April 7.10: Phillies pick up Figueroa.

The Phillies claimed Nelson Figueroa on waivers this afternoon thereby mercifully ending the pitcher’s shuttle to Buffalo. Before we torch the Mets before this, remember his career record and he did get a chance with the team.

I will say, however, that I thought he’d stick as the long man this year.

12 thoughts on “April 7.10: Phillies pick up Figueroa.

  1. It’s not everyday you lose a 35-yr-old pitcher with 377 big-league innings and a 4.54 ERA to his credit.

    When I look at Nieve, I see a guy with much better stuff, especially in terms of relief pitching.

  2. Didnt we lose a key player or 2 this way the last few years?
    Figgy was a wildcard pitcher but so all of our pitchers. *sigh*
    watch he has a break out year with the philthies

  3. and we have green instead.

    a much better pitcher if you want to throw the ball 5 feet off the plate

  4. gotta love the calls made by M&M.
    hey maybe they know something we dont.

  5. (4) Two things

    1.) Green is a short man, while Figgy would have been a long man; so, they’re not the comparables for this discussion. Rather, the case should be about whether Figgy offers more than Nieve, since they don’t have room for both. I know which one I’d rather have.

    2.) Green is likely a place holder until Kiko Calero finishes his extended Spring Training. In no way would I interpret Figgy’s release as an endorsement of Green.

  6. in the grand scheme of things I rather a long man. if our starters were stronger and the pitch count was no longer than yeah you can have a bunch of specialists or short man to pitch an inning. but when these guys cant get past 5th inning its an issue.

  7. I agree with SteveC. Our rotation is made up of long relief men. We need more of those in the pen. One more one out reliever won’t help us.

  8. John

    I voted on the poll. Clicked archive and my virus detector flagged the link. Please check it out.