March 31.10: Murphy down.

The count is up to three the number of Mets who will start the season injured. Daniel Murphy’s sprained right MCL will have him join Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran.

GM Omar Minaya said Mike Jacobs is the frontrunner to start at first, eschewing the knee jerk reaction to bring up Ike Davis. It was a scenario like this which is the reason they brought in Mike Jacobs in the first place. Jacobs, a veteran left-handed bat with power gives the Mets a chance to be competitive.

The Mets sent Davis down for a reason, because they didn’t think he was ready. Their plan is for him to get consistent at-bats in the minors than sporadic time in the majors. To stick with that plan is the right move.

4 thoughts on “March 31.10: Murphy down.

  1. Include me in as one of those knee-jerk reactors who started quoting Indiana Jones in saying “I Like Ike”. A good thing a man of patience and experience like Omar Minaya is running the team and not someone of my temperament. Better to go with a “proven veteran” with an 83 OPS+ than to give a promising kid a chance.

  2. Well, include me with the group that would rather have Jacobs at first over Ike at this time. Has everyone forgotten how terribly our rushing of players has gone this year that we are already on the bandwagon of rushing everyone again to “give them a chance” when they are not ready.

    Yes, because the chance to completely ruin a player is a great idea to fill a hole for a few weeks.

    I just wish they would come to the same sense with Mejia. Davis needs to figure things out in AAA and will get his shot when he is ready.

  3. James: If you wrote that about Mejia I’d give you 100% agreement; FMART last year I’d dosagree but totally understand but Davis I don’t agree. Davis played college for 3 years at a major powerhouse which gave him 3 years of experience not listed because he wasn’t a pro. Davis’ father was a big league player and played for the Yankees so Davis has seen it all and heard it all and has a solid counselor if he gets sent down. I also disagree with the blanket idea of treating each guy the same. They’re individuals with diferent skill levels and different experiences.