April 14.10: Chat Room, Game #8 at Rockies: Niese trying to stop fall.

Jonathan Niese, stopper? After three straight losses, including an 11-3 bloodletting last night at Colorado, the Mets are depending on the raw lefthander to throw them a life preserver.

Really, after seven games they need saving?

Damn straight. This is a team that’s not too far away from heading into an April freefall.  They aren’t hitting, and let’s not even get into what they are doing with runners in scoring position.

Save two games, they’re starting pitching has been poor. Their bullpen had been good, but it is to the point where soon it will be taxed.

Their 2-5 record is very much deserved. They are off to the slow start they wanted to avoid.

Seasons aren’t won or lost after seven games, but trends can be recognized and what’s happening now isn’t good.

Manager Jerry Manuel said today John Maine will make his next start, but that’s not a question he should be answering this early in the season. He also shouldn’t be answering questions this soon about his job security.

There’s a lot we can talk about tonight.

115 thoughts on “April 14.10: Chat Room, Game #8 at Rockies: Niese trying to stop fall.

  1. How stupid are the Mets?

    I am watching the pre game and guess what? They are talking about making Jenrry a starter.

    Now I am glad they came to their senses. I am unhappy because:

    1. They jerk their 20 yr old best prospect around

    2. It seems they are doing it in desperation because their pitching sucks.

    So what does this mean? All offseason the line has been our pitchers are better than what is out there. So now they panic and are trying to actively ruin the Mets best prospect.

    They need to fire m&m now before they damage the organization more.

  2. John

    In answer to your thread, it is too early to panic.

    If you are a professional you know that it is a long season. However, what you see after a week is not good. No starting pitching. No hitting. No energy.

    You need to change something. It seems they are changing it by making Jose #3 and putting Pagan #1.

    They may need to rush one of their minor league pitchers ( or more ). I just hope it is not Jenrry. Although he does seem to be pretty confident out there.

  3. dave (3): Manuel wants Mejia up here as the eighth inning guy, but with their starters so bad it is being considered to send him down to stretch him out. … With they way they are playing he’s only in mop up. … Mop up indicates they don’t want to rush him, but if they were playing better he’d be the set-up reliever. They don’t seen to have a concrete plan.-JD

  4. Well if Jerry gets the boot he can at least take solace knowing that he won a couple games unlike poor Cal Ripkin Sr who was given the boot before his hapless O’s even won a game for him. Enjoy the game Jerry….

  5. dave (4): If Manuel wants Reyes third, that’s his choice. But, if he’s healthy enough to play now, then why wait until this weekend? I don’t understand that.-JD

  6. John(5)

    I know they don’t have a plan. It is not just with their top prospect.

    They don’t have a plan for the team.

    Jacobs as cleanup? cmon. what kind of plan is that?

    Make no effort to improve the rotation in the offseason? and now rush a 20 year old who just late last year was promoted to AA to the majors cause you suck.

    I could go on.

  7. I gotta hand it to Maine. He stood there and answered the questions after he melted down.

    That takes a lot. We had players here who ran out the door. Wasn’t Ollie one of them? I can’t remember.

  8. dave (10): Ollie had his moments, but I never remember him bolting without talking after a meltdown. Maine was standup last night and today after his meeting with Manuel. …. He’s going to make a mechanical change, going back to where he was in 2007.-JD

  9. Omar Minaya totally lucked out in getting Atlanta to take Ryan Church off his hands for Jeff Francouer. Way to go, Frenchy!

  10. While it will never hold that same special place in my heart as Giuseppe Franco, the new Bell Bedbugs ad campaign might end up being the best thing to hit the Met airwaves since Ray Catena.

  11. Here’s something interesting…Gary just said that John Maine looked at tape of his 2007 form and noticed “a big mechanical difference” and that he’s now going to revert to his old form. Um…isn’t than pitching coach Dan Warthen’s job, to analyze Maine’s form and research his mechanics and see what worked and didn’t? Betcha Rick Peterson would’ve been completely on top of that.

