April 15.10: About Last Night: Mejia not ready for primetime.

If one learns of themselves through adversity, then maybe the Mets learned last night Jenrry Mejia might not be ready for primetime.

Last night’s main storyline emerged from the rubble of John Maine’s performance the previous night which prompted the question: If not Maine, then who?

Of course, Mejia’s name surfaced, but he’s not sufficiently stretched out to be the starter some in the organization want him to be. Jerry Manuel, however, wants him in the major leagues now as a reliever.

But, he’s been used in mop-up, low pressure situation because he’s not ready. Well, that was until last night. Enter Mejia in the tenth inning. Exit Chris Iannetta’s drive for from the park for a game-winning homer.

Mejia has a world of talent, but he’s not ready for the major leagues in primetime. The organization is divided on his role. Some, read Omar Minaya, want him at the beginning of the game. Manuel wants him in the late innings.

But, if he’s here, he shouldn’t be protected. He should be ready to pitch, but last night showed there are questions.

That’s what I took out of last night: The indecision over Mejia.

13 thoughts on “April 15.10: About Last Night: Mejia not ready for primetime.

  1. While I agree that if Mejia is to be a starter he should be starting, I don’t think your assault on him not being ready based on one pitch is fair. Rooks have been “protected” in baseball for a decades, batters being put in the 8 hole, sat against tough veterans, pitchers taken out earleir than vets etc. The only thing that matters is that the organzation doesn’t know what to do with a guy. That is the story. As for the game, there is a lot more to take away that the blast at the end. The total lack of fundamentals as a pitcher scores a run because Reyes wants to argue with the umps while there isn’t a time out… the continued lack of prodiction when getting guys on base early, the thought process that goes on in the Mets dugout wherein they pinch run for a guy after four pitches and also leaving themselves short on the bench so that Alex Cora is the only choice to PH with guys on 2nd and third, Was Tatis that much faster than Jacobs, and was he not faster the first four pitches of Barrajas’ AB? The continued failure of Met starters to do well. The big question now seems to be who gets the axe first Manuel or Trembley in Baltimore.

  2. Harry (1): The pinch-running decision pretty much summed up in my mind the confusion in that dugout. In extra innings you need as many guys as you can, and to burn a guy like that was dumb.-JD

  3. Correct, Jacobs; it seemed he assumed the pitcher scored and never looked to third. But Reyes never hestated to argue, didn’t call time and didn’t look home. Cook had clearley been held and never should have scored on that. People can bitch about hitting with risp and all that but you can’t give a team a total gift run. By the way, Aaron Cook, maybe the Mets should trade for him and bat him clean up.

  4. (1) Come on, Harry — the kid spit the bit. He choked under pressure. He threw a bad pitch. We need to send him to Columbus. Or AA — isn’t that where they sent Bobby Meacham after that error? Or maybe we should trade him for Ken Phelps.

    It seems as if Delcos’ time in the Bronx has left some permanent scarring.

    If you want to make the argument that Mejia would be better suited in the minors, so be it — but don’t pretend that one pitch thrown in Coors Field equates to not being ready for prime time.

  5. Who was it that said “The ship be sinking?” Well that is the perfect way to describe this team. 2010 has simply been a continuation of 2009…it’s like Rubber Soul and Revolver..but at least those were two great Beatle albums. Even though I still don’t think the options available starting pitching wise were good, just to change the mix would have been good in retrospect.

  6. Hello Steve O. We have argued the merits of the FAs all winter, but the one thing we will never know is if Omar tried to trade. We know starters moved, but we will never know what he tried to do or didn’t try to do. So we should blast Omar for failing to upgrade the rotation. That was his job.
    OK Tiffany, I concede Mejia should not only be sent down he should be DFAd for that bad pitch.

  7. Team was 1 for 12 with RISP although I think that stat doesn’t really count Castillo’s game tying sacrifice fly in the 9th innings. So maybe it is 2 for 12. But the Rockies were better in 3 for 13.

    Tatis is the pinch runner and Cora is the pinch hitter. The thought process of a manager who will bat Jacobs at cleanup for several games and then leave him as the only player not used against a relief corps of righties.

    The Mets brain trust (I use that term loosely) is probably only thinking on how Franceour is hitting .429 and how smart they were to swipe him from Atlanta. Which is true but there are other decisions that have a whole lot of ‘splaining needed.

    And right now we have JoelPineiro saying he almost signed with the Mets. “They showed interest. They showed everything”. But at the end they weren’t aggressive enough in closing the deal. Just like the Mets with RISP.

  8. (8) Harry: The only team I remotely remember hearing about in trade was from Francessa regarding Arroyo or Harang from the Reds. Other then that, I don’t remember hearing any other trade rumors for pitching. Omar gets a ton of blame for the sorry state of this roster. Trading Stokes for GMJ was horrendous and unnecessary. I don’t really blame him for believing that Ollie could bounce back and I guess he was seduced by Maine’s last few starts of last year. Either way, something did need to be done to improve the staff and it wasn’t, so Omar has to get the bullet. I also still can’t believe that Warthen made it to this year. It made no sense when I heard he was coming back, and it still makes no sense to me.

  9. what happens if maine stinks again next time? who do you replace him with? Sherman and others argued over the spring that some met starter was going to go down sooner or later so it would make sense to send mejia to the minors to progress as a starter. to make matters worse they jettison figgy who at least is serviceable. btw in the post article pineiro said he was waiting for the mets to show motivation to sign him and got tired of waiting. he said dealing with the mets was a wierd experience.

  10. Also, on omar is why did he let chapman get signed by the small market reds? scouts say he is throwing 102 mph and will be a superstar. I guess 30 mm for 6 years was to much for for this stupid organization to spend on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  11. 16 million for 2 years for piniero is about right for a 500 pitcher. It is certainly better than 36 for 3 for a sub 500 pitcher.

    you guys are right about jenrry. they dont know what to do with him. i guess the patients are running the asylum. too many cooks in the kitchen and all that.

    he should be starting in AA. but that is another discussion.