April 13.10: Chat Room, Game #7 at Rockies: Maine needs a big night.

With the 2-4 Mets six games into the 20-game plateau manager Jerry Manuel defined as fair to evaluate the start of the season, the team begins its first road trip to Colorado and St. Louis, perhaps two of the more unfriendly venues for visitors.

After losing two each to the Marlins and Nationals – teams they should handle at home at least – the mood of the Mets isn’t panic as much as it is urgency.

There have been three bad starts by the rotation, a trend that would wear down the bullpen eventually, and no hitting with runners in scoring position.

“It’s six games,’’ said outfielder Jeff Francoeur. “With that being said, we’d better get it going quick, because we’ve got some teams coming up that are really, really good.’’

Manuel ripped his team for being unprepared – for which he assumed responsibility – and others wondered about the intensity level.

If the Mets are going to get it started, they’ll have to do it tonight behind John Maine, he of the 7.20 ERA and slow fastball.

Maine has lost some of the velocity, and worse, some of the movement off his fastball, a byproduct of shoulder problems. He says he’s fine, but he still needs to build up strength.

“We’ll continue to hope for that,’’ Manuel said of Maine building up his shoulder strength. “He’s healthy and I don’t see why, being free from setbacks and those types of things, we won’t see that at some point.’’

Maine is 2-1 with a 2.66 ERA in three starts versus the Rockies, so there’s some reason for optimism.

NOTE: I am taking classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights for the next few months, and won’t be around for the start of the game. With the game at 8:40 p.m., I’m expecting to be back by nine, so I might miss the first inning or two.

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  1. SECOND INNING: Two on and no outs and Maine gets out of it. He needed something like that. An inning like that could turn around a game.-JD

  2. I just want to make it clear for the record: I was one of the 3 votes for Maine as the Pitcher Who Concerned Me Most.

  3. Hey John, I just noticed your note saying you had class tonight and might not be back until 9.

    Don’t you wish that class had run w a a a a a y overtime?

  4. So where is the lynch mob form? Do I need my own lighter fluid or is that going to be available? Will there be refreshments?

  5. John, please try to be more positive! You can’t put a question mark at the end!

  6. i was wondering where u guys were. i was on the wrong thread..

    so the announcers are burrying m&m.


    1. didnt get pitching
    2. gave the pitchers the jobs with no competition

    same as last year.

  7. How many things can we do wrong? At some point someone has to be culpable for all of it right? I mean we have a fastball pitcher throwing only changeups and sliders because his fastball is 88 mph. We have a 3rd baseman playing 1st base getting eaten up by groundballs that Carlos Delgado routinely fielded. We have a 2nd baseman that tries to stretch a single into a double when you are down by 8… I think we are still unprepared Jerry, and that isn’t necessarily just indication of mental preparedness.

  8. I went away for half an hour. See the Mets mounted a big comeback… only 7 more runs needed to tie. Good way to keep your offense in top shape.

  9. kevin (31): Everything you are saying is correct. You can always blame the manager, but sooner or later the players have to be accountable. Maine was just horrible today and the offense is in hibernation. … The Castillo play was misplaced hustle, which is another way of saying a boneheaded play.-JD

  10. how smart was it to release figgy now? with all the major question marks in the rotation we have no long man. mejia should be in the minors getting ready to take a starting spot from one of these losers.

  11. John (33) You can always blame the players, and you can always blame the manager, but who can you blame after you’ve changed the players and the manager? You can blame the GM. But who can you blame when the GM appears to be following instructions?

    I think we’re narrowing it down a bit…

  12. JD, has Brad Holt’s stock taken a major hit? Early last year everyone was talking about him like Mejia… Has everyone passed him by?

  13. I don’t know how the Mets will do this season, obviously, but it does seem pretty amazing how high the home attendance has been for a team that so far has been living up to the predictions of the national and enemy press, that is, to end up in last or next to last place. Maybe that’s from being in a huge market (not ALL of which are frontrunners), maybe it’s because the season is young, or maybe it’s because the Mets really have a real chance at the WC if everything goes their way. Anyway, “was ihn nicht umbringt, macht ihn stärker.” Too late to stay up with my job. Go Mets.

