April 4.10: What’s your confidence level?

Good morning and Happy Easter to everyone. It’s a gorgeous day. The Mets have returned home after a so-so spring.

It’s always fun looking at the standings before Opening Day. Zeroes across the board. Everybody is even. That’s in theory, at least.

We do know that some teams are more even than others, and the Mets are not one of them.

They still have the same pitching questions as at the start of spring training, and Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes will begin the season on the disabled list. So will Daniel Murphy and Kelvim Escobar.

Looking at tomorrow’s projected line-up, and only two players – David Wright and Luis Castillo – were starters last year on Opening Day. Not a good sign.

Opening Day is a time for optimism and hope, but with these Mets it could be hoping they don’t stink that badly. You want to be positive, but it is hard when you see that rotation.

So, am I overstating things? What’s your confidence level in this team? Do they make the playoffs? Are they competitive? Will they even finish .500?

7 thoughts on “April 4.10: What’s your confidence level?

  1. Happy belated Passover and Happy Easter to all celebrants. At best, the Mets this year are about an 84-78, third place team. At worst, they’re a 76-86 fourth place team. I’m predicting something in between — 78-84, fourth place finish. All the other clubs in the division have improved and the Mets still have too little starting pitching and it’s never a good sign when a team goes to a setup man by committee in the bullpen. Not having Carlos Beltran until June will hurt and this team is still one more injury to a major player away from this season being a catastrophe. The Mets will lose a lot of high scoring games this season. Don’t expect a lot of innings from the starters, or the bullpen to hold many leads. Having Jennry Mejia get experience at the Major League level this year is a great idea, so he’ll be even better in 2011. Just wish management had decided to do the same thing this year with Ike Davis — though he’ll likely be brought up by Wayne Krivsky, who’ll succeed Omar Minaya as GM at the All Star break. Krivsky will likely name current third base coach Chip Hale to be interim manager and then a whole new search will begin. It’s gonna be a long season.

  2. Once Jacobs shows that he’s not a legit major-league first baseman, the Mets will summon Ike from the minors.

  3. 2. Why… Its not so easy to dump your clean up hitter. Ah Jerry’s Mets.

    Do you like the way Jerry has annointed Jacobs the clean up hitter? do you like Mathews playing center instead of Angel? I guess a career of mediocrity is what Jerry asppreciates. Do you like Tejada’s glove sitting on the pine so Cora can start to earn his vesting option for next year? I have come to agree with dave. Ike is better off being far away from Jerry.

  4. Hi Its a new season finally off a long winter. I do not like that Sean Green made the team . Also I think Omar will regret not picking up a pitcher this off season. Wishing the Mets to stay at least at .500 until Beltran and Reyes are back. Wish people would give Murhpy a chance when he gets back. Perfer Davis to stay in minors because he will not be able to help this team where its needed-the bullpen

  5. A year like 1968 or 1983 as we see the genius of Omar Minaya’s farm system begin to give us the heroes of the new decade: F Mart, Ike Davis, Mejia, Tejada. Igarashi joins such legendary Mets pitchers from Japan as Ishii and Komiyama. Nothing but good times ahead.

  6. This being Easter and to sort out our catching controversy, let me be th3 15,349th person to shout “Give us Barajas!”.

  7. 89-73. Miss wildcard by 1 game.

    Team will be exciting to watch this year. Mental errors (and physical) will be cut down dramatically. Players will perform up to and above ability. Ollie will still stink it up though.