April 11.10: Chat Room, Game #6 vs. Nationals: Santana tries to right ship again.

Oliver Perez has thrown worse, but by no means does that make yesterday’s loss to Washington a quality outing.

He had three innings of 12 pitches, but two innings of 24. It was the same old problem with Perez: When he slowed up his tempo he lost command; he walked four of which two of them scored.

Those two runs were the difference in the game, so let’s not blame in all on the offense taking another game off.

NOTEBOOK: The Mets placed reliever Sean Green on the disabled list with a small tear in his rib cage. He was replaced on the roster by left-hander Raul Valdes. The addition of Valdes could take some of the pressure off Pedro Feliciano, who’s in competition with Fernando Nieve for the eighth-inning, set-up reliever. … Despite Mike Jacobs’ slow start there are no plans to bring up Ike Davis. … Today the Mets try to get back to .500 behind Johan Santana.

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  1. Hi John – Good Morning – the computer seems to be working well, so here goes.

  2. Looks like Zimmerman is sitting out today, that should make Johan’s job a little easier.

  3. Mike Jacobs back to hitting 5th after sitting yesterday out against the Gnats right handed bullpen.

    Still another game where a Mets pitcher won’t get a no hitter. Must be one of those we-will-never-see scenarios. Like the Cubs winning a World Series or Teresa Earnhardt showing up to see her NASCAR team race

  4. i will second guess sybil now. at the end of the game will jacobs continue his hot hitting and justify hist #5 spot ahead of a lineup of david/jason/jeff/barajas?

  5. JD: But yesterday we saw babying OF Reyes. If he leads off an inning and gets on and we’re one run down, no way the next hitter should be sacrificing him to second. I don’t care if it IS Pudge behind the plate. Have Reyes steal, then try bunting him to third.

  6. John – Reyes may turn out to be more trouble than he’s worth until he settles down a bit.

  7. Dave: How can Mets pitchers be watching El Duque? Has anyone even seen or heard from that guy lately?

  8. Because Santana’s outing is reminding me of my favorite Major League pitcher, Tim Redding — NOT! — I couldn’t resist checking on what Redding’s up to these days. The Rockies picked him up of the scrap heap for Spring Training and guess what? He posted an 8.76 ERA and the Rockies farmed him out. Why Omar Minaya ever signed him, I still have no idea.

  9. With Perez and Santana getting hits, maybe Sybil should bat them 5th and Jacobs 9th.

  10. 38. The Mets are NUTS for deciding that. I’d still rather see Jacobs at first than Murphy and the Mets have nothing to lose by bringing up Ike and letting him play every day.

  11. John – what do you think caused the Santana first inning – does he look OK to you now?

  12. JD (38) For once I hope the Mets are lying (or whatever David Howard calls it).

    I was just thinking on how after the 1992 season where the Mets went 72-90, I was thinking “No way can the Mets be this bad in 1993, especially with expansion”. Then they went out and finished 59-103, setting a record for most losses in an expansion year by an established team. Maybe 2010 is 1993 redux.

  13. I guess the Franceour throw inspired the Mets to get runners to second twice in the next three innings. A lot of flyballs off
    Livian Hernandez.

  14. I’m an eternally wrong optimist. In the Joe Torre years I kept thinking we’d finish over .500 Looking back at players like Doug Flynn, Bruce Boisclair, Pete Falcone, etc what could I have been thinking?

  15. Mejia’s pitched two days in a row; why on earth would you want him to go back-to-back-to-back?

  16. 47 Back in the day, I drank from the same Kool Aid punchbowl you were, brother Dan. Looking back though, isn’t there something endearing and comical about the likes of Frank Taveras, Doug Flynn, Lee Mazzilli, John Stearns, Steve Henderson and Pete Falcone? Remember that time in the 1980 season the Mets got hot in June and July and actually got to .500? That summer when Claudell Washington hit three homers in a game at Dodger Stadium? That summer when after the Expos’ Bill Gullickson knocked down Mike Jorgensen in the second game of a July 4 twi-night doubleheader, John Stearns charged Gullickson from the Mets’ dugout and the Mets announced to the rest of the league that they’d no longer be pushed around?

  17. SEVENTH INNING: Who would have thought Livan would be in the seventh and not Santana? He had a few games like this last season for the Mets. Just not a lot of them.-JD

  18. Don’t know about you guys, but I’ll be watching “Lost” Tuesday night, not the Mets.

  19. Interesting/depressing story on “Forbes” magazine website on “The Curse of Darryl Strawberry” and the Mets. How the team outdrew the Yankees in 21 of 29 seasons before Straw left and the yankees have drawn more for 17 straight years. How giving up “number one team in the city” has cost the team $450 million in ticket and cable revenue over the last 10 years.

