April 1.10: Better late than never.

What the Mets should have done last year they’ll do Opening Day, and that is to honor their past by unveiling a Mets Hall of Fame. Gates open at 10:40 a.m.

“The Mets Hall of Fame & Museum honors the greatest players and greatest events in our history,” said Dave Howard, Executive Vice President, Business Operations, New York Mets, in a statement released by the club. “The museum connects generations of fans to the moments they cherish and reflects our ongoing commitment to celebrate our heritage and history at Citi Field.”

The Hall will feature significant artifacts, interactive exhibits, videos and photographic imagery, recognizing the unforgettable plays and players that are their 48-year history.

The exhibit will include plaques honoring the members of the Mets Hall of Fame, the 1969 and 1986 World Series Championship trophies, and memorabilia on loan from Mets greats, such as Tom Seaver’s 1969 Cy Young Award and Keith Hernandez’s 1987 Gold Glove Award. Also, there will be the Mookie Wilson ball Game 6 of the 1986 World Series.

On loan from the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum are ball used in the first play at Shea Stadium, Tommie Agee’s glove from the 1969 World Series and the ball Tom Seaver threw to Mike Piazza for the ceremonial first pitch to open Citi Field.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Please read the post from yesterday, Murphy Down, and tell me who you’d rather see at first base until Daniel Murphy is back. Do you want the veteran MIke Jacobs or the prospect Ike Davis?

10 thoughts on “April 1.10: Better late than never.

  1. Jolbert Cabrera has been released, and all you can write about is some touristy gimmick at the ballpark? Where, oh where, is your sense of honor?

  2. And don’t forget everybody’s favorite AAA first baseman Val Pascucci.

  3. Guys, you don’t understand. I was too distraught over the Cabrera and Pascucci releases. It would be like writing the obit for a friend.-JD

  4. Thanks for reminding me that the owners are not Met fans, but fans of the LA Dodgers and San Fran Giants.

    As for the 1b thing – i thought i posted last nite, but do not see it. I prefer Ike. These guys are not better. Ike is a better defender and has been hitting well. Both these guys are not better than he and while I think he could probably use at least half a year in AAA the team will be better with Ike starting at 1B. If for some reason he can’t handle it, they can send him down to work on what ailes him.

  5. Where is your fool posting?

    You get one chance a year to post something witty and believable to make us all scream at how insane you are.

  6. Will they have Doug Flynn’s 1980 Gold Glove? Or the shoes that Jimmy Piersall wore when he ran the bases backwards after hitting his 100th career home run in 1963?

  7. Looks like Parnell sealed his fate today, 2/3 inning 3 hits, 2 runs. And from the looks of it, Igarashi is a waste of time, now has a ST ERA of 8.53. I can’t believe i’m saying this, but if he makes the roster over Sean Schoengreenweis, it would be a travesty.

  8. Those are fightin words coming from you O. But don’t give up on Parnell. Remember the fan fave figgy won the job the day he got bombed. This is Jerry’s metsies remember…. Bad is good except when its not so good and good is often not so good because it isn’t perfect. Parnell might be the specialist when a 134 righty comes up with two outs and nobody on in a seven run game.

  9. What can I say Harry? I can’t put a positive spin on everything Met related. lol