  12. in the pre game they were saying how his front shoulder was too early. dropping his power.

  13. Chiti, I knew you would be back. Delcos is like the mafia. Everytime you think you are out he keeps pulling you back.

  14. Go ‘head, D-Wright! Damn, he’s almost hit half as many jacks as he had all last year.

  15. Surprisingly the Mets only have one 100 loss season since 1967: the 1993 team. The 1979 team won its last 6 games to avoid that “honor”. But by August we may be facing the “David Wright chase for 100 rbis” as our main story.

    Have I mentioned how much I hate baseball in Coors field? Like the old Astrodome, one of those very different ballparks the Mets never play well in.

  16. 39 For the exact opposite reason you mentioned, Dan, that’s why I like baseball at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix. The Mets always seem to do well there. Remember that four-game sweep there back in ’06? All the Mets’ bombs? El Duque’s gem?

  17. 44 Willie Wood was also the first African-American professional head football coach in two different countries — in 1973, he became the head man of the Philadelphia Bell, of the World Football League and then in 1980, he took the reigns of the Toronto Argonauts, of the Canadian Football League.

  18. Broncos traded Marshall to the Dolphins. This game won’t get nearly the attention in the Denver paper. … Not great news for the Jets, I might add.-JD

  19. 47 I dunno about that, JD. Derrell Revis and Antonio Cromartie are a pair of damn good defenders and the Jets also did well for themselves adding Santonio Holmes. As a Cowboy fan, I wish my team could’ve added any one of those guys, or Marshall.

  20. Not a good AB by Wright. Missed two hangers, swung through a cookie down the middle…

  21. Wow. Not to be morbid — and I know this is a baseball chat room…But almost 600 people have died in that China earthquake…

  22. i didnt realize bay could run.

    he seems pretty comfortable taking off.

    i wish jose would get comfortable again.

  23. Can we get a rule change so a Mets flyball to the warning track is automatically a double?

  24. Too bad Frank Catalanotto is doing his best Jeremy Reed 2009 Mets Least Valuable Player impression…

  25. isnt that why sybil wants to move him to #3? so he can set the table and run more?

    jose’s value is not as a power hitter. we wouldnt want to move him to the middle of the lineup so he can start swinging for the fences and get off his game.

    he is most useful third in the lineup so he gets more oppourtunity to run and disrupt the pitcher.

  26. A leadoff error. Good teams take advantage of opponents mistakes. We will see if the Mets are a good team.

  27. strikeout with a man on third, I can see why Manuel wants Reyes in third. Castillo would be a better candidate.

  28. Glad Luis got the run home, but what was Jose thinking, trying to kill the ball?

  29. Gil(75)

    That is what Jose should have done. Just make contact try and drive it or just loft it deep.

  30. 74 Ray: I thought Oliver Perez was the Mets fans’ favorite whipping boy. My fave target is Sean Green…but now that he’s on the DL, I’m searching for someone new.

  31. looie has got the most negative posts than anyone else. I dont see any other player who posters want his contract eaten just to get him out of town. Omar was letting the world know he wanted him gone all winter

  32. 85: Well, Ray, in Castillo we’ve got a guy who, after his ’08 season should’ve had his contract eaten and in Ollie we’ve got a guy who shouldn’t have been given such a big contract. I was thinking you meant that Luis was every Mets fans’ whipping boy, not just us here.

  33. is bay 0-for tonight? i had a rough night, great to see there’s something to watch when i get home.

  34. Ray(85) I was surprised Castillo hit it as far as he did. I remember 2 years ago he barely could hit it in the grass. Last year he improved a bit. He hit for avg and did not stand at the plate hoping the pitcher sucked so much he would just get walked.

    Early in this game I saw him not be able to get to a ball hit up the middle that was not hit hard. Granted on the play you would not expect him to throw the runner out at first, but it appears he has no range. And then there are the brain cramps where he just makes bonehead plays.