    Former GM Al Harazin now teaches history at Holyoke Community College in Massachusetts.

  20. Gil (53): How can you turn away from the Mets after Jacobs getting a homer? Maybe that gets him going. It’s still a winnable game.-JD

  21. At least today we found a Yankee reject in Brian Bruney that we can hit. But then again, he’s more known as a critic of pitchers celebrations than a pitcher.

  22. Dan: Can you post a link to that Forbes story? And JD (53), because for every Mike Jacobs homer, there’s a Gary Matthews Jr. strikeout waiting to happen.

  23. I’m putting this strange game “In The Book” but it’s not a very good – or believable story. Perhaps the Mets need a bit of time to collect themselves.
    In fact, so do we….

    See you next week.


    FINAL: Nationals 5, Mets 2.
    RECORD: 2-4
    THUMBNAIL ANALYSIS: Tough to dig out of a first-inning 4-0 hole generated by Josh Willingham’s slam off Johan Santana.
    ON THE MOUND: Santana gave up five runs on five hits and three walks in five innings. Two of the walks scored. The bullpen threw four scoreless innings.
    IN THE FIELD: Great throw by Jeff Francoeur nails Adam Dunn at the plate for an inning-ending DP in the third.
    AT THE PLATE: Mike Jacobs finally goes deep.
    LOOKING AHEAD: John Maine gets his second start of the season Tuesday at Colorado. … Expect Luis Castillo to return to second base Tuesday.-JD

  25. “Lost: the Final Season,” Tuesday night at 9 on ABC, with the episode, “Everybody Loves Hugo.” See you then!

  26. Thanks for the link, Dan. JD, I’ll join you guys at 10 pm, Tuesday. Burning question: Will John Maine still be in the game then?

  27. I won’t be available for Tuesday’s game. I wonder how many of the Mets will be in the same predicament.

    I am not urging Manuel be fired but I was wondering how many managers get fired after one week of a season. I think the Orioles fired Cal Ripken Sr early in 1988 when they started 0-21. Kaiser George must have fired Yogi in 1985 after 14 games or so. I think Johnson in 1990 and Torborg in 1993 get about six weeks.

  28. Lost the final season is very appropriate. For jerry and omar that is. I remember last year at the trading deadline my suggestion that the mets pick up Willingham. There were some here that said he was a bum. I wonder how his production compares with Bay at the end of the year for a fraction of the cost.

  29. Dan

    Thanks for the link. I didn’t realize the Mets outdrew the Yanks like that. I knew in the 80’s we were the team, in part because they sucked.

    The article lays out very clearly the downside of paying big contracts to past their prime players.

    As much as I do not like M&M, the real problem is the father son team of dumb and dumber.

    The fault of this team is also the fault of the Knicks. Both follow the same blueprint of overpaying for damaged, past their prime players and not investing in young talent and giving them space to grow.

    Case in point is our own Jenrry Mejia. He should be in AA learning to pitch. Hopefully to be in Queens in 2 years or so. Instead he is learning to throw his fastball over and over again for a team which will be lucky to finish with as many losses as wins.

    This in the lame attempt to show fans that they are trying. This of course has the potential to either destroy his potential or at least to seriously retard his development.

    As we all know pitching is the name of the game. We have one reliable pitcher on this team. So our response is to take the consensus best prospect we have and limit him to one pitch in a stupid attempt to save a season which will not end in a post-season.

    The team decision to have Jenrry in the majors and by the same logic not have Ike up manning first is insane. If they think Jenrry has the talent and can help the team, by the same logic Ike should be our everyday 1b and by Sybil’s logic our cleanup hitter.

    I happen to think both should be in the minors so they can work on fundamentals without the bright lights of the city illuminating all their faults.

    Unfortunately as Omar says in the article, it is about the benjies.

  30. So i see we lost, how pitiful was it?
    The reception on 660 was terrible on the way up here.. all i know we were losing.
    did anyone look good on the field? and right now i am tooo tired to read the threads 😉

  31. 68: ok some of the cafeeine kicked in .. i see JD’s wrapup Thanx.

    we need M&M gone!
    willie and crew were let go for far far far far far far far less.
    Warthen is garbage he has ruined every pitcher and now HE GETS TO THOROUGHLY HOSE A ROOKIE?!