April 7.10: Chat Room, Game #2, vs. Marlins, Maine gets the test.

Obviously, the most pressing and important issue surrounding the Mets this season is their rotation beyond Johan Santana, and the first test goes to John Maine, tonight’s starter against the Florida Marlins.

Maine (7-6, 4.43 ERA last season) missed most of last season with a sore right shoulder coming off surgery.

Maine is 3-1 with a 1.05 ERA in four starts against the Marlins in New York, and 5-2 with a 3.12 ERA in 10 career starts.

Maine did not have a good spring with a 7.88 ERA, and manager Jerry Manuel said during his pre-game he’s inclined to have a short leash with him.

After the opener, Manuel said he’d stay with the hot hand.

Line-up vs. Ricky Nolasco (13-9, 5.06 last year):

Alex Cora, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Mike Jacobs, 1B
Jason Bay, LF
Gary Matthews, CF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Rod Barajas, C
John Maine, RP

NOTEBOOK: Manuel said Oliver Perez is able to work out of the pen tonight. … As long as Gary Matthews stays hot, he’ll be playing ahead of Angel Pagan. … Manuel said he’d like to use Jenrry Mejia during this home stand.

95 thoughts on “April 7.10: Chat Room, Game #2, vs. Marlins, Maine gets the test.

  1. Maine is struggling in this inning. A lot of pitches. His command is off. He was lucky to get out of this with only one run.-JD

  2. Cora starts off with a triple. Let’s see if the next three guys can get him home.

    Forbes magazine has its annual business of baseball on its website. Mets are third most valuable franchise. The most profitable? Florida Marlins with $46.1 in operating income. Only two clubs losing money: Arizona (-$600,000) and Detroit (-$29.5 million).

  3. Dan (11): Isn’t that the truth. His command was horrid. Missed by a foot on the homer and the WP set up the second run. Gift runs.-JD

  4. 1962 Mets pitcher with a winning record? Ken McKenzie. Casey told the Yale student to pitch like they were playing the Harvards.

  5. Do these fences move in when the visitors are hitting? Opponents don’t seem to have problems hitting the long ball at Bailout Ballpark.

  6. John – some things never change around here, do they. Heard the Phillies signed Nelson – they won’t be sorry. Mets should sign Pedro, but they won’t.

  7. It’s a beautiful night for a ball game here in the Northeast – how full is Citi Field?

  8. so what happens if he gets bombed? what does sybill do? throw him under the bus as he does with all his non favorite players?

  9. really. he is a young pitcher with not much command. so they put him in a spot where there is not a lot of room for mistakes.

    he should be in AA or st lucie. i hope he doesnt get crushed.

  10. Just tuned in late… now I’m ready to tune out again. It’s getting Uggla out there.

  11. Switching over to MythBusters on Discovery. At least it’s fun to watch stuff blow up on there.

  12. so the mets look like they will be 500. if they lose let us say 3 in a row, will they panic?

    and here i hear ron talk about the pitchers having to go deep into the game. please remind me why we have not improved the rotation for the past few years?

  13. Jeff/John – I guess it is really true that there is only one pitcher here at Citi Field. Santana can’t carry the whole load by himself – what were the Mets thinking?

  14. The Mets thinking? You mean the Wilpons, don’t you?

    Oh, wait — can’t use the words “thinking” and “Wilpons” in the same sentence.

  15. It’s a shame the Mets can’t find pitchers such as Nelson Figueroa to add to their staff like the Phillies can.

  16. Jeff – You said it….and you’re right. Just like Dan is about Nelson – he’s been here for years, but they just don’t want to keep him. Funny how the Phillies don’t seem to want Maine, Pelfrey or Perez…

  17. What the….???? Tatis thrown out at home on a wild pitch? Only our Mets.

  18. On a play like the Tatis out, does he make the decision to go or does the third base coach yell something?

  19. Marlins bullpen seems determined to give this one away. See if Manuel’s Mets can take advantage.

  20. An unusual game to say the least. Anything is possible with the Mets, isn’t it…

  21. Mike Jacobs: the Second Coming of Rico Brogna.

    I ran a few errands while I was watching Jacobs’ at-bat.

  22. Wow… not only did they accept the gift, but Wright didn’t get hurt sliding. Maybe this year IS different?

  23. they are funny.

    k: i dont remember a poorer performance by a bullpen .. in my lifetime

    g: remember 08.. september..

  24. john

    he couldnt have said 09. they never had a chance to show how bad they could be. they were out of it by the all star break.

  25. Howie and Wayne are being a bit amusing as they try to keep track of what exactly is going on.

  26. Sounds like the end is in sight…although nothing is for sure in this game.

  27. ANALYSIS: The Marlins did everything they could to lose this but the Mets did not come up with the big hit. A lot of chances. It was a good comeback, but not good enough. …. John Maine wasn’t good at all. He struggled with his command all night and threw 92 pitches.-JD

  28. They roasted Tatis for getting thrown out at the plate. It wasn’t a good play. But, in fairness to him, had he held the base there was no guarantee the hitter would bring him in. …. They are looking at the play from one angle. Ojeda does that a lot. He should be better than that.-JD

  29. This game goes into the “Book of Unusual Innings of Baseball”
    See you tomorrow at 7 for a repeat performance from the Mets and Marlins

  30. S O M


    So we get the rubber game in 20 hours. I have to remember the stock the refrigerator with more “medicine” to get me through that one.

    Should I mention how another team won today in part because Chan Ho Park, of all people, pitches three scoreless innings?

  31. Between Maine’s disappointing outing and the mere six hits generated by their offense, the Mets had no business being in this game, let alone taking it to extra innings.

    They got a lot of quality ABs tonight where, instead of getting themselves out, they essentially challenged the Marlins to get them out. You have to be very encouraged by their smart approach after falling behind in this one.

  32. I’m certainly not offended by this one… A game that we had no business being in. I just can’t fathom Jacobs in the 4 hole and bringing in Nieve after Takahashi gives up the hit? Might as well let him finish if you were going to let him face the righty. Oh well, at least the horrible play of the Marlins made it interesting.

  33. someone help me with something. tatis is a veteran, correct?
    why did he run to homeplate with wright at bat?
    Didnt we have a younger player chastized for bonehead plays?
    I think Warthen has been screwing with the pitchers to the point they dont remember their bread and butter pitches.