March 25.10: Wrapping up the Day.

Despite giving up two homers, there was questionable progress made by John Maine in today’s loss to St. Louis. The two homers were the only runs he allowed in five innings. Maine also walked two. Not sterling by any stretch, but better by comparison to how we’ve seen him this spring.

The Cardinals had chances, but for the most part Maine pitched out of trouble, which is a positive sign. But, he was lucky the homers – on by Albert Pujols – came with the bases empty. It hasn’t always been that way.

Maine was one inning and run less than what passes for a quality start these days. Three runs in six innings hardly represents quality, but does by today’s watered down standards. Tom Seaver would call in unacceptable.

The Mets need more from Maine, both at this stage in spring training and during his career. I’d take the two runs every time out, but the Mets need more than five innings considering his pitch count of 88. That many pitches must take him through seven innings.

Five innings won’t make it.

CARTER IMPRESSES: Omar Minaya, speaking during today’s telecast, said Chris Carter is making an impression regarding the final position spot on the roster.

“He’s a left-handed hitter with power,’’ Minaya said.

Carter flied out as a pinch-hitter in the eighth inning, but is batting .421 with five extra-base hits.

Also in contention for that spot are Mike Jacobs and Frank Catalanotto, neither of whom are hitting over .200.

REYES WORKS OUT: Jose Reyes worked out again today and said there were no problems.

“Today went much better,’’ Reyes told reporters. “I was a little bit sore, but it was good so far, I’ll continue to do more and hopefully I’ll be on the field as soon as possible.’’

The will take it slow with Reyes. Pushing him at this time would only risk injury to his leg and would be foolish.

7 thoughts on “March 25.10: Wrapping up the Day.

  1. “…but the Mets need more than five innings considering his pitch count of 88. That many pitches must take him through seven innings.”

    1.) Do you think they limited him to 88 pitches and five innings because it was Spring Training and that, in the regular season, we would have seen him go into the sixth inning and 100 pitches?

    2.) 88 pitches must take you through seven innings? I can’t find one pitcher in the NL who averaged seven innings per start in 2009. Wilbur Wood and Gaylord Perry must have had off years, I guess.

    As for Seaver, I love the man — but I have to wonder how he’d do in an era of pitch counts, specialized bullpens, bandbox stadiums and sluggers with synthetics running through their veins. Suffice to say, today’s pitchers don’t get Dal Maxvill and Julian Javier (and a pitcher) three times in the same lineup.

  2. 88 pitches through 5 innings is always going to be Maine’s issue, expecting him to suddenly morph into a pitcher who throws 7 innings every outing is expecting magic to appear.

    If he can consistently go 6 innings with a sub-4 era is the most you can expect out of Maine.

  3. JamesSC: If Maine gives the Mets six with a sub-4 ERA, that makes him a No. 4 starter at best. That might be good enough to win 14 games, which would be an improvement.-JD

  4. Tiffany: the answer is easy. he would look the manager in the eye and say if you take this ball out of my hand and we lose the game. I am done. find a new tom terrific.

  5. you can build whatever pen you want. with jenrry – the flavor of the day – or without. It won’t matter.

    Our rotation is populated with 5 and out guys. Come September regardless of what happens the rest of the season – and many here quote some record or other about may or june – we are done.

    Then pen will self destruct and many here will cry about how ineffective and poor they are.

    The real weakness on this team is the rotation. It has been for a long time. Including 2006.

  6. So, a sub-4 ERA translates to being a fourth starter good enough for 14 wins?

    Here’s a listing of the 12 pitchers in the NL who won at least 14 games with an ERA under 4 in 2009: Johnson, Vazquez, Jurrjens, Wainwright, Carpenter, Piniero, Arroyo, Rodriguez, Jimenez, Cain, Lincecum and Haren.

    How many fourth starters do you see in that group?