March 23.10: Reyes cleared to play.

With his thyroid With his thyroid levels having stabilized, the Mets cleared Jose Reyes to resume baseball activities this afternoon. The Mets expect him on the field tomorrow, but have not said when he’ll play in an exhibition game.

General manager Omar Minaya wouldn’t discount either Reyes being ready for Opening Day or on the disabled list. Bet the latter.

General manager Omar Minaya said the team still isn’t sure if Reyes will be ready for Opening Day. He didn’t discount the possibility that Reyes might have to begin the season on the disabled list.

“Right now let’s just get him here,” Minaya said. “The good thing is we still have close to two weeks to go. I can’t tell you if he’s going to be ready for Opening Day. But the reality is, we’re happy to get him back. All the players are excited, and he’s excited.”

Reyes was diagnosed in early March with a hyperactive thyroid, and originally he was to be out two to eight weeks. The doctors prescribed rest and a change of diet (cutting back on seafood).

5 thoughts on “March 23.10: Reyes cleared to play.

  1. I can just see the headlines in two days….

    “Reyes returns to field, only to pull hamstring again due to eagerness to get ready for opening day.” Reyes is Day to Day.

  2. I don’t mind JD. I think that headline is public domain anyway. lol

  3. this is our manager on jose

    “I probably see him getting a sense of comfort back in the leadoff spot… But you know me (laughing), I’ll change. I’ll change on you.”

    I think I’ll call him Sybill.

  4. I cannot believe it. something tells me they flushed the HGH out of his system and now he’s good to go.
    I have lost all faith in any medical truth coming from this Metsie team.