April 8.10: Chat Room, Game #3, vs. Marlins, Niese gets the ball.

Undeniably the Mets’ pitching is suspect, which Jerry Manuel has finally admitted. He didn’t say the team should have been more aggressive this winter, but reading between the lines you can bet he’d like some help.

After John Maine last night, and the fact he moved around Mike Pelfrey and Oliver Perez, there’s little doubt to anyone that their pitching is in trouble.

“I think an honest assessment is that we have to be somewhat concerned,” Manuel said. “We had some setbacks and some inconsistencies there last year, so we can’t just assume that that’s going to be lights out. We have some questions there, and hopefully tonight we’ll see where we are at least in part to that particular issue.”

Jonathan Niese gets the nod tonight against the Marlins. Interesting, but Manuel said if Niese gets into trouble he’ll get the chance to work out of it if his pitch count is around 50 or 60.

That’s good to see. Without the chance we’ll never know how good Niese could be.

By the way, I won’t be around for the start of the chat room. I’ve started taking classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I should be back around 9 for the last few innings.

27 thoughts on “April 8.10: Chat Room, Game #3, vs. Marlins, Niese gets the ball.

  1. Sorry folks. I’ve had a problem with my computer since my afternoon post and couldn’t get on until now. My apologies. I’ll stay until the end of the game. They are in the seventh now.-JD

  2. I thought Niese was outstanding, a real victim of some poor fielding, though. Both Tatis and Wright seemed to flub playable balls; Frenchy seemed completely out to lunch on two plays; and Pagan did a couple of those parachute runs he’s famous for.

  3. I know it’s early, but Wright’s getting beat by inside pitching, even against lefties.

  4. He seems like he’s trying to go the other way all the time. As long as he does that they’ll continue to pound him inside.-JD

  5. so it is over.

    didnt really get a chance to see this, but it seemed niese did ok.

  6. alyssa milano has a shop there?

    she isnt there is she? i would think that would draw a crowd.

  7. That was a mid summer 2009 game. Niese was okay, offense was non-existent. Less than a week into the season and the Mets have a losing record and are tied with the Gnats for fourth.

  8. ANALYSIS: A nice job by Jon Niese. But, the story tonight was the lack of offense. Last night the Mets worked the count and drew nine walks. It’s hard to work the count when pitchers throw strikes. No walks tonight. … The Mets lose their first series of the year.-JD

  9. For what its worth (probably not much), Big Pelf threw like a stud last Saturday. Not sure he can do that again, but would be great to see.

    Last night was the killer that took the sail out of hitters tonight. They had the game won, but could not drive in a runner with a hit. Pitching wins games, and some pitcher not names Johan needs to take charge. Maybe it will be Pelf. Certainly not Ollie P.

  10. **yawn** Missed this game completely. Sounds like I didn’t miss much. It’s a shame this season is already seeming to go exactly as expected…

  11. Niese looked good. Keith and Ronnie both said how he was professional with his deliveries.
    And of course he gets rewarded for his efforts, not hits by the offense and being taken out early. he had plenty of gas.
    I cannot stand seeing a pitcher brought in to pitch for 1 batter. especially when we are losing and its the 9th inning. what the hell????
    its little league, everyone has to play in all the games.
    Niese should have been left in to see just how long he can pitch.
    this is what the first few games are for. test the strength and endurance of the pitchers.