April 4.10: Tomorrow’s line-up?

The first pitch of the season hasn’t even been thrown yet and there are already questions about Jerry Manuel’s line-up.

For instance, whatever happened to Angel Pagan leading off? If not Pagan, then why not Gary Matthews? Alex Cora was their best choice to lead off?

And, all that money for Jason Bay and he’s not batting cleanup? I would have gone Bay, Mike Jacobs and Jeff Francoeur as my 4-5-6 hitters.

I realize the line-up isn’t the same without Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes, but this was akin to pulling numbers out of a cap. Luis Castillo and David Wright are the only ones slotted where they should be.

Alex Cora, SS
Luis Castillo, 2B
David Wright, 3B
Mike Jacobs, 1B
Jason Bay, LF
Gary Matthews, CF
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Rod Barajas, C
Johan Santana, LP

7 thoughts on “April 4.10: Tomorrow’s line-up?

  1. Happy Easter to everyone.

    The only dumb thing I could come up with is that Cora is a better contact hitter than GMJ.

    Get ready for a lot of strikeouts from that lineup.

  2. Lets see.
    First Cora can’t hit, He is at best an 8 hitter. He can’t field. The Mets put a 20 year old kid with a great glove on the rosterwhy… I guess to rot. Tejada must be the new kid to be treated like mud by this supposed manager. Second lets see. The clean up hitter. Must be Bay after all he’s a proven HR and rBI guy. Nope… Its a guy who got booed out of Kansas City because he sucks so bad and will be platooned with Jerry’s favorite has been Tatis. Bat him fine but Jacobs belongs 7. Oh and lets see. Pagan shouldn’t play. After all he only had a breakout out year playing every day. Solets see lets platoon him with this guy Omar “stole” from the Angelsa guy who only performed well when taking performance enhancing drugs. Yeah, lets see… walk Wright, let Jacobs whiff walk Bay and letthe drug lord hit into a DP. Awesome lineup. Nobody could have done so little with it as Manuel. Bring back Frazier!

  3. I’m not that bothered with this lineup. Jerry has indicated that he didn’t want to start Tejada on opening day, which is understandable, since he’s probably never played before a crowd that large before.

    GMJ vs. Pagan? My guess is that Jerry is showing a little respect to Santana by putting someone in CF who actually has a chance to catch the ball.

    If you’re going to have Cora and GMJ in the same lineup, which is one is better suited to the lead-off spot?

    Bay clean-up? It looks like Jerry wanted some L/R diversity. Wright and Bay back-to-back is an invitation to bring in a righty from the pen. Jacobs, meanwhile, can only hit righties. Sounds to me like Jerry knows his personnel.

    More than anything, though, this is his lineup for one game. I don’t see the point in dissecting it like it was the Zapruder film.

  4. this is the opening day lineup?

    can omar deliver the pink slip to jerry when he goes out with the lineup card?

  5. Wow. This is the lineup that is going to save Omar’s and Jerry’s job?

    I was slightly confident heading into the season… now Im just scared. Lets hope we’re at least exciting to watch this year.

  6. Willie was fired , unceremoniously, for FAR LESS!

    do we still have people on this blog that stand behind M&M?