    So yes, for an accomplished veteran he makes way too many mistakes. His bat is useful in that he doesnt strike out. He also has some speed. But his glove is below avg and he doesnt always make the routine play.

    We get all this for 6 million a year. So yes, he is overpaid. I don’t begrudge anyone taking the money offered. But as a fan he represents one of many bad Omar signings

  35. At least you know castillo is going to put the ball in play. nice to see with all these free swingers here.

  36. yes. in a situation where there is a man on 3rd and less than two out he is a good bet not to strike out. hopefully he hits it hard enough to score the runner

  37. (91) hand it to frenchy, he hasn’t been swinging so freely lately.

    what are the chances the Mets bring delgado in without options at first, JD? or have they moved on for good?

  38. I was about to type “how about a squeeze” with two outs to stir things up. But Sybil knows better: swing and get a soft line drive to second.

  39. i think it was silly for manuel to pinch run for jacob there. it’s easy to say that in hindsight, i guess. but it’s just as easy to second guess our skipper.

  40. As Bob Prince would say, the Mets have to get 6 outs while the Rockies only have to get three.

  41. Dave, overpaid is a relative term. At least he plays every day. They have given out much larger contracts who are consistently on the DL. I include Beltran in that group.

  42. Turn out the liiiiights…the party’s overrrrr…Look for the rocks to break off a broom in our fill in the blank, tomorrow afternoon. It’s gonna be a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong year, folks.

  43. Oh well…at least I can switch the TV to catch the third period of the Avalanche-Sharks hockey game.

  44. I’m glad I didn’t stay up for this.

    No, seriously — I stayed up because I was doing my taxes.
    Talk about a double whammy.

  45. FINAL: Colorado 6, Mets 5 (10).
    RECORD: 2-6.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Jon Niese labored in his second start and lost two leads. The second came when he gave up a three-run homer to Ryan Spilborghs. … The offense was 1-for-12 with RISP. … The bullpen kept the Mets in the game until Jenrry Mejia was beaten by Chris Iannetta with a longball in the tenth.
    ON THE MOUND: Niese gave up five runs on nine hits in five innings. … Raul Valdes continues to impress. …Mejia finally pitches in a pressure situation and gives up a game-winning homer.
    AT THE PLATE: Jeff Francoeur continued his hot hitting with a homer. … ?David Wright also went deep; his third of the season. … Twice the Mets had two on and no outs and came up empty. … So many chances to win were missed.
    IN THE FIELD: ?Mike Jacobs initiated a double play, but also had a throwing error. … The Mets didn’t handle the cutoff that enabled Aaron Cook to score from third for what proved to be the winning run.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Mike Pelfrey starts tomorrow afternoon at Colorado.-JD

  46. Jeff, there are 3 sure things in life. death, taxes and mets failing to get a big hit late in the game.

  47. (110) ray, hopefully we can change that in the coming years… the death part i mean, taxes and no big mets hits are a sure thing :)

  48. Mike Pelfrey, stopper?

    Oh, sorry to steal your opening for tomorrow, John. But if you just paste that in and up the numbers by one, you can pretty much repeat today’s essay.

    When do we change “heading into an April freefall” to already being in one?

  49. i still believe this is a different ball club with Beltran healthy. Mejia needs to head south or to buffalo or wherever the heck they send prospective starters. he has no business in the bullpen. maine has no business on the mound until he figures himself out either. is he actually slated for the Sunday Espn start – we might be in for quite the embarrassing national broadcast. I think we’ll be a lot better than we’re thinking we are right now.

  50. It’s time take consolation in the fact our expansion siblings, the Houston Colt 45s, don’t have a win and have never won a World Series. The Cleveland Indians have the same record and the Baltimore Orioles are worse than us. Doesn’t that make you all feel better?

    With a day game tomorrow, that means I’ll have to start my drinking earlier.

  51. Listen. people said different ball club with/without delgado. so change. different ballclub with/without reyes, no change.
    different ball club with/without beltran, no change.
    This will be a different ballclub without M&M.