April 15.10: Chat Room, Game #9 at Rockies: Will Pelfrey tax us today?

Mike Pelfrey takes his new and improved splitter to the mound this afternoon at Colorado with hopes of snapping the Mets’ four-game losing streak. Pelfrey is coming off a solid performance last Friday against Washington.

Pelfrey was successful because he worked quickly, kept the ball down and got ahead in the count. That’s always the formula for any pitcher’s success, but something Pelfrey has been consistently lacking.

The Mets’ problems have been poor starting pitching and horrid hitting, namely hitting with runners in scoring position (.164). The Mets are 2-6 with four games remaining on this road trip, which concludes with three games this weekend in St. Louis.

51 thoughts on “April 15.10: Chat Room, Game #9 at Rockies: Will Pelfrey tax us today?

  1. Manuel said he wants Reyes to do all the things he does as a leadoff hitter, but in the third hole. … Reyes said he’s not ready to bat third.-JD

  2. i guess the psychologist gave pelf a hand.
    probably told him not to listen to warthen.. 😉

  3. SteveC (6): Sounds like good advice to me. … This was raised the other day. Maine went back to 2007 video. Wouldn’t Warthen do that originally?-JD

  4. THIRD INNING: Rockies botched rundown and Pelfrey scored. …. Mets returned the favor with Castillo caught off first base. Somebody missed a sign.-JD

  5. Replays looked like double play, but Reyes stopped. … Then he gets nailed trying to steal third…. Two on, no outs and Wright to the plate. Castillo and Reyes caught stealing then Wright fans. Good inning.-JD

  6. 15.) you would think that we would have had coaching and management changes after last year and after these last 3 games.

  7. from the very few glimpses game day has given me. he’s throwing some decent strikes.

  8. My three observations for the folks who are scoring at home (or in a nearby parking lot):

    1.) The Mets are facing a lefty, which is good news for 3-4-5 bats Wright/Bay/Frenchy. No need to slot Jacobs in there where he doesn’t belong. (Can’t figure out why any team would throw a lefty against the Mets at this point.)

    2.) Reyes and Castillo are getting on base.

    3.) Pelfrey is pitching like an ace. “Dominant” is the word that comes to mind.

  9. 28.) hey you know.. i wont complain if he does. its great to have a good hitting pitcher. scares the crap out of the other pitcher. 😉

    30.) yeah no kidding..

  10. 33.) of course they will screw with a good thing. this is what M&M does. they dont go for the streak.


    FINAL: Mets 5, Colorado 0.
    RECORD: 3-6.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Mike Pelfrey pitched one of the best games of his career. He worked quickly and was ahead in the count. He mixed his pitches and worked both sides of the plate.
    ON THE MOUND: Pelfrey gave up no runs on five hits and no walks with six strikeouts. He was the real deal.
    AT THE PLATE: Jeff Francoeur has a hit in every game. … Pelfrey drove in a run with a single.
    IN THE FIELD: When the pitcher is crisp, usually the same can be said for the defense.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Oliver Perez starts tomorrow at St. Louis. … Jose Reyes could bat third.-JD

  12. i was looking at gameday and found pelf was using 4 pitches.

    when did he learn 4 pitches? in the past he never had more than 2 at best 3

  13. Dave, he has developed a splitter. btw, I know money is tight,but for 20 bucks you can listen to every game. much better than gameday.

  14. i heard that he had a splitter. but gameday listed change, curve, slider i think as well as fastball.

    on rewind they were saying how last year he threw 70% fastballs. the highest in the league. now he has these change of pace things.

    i didnt know he had all these pitches.

    when he came up it was sinker/curve. peterson ditched the curve to a slider i think and he had issues. the last few years he had problems with all his secondary pitches and the gameday log shows he is throwing everything.

  15. the psychologist probably handed him a bunch of singles and sent him to SCORES. 😉

    like i said earlier he probably told pelf to not listen to warthen.