April 5.10: Happy Opening Day.

Good morning. The weather is beautiful, as it should be for Opening Day. Good weather and the home team winning — those should be baseball laws for Opening Day.

I’ll be there this afternoon live blogging. I hope you’ll take time from your day and join me with your comments on Mets Chat Room. I’m looking forward to communicating with you throughout the season. Hopefully, there will be more wins than losses to chat about.

I’ve been do dozens of Opening Days, both as a fan and journalist. But, one will always stand out. I was growing up in Cleveland and my dad took me and my brother out of school to watch the Indians on Opening Day. The school didn’t care for it, but my dad didn’t care. This was a special father-sons moment that I carried with me longer than anything I would have learned that day.

No matter what happens in the future, I think that one will always be tops for me. How about you? What are your favorite Opening Day memories? Please share, and please stop by this afternoon.

I’ll catch you at the park.

17 thoughts on “April 5.10: Happy Opening Day.

  1. You think that father-son thing will always be tops for you? Just wait til you get to see in person Alex Cora hit a dribbler to second today. It will make your heart flutter. This is what memories are made of.

  2. from John’s prior posts we can see that Manuel has yet to be consistent. he like a pitcher but didn’t put him in the rotation. he liked a 1st baseman etc. but now will platoon. Willie’s problem was he was too quiet.. but he stood by the team and made changes that had more sense to them than manuel. Manuel claimed he was a man of rewards.. if you earned a spot you stayed in it. Liar!
    Until we get a player’s manager and not a mouthpiece for the owners or the GM. we are through…
    I will still watch the game.. but it will be hard!

  3. (3) What’s the problem — that Jerry is promoting his players to the media, or that what he’s saying isn’t totally honest?

    I would fully expect a manager to praise the likes of Nelson Figueroa; anything less isn’t doing right by the player. What would you expect him to say — “Figgy has no out pitch, he’s been failing at this level for 10 years and isn’t good enough to get by on guile and deception”?

  4. if i pitcher isn’t ready for something then yes. Davy Johnson/Bobby V/Joe Torre.. would not have thought twice about saying why someone didnt make the lineup etc.
    We didnt bring him up because he isnt ready but we will use him later. etc etc..
    The fact of the matter is I honesly dont think Jerry knows what the hell he’s doing. Warthen has yet to help a single pitcher. ruin them yes.. help no..
    The jacket did far more for the pitchers…
    like i said these last few years the management has been the worst. even way back when the mets were losing everyday at least we saw something happen with the managing and coaching..
    not static cling..

  5. There is no joy in Bronxville; the mighty Yankees are dead last LoL… PS: How’d those Phillies know to dump that Chan Ho Park?

  6. (5) Bobby V.? Absolutely — he’d throw any player under the bus at any moment. That’s why he was voted the most hated man in baseball during his tenure with the Mets.

    I disagree regarding Davey. Davey was the ultimate players’ manager, laissez-faire to an extreme. Other than Tim Leary, who wanted no part of a bench-clearing brawl he instigated while pitching for Davey at AAA, and George Foster, who called him a racist, I can’t think of any instances in which Davey bad-mouthed a player, whether it be warranted or not. On the other hand, you could exhaust Delcos’ bandwidth talking about all the bad things Bobby has said about his players.

    I’m not so certain that Jerry’s comments reflect a lack of personnel judgment, so much as a lack of PR expertise. To be sure, this entire organization has had its collective PR head up its ass most of Jay Horowitz’s tenure. Can’t blame Jerry for continuing that tradition.

  7. Jerry is so bad. How do you have Cora leading off? Oh, “cerebral approach at the plate”. Please.
    And GMjr is starting in CF? I mean, Pagan isn’t great either, but GMjr is worse.
    And Jacobs hitting in front of Bay is absurd. Bay is a much better hitter against righties than Jacobs is.

    I know the team is hurt by missing Reyes and Beltran, but Jerry still has to do a better job of deploying the players he has and putting them in a position to help them and the team succeed. He is failing to do that.

