March 29.10: Reyes still an Opening Day possibility.

They are playing the “maybe’’ game again with Jose Reyes, with GM Omar Minaya not discounting him for Opening Day.

“We haven’t ruled it out yet, no,’’ Minaya said. “He looks good. He wants to bring it to the next level.’’

Reyes took live BP this morning for the first time.

The Mets could put him in a minor league game, where he’d lead off each inning and get six or seven at-bats. But, isn’t that rushing him, something they said they wouldn’t do?

Reyes hasn’t faced a major league pitch since last May, and even with a full workload this week that might not be enough.

Reyes is too valuable to this team to fool around with him. Better be certain than risk a setback. By Minaya leaving it open, Reyes might push himself to where he shouldn’t go. Better for Minaya to say
something now and take temptation away from him.

MEJIA STILL POSSIBLE: Jenrry Mejia to the Mets bullpen still remains a possibility, and if it happens he would presumably take the spot of Kiko Calero, leaving him behind for an extended spring training.

ONE GAME BAGGED: The split squad game in Viera, Fla., against the Nationals was rained out. Jon Niese was scheduled to start, but instead will pitch today in Port St. Lucie, against the Marlins.
Oliver Perez was to start that game, but will start tomorrow instead.

Here’s today’s lineup against the Marlins:

Angel Pagan, LF
Alex Cora, SS
David Wright, 3B
Daniel Murphy, 1B
Jeff Francoeur, RF
Gary Matthews, CF
Henry Blanco, C
Ruben Tejada, 2B
Jon Niese, LP

9 thoughts on “March 29.10: Reyes still an Opening Day possibility.

  1. Why does this remind me on how the New York Islanders rushed Rick DiPietro back after injuries and are facing the possibility they may have to pay him for the next 12 years to sit on the disabled list?

  2. This alleged recovery seems really fast.
    Either this boy got really lucky. Or something is up.

    I think the latter, he should stay until he is fully warmed up. Otherwise the prediction of the re-pulled hamstring will come true.

  3. See, I think setting a date for this thing would be the mistake, if you set a date then he thinks he needs to hit that date and that itself becomes an issue. No matter what Reyes is going to try to work hard to get back as soon as possible and there is always the risk he will “overdo it”. In the next day or two things should be a little clearer and we can go from there.

  4. i hope they do the right thing.

    reyes should take it slow and jenrry should be in the minors as a stater.

    however. both will be with the team opening day. if jose gets hurt all the better.

    for sybill and the clueless pretend gm can say the magic word to keep their jobs.


  5. the right thing by Reyes would be to get Rid of M&M and have real doctors and coaches look him over.
    1 minute he’s sick the next he isnt? because why no real SS?
    come on.. something stinks.. and it aint the skunk that ran across the field.

  6. I know, but it would be typical and not the first time. Granted I dont follow other teams. But have these continuous injuries plagues other teams to the extent of the mets. I know the yanks had a bad year and reds or whatever. but not because of bad diagnosis or bringing people back too early.
    Like a few others here, I have lost all confidence in M&M and the staff. We get no consistency and the truth is never forth coming.
    I was born Dodger blue and NY Orange and I will die with those colors. regardless of any other color the franchize tries to force into it.. 😉
    But this regime.. is terrible.. totally and uterly MICRO-MISMANAGED