April 2.10: Toying with Mejia.

All that talking about Jenrry Mejia needing minor league experience is probably going to wind up as lip service because the reports are he’s more than even money to go north.

In what role, the Mets won’t say, but Jerry Manuel said the eighth-inning role “will be by committee,’’ a situation that always works.

What the decision to bring Mejia up now is really one made out of desperation by men, who in order to survive in their jobs, have to be shortsighted. If the Mets don’t win out of the gate, Manuel will be gone and he’s banking on Mejia’s rocket arm to suddenly find command and maturity.

But, at the same time, Manuel is saying he doesn’t have faith in Mejia in certain circumstances.

If Mejia needs to be saved from pressure situations such as the eighth inning, then what would he be doing on the roster in the first place? We all know the outcome of a game could be decided in the sixth or seventh innings. (And, with the Mets starters it could happen anywhere in the first five.)

I’m not sure whether Mejia should be a starter or reliever, but whatever it is, they should make a decision and stick with it.

Apparently, the Mets are currently thinking bullpen, which is fine. If that is the case, then he should be here the entire season learning from Francisco Rodriguez. Give him one relief role and stick with it.

I don’t want to see him here in the pen, then sent back down to the minors to start, then come back at the end of the year and go back in the pen. If Mejia is as good as they say, he’ll adjust. But, waffling between roles can only deter his progress.

That the Mets are even considering Mejia for the pen right now is a clear sign they have little faith in who they have right now. Their priority in this case is to compete now and worry about the future later.

That’s because the decision makers might not have a future.

10 thoughts on “April 2.10: Toying with Mejia.

  1. Actually correct that…..the decision makers are going to be here for a very long time…The Wilpons.

  2. You put a guy on a short leash you don’t expect long term decision making do you? Jeffy made the pronouncement and unfortunatley everybody else has to pay the price except for him for having the wisdo of being born in the right place.

  3. (3) Actually, as one columnist pointed out earlier this week, the rapid progress of prospects like Davis, FMart, Tejada and Mejia has likely taken some pressure off Omar, as this quarter shows him to a.) have improved the once-barren system and b.) staved off the temptation to deal them for a win-now player. In a subtle way, this shifts the burden onto Jerry. Not that the ice is a foot thick underneath Omar’s Capezios — just that the growth of these prospects has probably bought him a little more breathing room than his manager.

  4. I’m excited now. I think my old ears just heard this absolute loser and joke of a manager announce that Mike Jacobs is his clean up hitter, because he can’t have Bay and Wright bat together. The other Manuel in Philly is laughing his his butt off about the lhis lesser namesake. Hey jerry, Utley/Howard bat from th same side of the platre and did pretty good the last three years ….

  5. Actually Harry it’s perfect. Wright can get a hit, Jacobs can then either hit into a DP or Strikeout!

  6. Well O… If it makes sense to you it makes sense to me. What does that Manuel in Philly know anyway? Three lucky pennants in a row.

  7. I must confess I haven’t been following this closely, but does anyone know whether Pelfrey has made the team — or are they going to send him to the minors?

  8. I saw Figgy, the guy who Jerry the awful said was some kind of special staff saver wasn’t on the final roster. Good move Omar but shows once again that you don’t mess with the Jerry. Whatever Jerry says, don’t ever believe.

  9. i think he should be in the minors learning to pitch. i think he should be a starter.

    i think he needs to be as far away from jerry as possible.

    i wish we could fire the owners for being idiots.