  14. SEVENTH INNING: Maine was so bad tonight that it makes me wonder if he should be dropped from the rotation and sent to the minors to work on some things. Another one like tonight then that’s something they should consider.-JD

  15. JD (43) Jerry could always say the word “gangsta” at some point in the postgame… that’s the only thing I can think of

  16. kevin (44): “Gangsta.” Jerry should worry about getting his team to play better rather than being colorful and folksy in his postgame.-JD

  17. kevin(36)

    I think all those hot pitchers from 2 years ago are cold.

    there are not any that i can think of in AAA that are ready to come up. I understand Gee had a good opening game…

  18. dave (47) Yeah, I was reading up about Holt on Mets minor league blog, apparently he’s still highly ranked, but he lost a mile or two on his fastball last year which doesn’t bode too well. He battled some injuries last year, so hopefully, that was the reason for the dip in velocity.

  19. It sounds like the broadcasters are starting to get down on the Mets. Guess it’s time to change the broadcasters.

  20. kevin (48): When a young guy loses a mile off his fastball the year following an injury, he should get the benefit of doubt. The situation is a little different for Maine, who has gotten progressively worse after rushing himself back.-JD

  21. jeff(49)

    when the your team sucks and loses the sereies to what is supposed to be the worst team in your division and almost every game your pitchers put you in a hole you cant dig out of how can you be optimistic?

    i know it is only one week into the season, but when the pitching is terrible, the hitting is terrible and the D is not good what can you look forward to in the season?

    This from a team that spends more than almost any other.

    The owner needs to read the riot act to everyone. sometimes you need the stick rather than the carrot to motivate.

  22. JD(51): There doesn’t appear to be too much to be optimistic about Maine, the really dumbfounding thing is Manuel and Minaya watched him pitch all spring training and through all the preseason games and with all this gathered knowledge, reshuffled the entire rotation to make him the number 2 starter? If this isn’t a clear indication that no one knows what the hell they are doing, I don’t know what is.

  23. yeah

    amazing that the other pitchers were worse and yet

    a) we brought no one in from outside
    b) there was no competition in camp

    i know the cant get rid of ollie because of the contract, but that is another indication of how poor omar is. ollie, castillo, alou, franco, etc

  24. Dave (52) The owner needs to read the riot act to everyone? Not quite. With this team, it would probably just cause a riot. The owner and his son need to look in a mirror and read the riot act to themselves.

  25. jeff

    yes i know. i wish we could fire ownership. but since that is not going to happen they might try having a hissy fit. maybe people will wake up.

  26. FINAL: Colorado 11, Mets 3.
    RECORD: 2-5.
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: John Maine was horrible and there’s every reason to be concerned about him. … It was also a bad night for Fernando Nieve.
    ON THE MOUND: Maine gave up eight runs on seven hits in three innings. His ERA is 12.38.
    AT THE PLATE: The Rockies’ Greg Smith stuffed the Mets’ offense, giving up two runs in seven innings. … David Wright homered and walked twice. … Mets hitters reached double digits in strikeouts.
    IN THE FIELD: Fernando Tatis is not a first baseman, but that’s not why they lost the game. … Angel Pagan and Jason Bay had an interesting play, but the game was long since over.
    LOOKING AHEAD: Jon Niese goes tomorrow night. … Expect a few line-up changes. Let’s hope moving Jose Reyes to third in the order isn’t one of them.-JD

  27. Welcome to the Glass Half Full broadcast network PostGame Wrap-up.

    John Maine got three innings of work in tonight and reported feeling no pain.

    The Mets offense scored 3 runs on the road, putting them on pace to continue scoring 3 runs.

    It’s early in the season, and anything can happen. There are a lot of games left. They can still turn this around. It’s too soon to start j… hey, who are you guys? Why are you in here with those white coats? Get that net away from me!!

  28. john

    yahoo has maine at 13.5 era. not sure who is right, but that is bad. your #2 pitcher has a double digit era? yuk!

  29. What happened to that John Maine we were bragging about stealing from Baltimore for a pole dancer’s hubby a few years ago? I want him back (the good Maine, not the Bensons).

  30. Unreal. Maine should change his name to Tug 😉
    Now seriously, just how bad does it have to get before M&M are shown the sidewalk?
    I have said this over and over. Randolf was let go unceremoniously for FAR less.
    At least fire Warthen, because all our issues are with pitching and no one is getting better.. only worse.