manuel says he wants Reyes to maintain his same approach in the three hole. It will never happen because the demands and job description batting third differ from batting first. Reyes gets into trouble when he plays outside himself and attempts to loft the ball instead of hitting it on the ground and line drives into the gap.

You will see a definite change in Reyes’ approach if they go ahead with this.

The No. 3 hitter should be the team’s best hitter, which is to say the best combination of average and power, and that’s David Wright.

There is nobody who comes close to being able to do what Reyes does as the leadoff hitter. For years we’ve been hearing how Reyes is the catalyst to the Mets offense. Why would they want to tinker with that?

8 thoughts on “April 16.10: Paging Carlos Beltran.

  1. Because Sybil is Sybil.

    We saw what Jose does the other night. He tried to hit it from Queens to LA.

    He is best as a leadoff hitter as Jeff says.

    Sybil does not understand that.

    Sybil should permanently enjoy the personality of being a beachcomber. We will all be better off for it.

  2. if M&M moves reyes to 3rd spot. i guess that means castillo bats 1st. so do they bat wright 8th?

    is the clock at least ticking for M&M so they get the boot?

  3. At least Jerry is honoring the streak, such that it is. Here’s tonight’s line-up: Reyes (6), Castillo (4), Wright (5), Bay (7), Jacobs (3), Francoeur (9), Barajas (2), Matthews (8), Perez (1).-JD

  4. why is jacobs not 4th?

    does sybil not believe in the right left thing?

    does he not believe in his guy who has hit one hr, has 3 hits and a buck fifty avg

  5. Well I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t think its the worst move ever. If Pagan can do what he did last yr than he can make for a good leadoff hitter, and I do think Reyes is capable of being an RBI guy. It certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing Jerry has done (there is a lot of competition for that honor).

    However, Pagan won’t be as good of a leadoff hitter as Reyes, and Reyes isn’t as good of a hitter as Wright. So it does seem kind of pointless. Not to mention, Jerry has also mentioned he might use GMJ in the leadoff spot as well…which would be moronic.