April 9.10: Mike Pelfrey stopper?

Mike Pelfrey stopper? That will be the scenario tonight when the sluggish out-of-the-gate Mets give the ball to the struggling Pelfrey at Citi Field.

After taking a positive step in 2008 when he went 13-11 with a 3.72 ERA, the No. 2 starter Pelfrey took two steps back last season.

Pelfrey went 4-0 with a 4.89 ERA in his first six starts last season, but didn’t win consecutive games in his next 25 starts. He barely won period, going 6-12 with a 5.06 ERA.

“I had a really, really bad year — not what you look for from a No. 2 starter,’’ Pelfrey said. “But I’m better for it now. It was tough struggling every fifth day. But now I feel good, I feel comfortable. I know I’m prepared to have the kind of season they expect from me.’’

If Pelfrey doesn’t turn it around this season the Mets will have to take a serious look at his future with the team. Is he somebody who just won’t make it, or should they get what they can for him.

Pelfrey’s primary problem is he loses focus and often has a difficult time putting away hitters and minimizing the damage in an inning. He’ll lose his command and get up in the zone making him vulnerable to the home run.

He’s not off to a good start this year having been dropped from second to fourth in the rotation after a 0-4 start with a 6.15 ERA in spring training.

The Nationals aren’t exactly cake for Pelfrey. He’s 3-5 with a 3.93 ERA in 12 starts against Washington.

The Nationals are one of the few teams the Mets have had recent success against, winning nine of their last 11 home games, including 7-2 last season.

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3 thoughts on “April 9.10: Mike Pelfrey stopper?

  1. My understanding was he doesn’t trust his secondary pitches. As you say when he gets up he gets hit.

    I don’t know what to think. Does he know what his problem was last year and how to avoid it or will he repeat the same issues with the same results?

    I think he has talent. Let us see if he knows how to use it.


  2. He has talent and Warthen stripped it like old paint. Ronnie needs to run down there and whisper in Pelf’s ear. Just throw the ball and if you trust a particular catcher more than another then say you only want so and so catching you …
    I think much of it with the younger pitchers; the communication with the catcher. whether its language or trust or both.. they need to communicate more.
    until you reach the level where the catcher is now just a target and no face.