April 10.10: About Last Night; Pelfrey makes stride.

Pitching plus power have always been baseball’s greatest winning equation and the Mets finally got it last night with a solid start from Mike Pelfrey and four homers.

The Mets have questions with their rotation after Johan Santana, and the Mets have gotten three solid starts in their first four games.

Pelfrey had his rough spots, but with the exception of one inning he overcame them. Last night, working under cold and windy conditions, Pelfrey showed marked improvement. He continually threw first-pitch strikes.

Pelfrey gave up two runs in six innings, an effort he can build on. The bullpen pitched well for the second straight game. It looks as if Fernando Nieve appears to have gotten the first crack at being the eighth-inning set-up man.

Pelfrey was aided by his defense, especially Alex Cora, who made two scintillating plays, one of which saved a run. The offense was four homers – two each by Jeff Francoeur and Rod Barajas – and amazingly enough, a couple of hits with runners in scoring position.

2 thoughts on “April 10.10: About Last Night; Pelfrey makes stride.

  1. The Amazin’s really swatted the Gnats last night and showed them “Fourth place is ours. Back to the basement of the NL East where you belong”.

  2. it was good to see mike get through the game and not explode. mind you this is the nationals.

    francoeur is having a good week. hope he keeps it up.

    i am really interested in how ollie does. hopefully he can be a 500 pitcher for us this year.

    in listening to the pre-game they talk about how he needs breaks to go his way.

    is this the kind of pitcher that we paid 36 million for? a marginal pitcher that you have to micro manage so you can get something out of him?

    luckily we have pitchers in the minors who in a year or so can be the same marginal pitcher without the cost.

    jenrry had a chance to be that pitcher but sybil decided he would rather retard his development so he can burn him out this year the way he is intent on doing with nieve.