    Can’t wait for Jerry to poop on some player like he did with Church. Surprised he didn’t keep Nick Evans around to fill that role.

  8. John

    Wish i was there with you instead of at work.

    It’s a beautiful day.

    Is that really a skyline i see in the field?

  9. SteveC

    Jerry is consistent. He will change his mind like the wind.

    He even says so.

  10. Bobby V. though he may bad mouth a plyer it was usually warranted. he was a players manager though. if you played with your heat he was there .. to the point he risked his career after being thrown out and he snuck back to the nebch with a bad fake mustache.
    for him it was about the game. davey had a great team to coach.
    Jerry has no clue how to stick with a linep that works. he has broken the chemistry so often with this team there is no chemistry. the mets are now a pickup team. they pick up people throw em in the field and they see what happens.

  11. Opening day for the most part has not been the Mets problem. Most of you know the Mets have the best opening day record in baseball 31-17. Jerry will still be there tomorrow. Enjoy the day.

  12. (11) So, when Bobby announced to the media that Pete Harnsich was on suicide watch at a hospital that was “warranted”?

    How about when Bobby alleged to the media that Todd Hundley had a drinking problem by calling it a “sleeping” problem — warranted?

    How about when Bobby told the media that Bernard Gilkey had a problem with his eyesight — warranted?

    How about the time when Bobby told the media that Lance Johnson needed to have surgery to repair his shin splints — warranted?

    How about the time Bobby went to Wharton and laughed about how much money Derek Bell was being paid? Warranted?

    How about the day the Mets re-acquired Bobby Bonilla, for Mel Rojas in an exchange of bad contracts, and Bobby commented that Bonilla couldn’t catch the ball — warranted?

    How about the time Bobby challenged Bonilla to a fight, but only in front of everyone else in the dugout (i.e., he was brave enough to challenge him in the dugout, where it would be caught by a camera and lead to Bonilla’s demise — but didn’t have the balls to follow Bonilla to the clubhouse, where the player preferred to handle it) — warranted?

    How about the time Bobby told the media that he didn’t understand “what was so special” about young Edgardo Alfonzo — warranted?

    How about the time Bobby told the media that baseball was ready for its first gay star, knowing that this would result in a circus atmosphere around his own rumored player — warranted?

    How much more time do you have today, Steve?

  13. Opening Day in Cleveland? I made that trip once in 1975: debut of Frank Robinson as manager. I was in the parking lot when he hit the home run off Doc Medich. Bright, sunny, 40*F at the Mistake-by-the-lake.

    Mets Opening Day? Maybe 1983 with the return of George Thomas Seaver. He pitches six shutout innings with future target-of-the-boobirds Doug Sisk getting the win. Right Fielder Mike Howard (who?) gets the game winning rbi in his only game of the year. In fact the last game of his career which featured 66 at bats and a 201/291/242 line.

    I was too young to remember it but the first run ever scored against the Mets was because of a balk by Roger Craig. Of course the first game the Mets ever played in New York was on Friday the 13th

  14. Tiffany I am glad your memory is so sound. or you have a great google site for Bobby V media soundbites.
    for all of that. I rather take Bobby V. over Jerry. so go ahead and route for M&M.
    I’ll sit back and hope the mets can win despite the undynamic duo.

  15. (16) So, Dallas Green had a contract that required the Mets to tell him by August 31, 1996 whether they intended to re-sign him. When Joe McIlvaine told him he would not be brought back, Dallas, understandably, wanted out immediately.

    Joe Mac was then ordered to promote Bobby from AAA with a one-year “take it or leave it” offer. By the midpoint of the following season, Joe Mac had been canned and Bobby, as the result of a power play orchestrated by agent Tony Attanasio, had procured contract extensions for himself and fellow Attanasio client Bob Apodaca.

    At the press conference announcing his extension, Bobby told the media that this should be a wake-up call for certain veterans on the team.

    That’s about all you need to know about Bobby.