March 29.10: Pelfrey should open season in the minors.

Let’s face it, Mike Pelfrey has had a miserable spring, one which doesn’t warrant going north with the team. He’s given up eight homers this spring, and 12 runs over his last two starts.

Pelfrey speaks knowingly of the need for him to pitch well, but spits the bit most every time out this spring. Neither John Maine nor Oliver Perez have pitched well, either, but Pelfrey has been combustible.

It would be very simple for Nelson Figueroa to start the season in the rotation with Bobby Parnell being added to the bullpen until Pelfrey works out his problems.

It is imperative for a lot of reasons that the Mets get off to a fast start, but right now I see Pelfrey putting the breaks on getting out of the gate.

14 thoughts on “March 29.10: Pelfrey should open season in the minors.

  1. Delcos — are you channeling Steinbrenner again, looking to demote veterans based on Spring Training performances?

    So, you have a sinkerball pitcher who, over the last 12 months, has started serving up gopherballs — and your solution is to demote the pitcher? To me, it sounds like a mechanical issue and one that a legitimate major-league pitching coach should be able to address.

    Pelfrey just turned 26. According to Baseball Reference, his best age matches have been John Lackey (age 24) and Jason Schmidt (age 25). Pelfrey needs a coach, not a demotion.

  2. JD: I think all things aside, he handled himself well on the mound. he didnt really fall apart, like the bullpen. he had some bad luck with the wind. and some of his pitching choices. But he pitched Over 100!! woohoo!
    and Ron and Gary both said.. he didnt look tired.
    It sucked we got pummelled, but I cant say it was all Pelf’s fault.

  3. Tiffany you are exactly right that Pelfrey needs a pitching coach. However, the Mets don’t have one. And I doubt that they have one in Buffalo either, nor in Binghamton. He’s been screwed around every year, first by the jacket and now by Warthen. So either he gets smart and stops listening to these guys and goes back to what he did best and felt most secure with or needs to be traded.
    Delcos, why do you have confidence that he will magically regain his confidence by a stint in the minors. Will The worst pitching coach in the world give him a plan of recovery?? Met history brings up the great Tracsel demotion which helped return to mediocrity, but the Met sstem likely had real pitching coaches at that time.

  4. Sorry, I agree that Pelfrey has looked rough and is looking like he is in for a long season, but our options with him are keep him in the rotation to work things out or trade him. I am beginning to think Pelfrey will not last the season with this team, but who knows.

    I would love to see him figure some things out this season, but I am certainly not counting on it.

  5. JD: You’ll just do anything to get Parnell back on this team won’t you? lol. Seriously though, it wouldn’t be unheard of to let Pelfrey start the season in the minors, maybe give him a wake up call. But the fact is that the Mets have no one with his potential to replace him on the staff right now so sending him down does little.

  6. I still like Pelf. Like I like Maine. they came up through adversity. do i want them both NOT to SUCK. absolutely.

    I think what killed pelf was them keeping his tongue in his mouth.

    If the minors didnt correct it, why did the majors feel it was an issue. The minute tthey gave hime the mouth piece that did it.

    now he licks his hand.. listen that was his toothed chain like Turk Wendell.
    you dont screw with a pitcher’s mojo.


  7. arrives back in AAA. Pelf whats up? you were pitching great. what did Warthen do to you.. what the hell, where’s your tongue?
    stick that puppy out.. now throw 98.

    There ya go. fixed…

    ERA 2.34

    I can live with that..

  8. Pelfrey has been focusing on his secondary pitches all spring, and as a result has not been using his bread and butter splitter. So that could be why he’s getting battered.
    Now, the key is going to be once the regular season starts, he needs to have a game plan that uses ALL his pitches.
    My issue is that it seems the coaching staff didn’t think to have him use all his stuff in the last game.
    For a pitcher to say “yeah, I need to throw inside more”, shows me the coaches/catchers did not think about that and make a change during the game.

    Warthen stinks. I can’t stand him as PC.

  9. Second to last spring start. Don’t buy it. When fans and the pitching coach and the manager stop making up phony excuses for these pampered favorites, maybe they’ll start producing. If Perez pitched like Pelfrey did, everyone would be all over him because he isn’t a favored one.