April 12.10: What to make of the first week?

To be sure six games is too small a sampling to get a definitive feel about the Mets. However, it isn’t too small to quash some first impressions.

Among them:

1) The preseason concerns on John Maine. As has been the case with Maine, he throws far too many pitches and labors with his command. He gets his second start tomorrow in Colorado, a place where it is not easy to pitch. Maine is No. 2 in the rotation currently and insists his shoulder is fine. OK, but his velocity is down and control is off. Not good and there have been little signs of turning it around.

2) Oliver Perez is Oliver Perez, which is to say he’s an enigma. Through his first five innings Saturday he threw 12-24-12-24-12 pitches. He walked four or which two of the runners scored. Perez will live and die with his command. When he worked quickly his control was good, but get a runner or two on base and he takes forever and his ball can go anywhere. Perez is not the pitcher you bet on.

3) The offense is as spotty as it was last year. Hitting with runners in scoring position seems to be a foreign concept. It’s not too many games in which they’ll hit four homers.

4) Mike Jacobs is Mike Jacobs. He’s always been a streaky hitter and so far he’s gotten off to a slow start. Maybe the homer Sunday will get him on track. Colorado is often a good place for a hitter, or an offense, to get hot.

5) Until David Wright hits the inside pitch he’s going to be pounded inside and handcuffed. When Wright is on he drives the ball the opposite way, but he’s not getting many pitches on the outside half of the plate. He needs to pull a few to keep the hitters honest.

6) The bullpen will be a key. So far it has been outstanding, and perhaps the biggest reason why these games have been competitive. Fernando Nieve and Pedro Feliciano are in competition for the eighth inning role. If the bullpen can maintain the Mets will be all right. However, it can’t keep throwing three innings a game. That will add up before you know it.

7) I’m not worried about Jason Bay. No homers so far, but he’s making contact and I love his hustle. He’ll be fine.

12 thoughts on “April 12.10: What to make of the first week?

  1. Pitchers – It looks like all the pitchers are as expected. Pelfrey was ok as was Ollie. Ollie of course got tagged for 4 runs but it could be worse. Niese in his one start pitched as well as can be expected. Maine is a concern.

    Hitters – hopefully all our boppers can get off in mile high. hopefully we score more than they. we await jose adjusting to the bigs.

    Pen – As in years past the pen looks good early. by september we will all scream how they suck.

  2. You have the manager saying “we appeared unprepared” and the right fielder saying “we have to get back to the intensity we had on opening day” six games into the season. Maybe I’m having nightmares of 1993 again but that doesn’t sound so good even in a “need to keep an even keel in a 162 season” game.

  3. “The offense is as spotty as it was last year. Hitting with runners in scoring position seems to be a foreign concept. It’s not too many games in which they’ll hit four homers.”

    John, the hitting overall has been spotty. they are hitting what, .245?
    When Francouer is your best hitter, you have problems.
    Too many black holes in this lineup. Again.

  4. This tells me there’s some issues in the clubhouse and whether its between the players or the coaches. something is up.
    it could be they dont like the way they are managed. I will agree

  5. Two things jump out at me:

    1.) Each of the four returning starters seems to have lost about 3 mph off their respective fastballs. Coincidence?

    2.) Their everyday lineup has been populated by out machines, some of whom have had slow starts (Castillo and, to a lesser extent, Reyes) and some of whom (Jacobs, Cora, Matthews) probably shouldn’t be starting on big-league teams.

  6. This must be that “fast start” everybody agreed they had to get off to…

    How’s the attendance at the C Field so far? And when is Jeff Wilpon Bobblehead Day?

  7. Far too early to panic, but if we tanked the first month and lost the lame duck gm and manager I think the losses will be greatly overshadowed by two steps in the right direction.

  8. john

    I like your thumbnail summary.

    how about a regular poll on monday or whatever day?