April 9.10: About Last Night; Niese shows up; offense doesn’t.

Losing two of three to the Florida Marlins, including 3-1 last night, isn’t the fast start manager Jerry Manuel envisioned. The upsetting thing is they could have swept this series with several more hits.

There was one positive to take out of the game, and that’s Jonathan Niese, who gave up three runs in six innings. Niese pitched with composure and efficiency for the most part, something they didn’t get the night before from John Maine. Something to look out for is the Marlins did some first-ball hitting because Niese often started out with fastballs.

Offensively, the Mets picked up where they left off the previous night, not to mention 2009. They left two runners on in the second and fourth innings when they could have made a dent into the game. Just three extra-base hits in their past two games.

When you’re not going to pitch consistently, you need to score. And, you can’t afford to waste good outings when you get them. The Mets were 0-for-4 with runners in scoring positions and left seven, and over the past two games have gone 0-for-10 while leaving 16. Not the ingredients of a fast start.

Tonight against Washington, it will be Mike Pelfrey vs. Garrett Mock.

23 thoughts on “April 9.10: About Last Night; Niese shows up; offense doesn’t.

  1. ok so how many games does Jerry get to lose before he is fired?
    I say ask keith to step down from the booth and get this team going..

  2. yeah. but he would be able to whip them in shape. he is no nonsense. so much he probably wouldnt get along with minaya.

  3. yeah true. he talks about it all the time. he must be one of the few ex ball players that did the right thing with his money. never seems to be hurting..

  4. How can you not mention the defense as a culprit in last night’s loss? Wright and Tatis got gloves on balls most big leaguers would have fielded cleanly. Frenchy should be fined for absolutely quitting on the ball hit down the line. And then you have Angel in the Outfield, who doesn’t understand that a 45-degree route will get him to the ball quicker than a 180 followed by a 90.

  5. If I recall Niese did mention he needs to go away from first pitch fastball because he was being hit.

    It is a good sign that he is able to pitch relatively well. It is good for us if he can pitch like this the whole season.

    As for the offense, I expect that we will outscore our opponents with Jacobs as our cleanup hitter. After all, he was our primary target in the offseason to improve the team.

  6. yeah for some reason francoeur appeared very off. and well pagan was never stupendous. wasnt he originally left field? or shorstop?

  7. Isn’t it sad when pitching well means you end up with a 4.50 ERA after you finish your night?

  8. (6) Tiffany: Hard to hold Tatis accountable for anything defensively since he is such a poor defender to begin with. Wright continues to make the same rookie mistakes in the field as he has done since he came into the league. It’s sad really.

  9. just as sad as pitching a winning game only to be taken out in the 7th, 100 pitches) and watch it nose dive to a loss.
    I rather have a winning pitcher with a 4.50 ERA than a pitcher with 2.5 who gets the loss or no decision because of the reliever.

  10. 11. i wouldnt blame david as much or less than any other player. In the end I blame manuel for poor decisions.

  11. For better or worse, Sadecki is back. I needed a break after the lousy off season which is now turning into a lousy regular season. Here is a question: Which happens first? Manuel gets fired or Davis gets called up?

  12. The latter. another rookie cant make life any worse. right? dave will probably think he should take cleanup and jacobs bats 5th.

  13. Ray (14): Welcome back. And, it is for the better. You were missed and as you can see not just by me. Harry, however, seems to have left us. … Good question. I’m betting Davis getting called up.-JD

  14. Thanks for the warm welcome. Im sorry to hear Chiti left, but I feel he will return. One thing is for sure. Jacobs must go. Maybe we will appreciate Murphy more.

  15. Manuel goes first. Davis not here until July at least. Mets will give Murphy a chance before they bring up Ike, who by the way went 3 for 4 with 2 doubles in his AAA debut!

  16. Welcome back mr. kotter er Ray.

    Ike will be up before Sybil gets fired. When Ike comes up he will not claim the #4 spot. That honor will go to the catcher or Cora.

  17. oooohh ooooohh oooohh.
    i know i know..

    the pitchers will bat 4th.

    now wouldnt that totally eff up the other team.. 😀

  18. (14) Ike should be up after about 100 AAA ABs, much the way Darryl was promoted in early 1983. Like Darryl, it’s all about Ike and when he’s ready, because he’ll likely be an improvement over the others, regardless of how well they’re performing at the time. Indeed, Danny Heep was actually playing a very solid RF for the first month of 1983 and, based solely on his performance, there was no reason to promote Straw.

    As for Jerry, I think they’ll give him a little more time. We’re complaining after three games that it looks like 2009 all over again when Reyes and Beltran — two guys who were out for most of 2009 — are currently out.

    If the Mets replace Cora, Matthews and Jacobs with Reyes, Beltran and Ike — and Niese continues to perform like he has this spring — Jerry’s job will likely be safe.

  19. (22) Well except it was 1983, the Mets were lousy, and Straw was the prized prospect who was the “Black” Ted Williams. Two different situations except for the lousy part. :-(