March 28.10: Pelfrey a concern.

Of all the Mets, for me it is a toss up between Mike Pelfrey and John Maine as to whom I am most concerned about heading into the season. Oliver Perez? Not so much, as I know he’ll be inconsistent and spotty. I’m done scratching my head over Perez.

But Pelfrey and Maine – the former starts today – promise to have an upside and there have been flashes. Pelfrey’s problems have been, 1) a failure to master his secondary pitches, 2) an inability to limit the damage in an inning, and 3) a tendency to lose focus.

It all adds up to not knowing what to expect when he takes the mound.

But, at least he knows it when he speaks of the primary issue surrounding this team.

“I’ve come in from day one saying that the whole season is going to depend on us three,” Pelfrey said of himself, Maine and Perez. “And it’s true. No matter what team it is, pitching wins championships.
“Johan Santana is going to be Johan Santana. The guys vying for the fifth spot are going to be great fifth starters. The rest is on us three.”

It is only spring training, but their performance so far has done little to alleviate concern. The questions and inconsistency remains.

9 thoughts on “March 28.10: Pelfrey a concern.

  1. dont they all have the same focus problems? all 3 fade after 4 innings.

    why didnt we get a starter the last 2 years? oh thats right because our rotation is so good.

    why do they want our best pitching prospect to be a reliever? thats right, our starters are so good.

  2. pelf is still getting the ball up and they are still leaving the park.

    it will be a long season.

  3. dave: Twelve runs in his last two starts. It’s late in spring training and wondering about Pelfrey isn’t out of line. He’s not pitching well.-JD

  4. We are only 8 days away from starting the season against the Marlins. Just don’t have much anticipation…

    Special boo to Bud Selig for doing away with the traditional opener in Cincinnati.
    As Chrissie Hynde once sang about Michael Jackson “How much did you get for your soul”??

  5. Dan: How have you been? Haven’t seen you in awhile. You’re right about the Cincy opener. Great line. I don’t know why baseball is so determined to do away with all its traditions.-JD

  6. So, Parnell and Green are supposedly ticketed to AAA Buffalo. If KRod, Feliciano, Igarashi and Calero are givens, that puts the remaining spots up for grabs among Nieve, Takahashi, Figueroa, Misch and Dessens.