March 23.10: Is it so bad to go with the kids?

Fernando Martinez (shown here), Jenrry Mejia, Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada and Jon Niese. That is the future core of the Mets, along with David Wright, Jose Reyes and Jason Bay. That’s your team over the next few years.

But, should the future be now?

All spring I’ve been saying these guys aren’t ready and should open the season in the minor leagues where they’ll fine tune their games. That they for the most part have played well this spring makes me wonder if I should reconsider.

There have been players who played a minimum in the minor leagues and became stars in the major leagues. Maybe, if these guys are as special as the Mets are saying, they’ll adapt right away and become productive.

Afterall, it’s not written in stone anywhere that if they start out in the majors they’ll fizzle out. It’s also not written anywhere that going to the minor leagues now guarantees future success.

I just look at the team now, and despite all the bluster early, they are playing near a listless .500.

Why is that?

Ok, it’s spring, and results aren’t supposed to matter, but the following ERAs make me wonder about this year, and that if it’s a lost year, why not give the kids a chance?

* Johan Santana has a 9.00 ERA in three starts, but I’m not worried so much about him. However, he is coming off a surgery, and you just can’t throw out 20 wins for him.

* Mike Pelfrey has a 7.36 ERA in four starts, including four homers yesterday. Pelfrey said he wanted to start being a pitcher. Now is as good a time as any to start.

* Oliver Perez has a 5.73 ERA in three starts. He’s had good and bad moments, which is the way it always has been for him. The only thing given about him is the roller coaster.

* John Maine has an 11.37 ERA in three starts. He had a good first start, but three bad appearances (don’t forget that relief effort when he said he wasn’t in it). I just wonder about Maine, and it isn’t a good wonder.

So, if the starting pitching holds true to form from last year and this spring, and with Reyes and Beltran out for at least the first month, the Mets aren’t exactly poised to sprint out of the gate.

If another listless season is in the making, then seeing the young players should come sooner than later.

14 thoughts on “March 23.10: Is it so bad to go with the kids?

  1. I would certainly prefer kids over the mediocrities that are planned to start at 1st, SS and CF. However, when the boy wonder owner declares publicly that the GM and manager better win or else then unless the two on the rope are convinced without a doubt that the the kds are better today, then they are going to go down the tube with the mediocrities. The fact that they seem intent on keeping only Mejia demonstrates just howm putrid the Met bullpen is looking.
    Minaya is going to get paid for severasl years no matter what. If he were a man he’d bring up the kids and find a manager who would play them. But he’s not so I don’t see it happening. how exciting to have a team with Cora, Murphy, Castillo, and GMJ/Angel playing all the time vice FMART, Davis, Tejada.. Bye bye Jerry, bye bye Omar, hello empty seats in the Wilpon grave yard. !

  2. Davis has already been sent down, the Mets apparently want him to get 500 Triple A AB’s, which I am actually fine with. I think that should be the plan with F-Mart too. Mejia in the majors is a joke right now. Chiti I know you disagree, but I still wouldn’t rush the kids. I know Tejada can help, I think the middle of the infield is horrendous so he should be here until Reyes comes back. Chris Carter who has been doing very well is making a push for the roster. I can see him taking some AB’s away from Murphy if he can make the team. I know it’s easy to get caught up, but in the early offseason I said I thought that 2010 should be a throw away year. I think it is still going to be that way.

  3. They plan on throwing Mejia on back to back days. They are going to screw this one up so badly, mark my words.

  4. On the “Believe it or not, good news,” front Jose Reyes has been cleared to resume baseball activities and is returning to Port St. Lucie.

  5. Eddie C. was just on WFAN.
    Reyes is cleared to resume baseball activities.

    All of the guys you mentioned could use at least another half season in the minors.
    Then I would say reevaluate the situation.
    Because rushing F-Mart last year worked really well.

  6. Also if the Mets really start out bad we will also be talking about Reese Havens, Brad Holt, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, and Jeurys Familia.

    I guess the farm system is not as bad as some made it out to be.

    Harry is correct that the Mets would actually need to hire a manager who would not ruin these guys.

  7. John

    You are talking about the Marlins north plan.

    I am actually fine with it. The owners will not be.

    We have too many rich contracts for run of the mill players. Beltran and Johan need to go too. Not that they are not fine players, but by the time all the young guys figure it out they won’t be what they are today.

    Better to get nice young players that some team can give us to win today which we cannot.

    Also time to fire the coach. Yesterday.

    So the short answer is you are dreaming because Jeffy won’t stand for waving the white flag.

  8. Dave: Beltran with knee problems doesn’t have a ton in the way of trade value. You’re just plain crazy regarding Santana…just my opinion of course. 😉

  9. Dave
    Beltran & Santana have no trade clauses and I have to agree with STO on Santana.

    Santana is better than Petite and it clearly is possible that he could be a very good pitcher into his late 30’s

  10. O: I would agree if the team were contending. Even with Reyes backed, rushed back I’m sure, a lineup with a no hit catcher, a mediocre first basemen , a swing at everything right fielder and two backups in centerfield a a second baseman whose favorite play is the sacrifice bunt, with a rotation of one ace and 4 bums ain’t going nowhere. I’d rather have Davis/FMART go throught their hard times now rather than later.
    I will agree about Mejia. They will ruin him. He needs innings and you don’t get it being the 7th inning guy or the 8th inning guy. Next year, the new regime will make him a starter and they’ll be afraid to throw him over 100 innings because he’ll throw 50-60 this year.
    Agree with O and PELHAM (please don’t have a stroke Pelham) and not dave about Santana. You only trade an ace if you can’t afford to keep him or if you can’t re-sign him, or if you have too many aces like the Phillies thought they had. Beltran needs to stay too. No value until he proves himself ok, and if he is, why do you trade away that much talent?

  11. I would have no problem with Tejada, Ike or F-Mart making the big league club. Mejia though needs to go to the minors period.

    On Ike I have no problem with him being up, but I am glad that they will give Murphy one last shot before doing that.

  12. Harry, I think the Phils traded Lee because they couldn’t afford him and wanted to replace the talent they traded with Roy, I dont think anyone thinks they have “too many” aces.

  13. James SC; Being in PA, listening to Phillie stuff on their station what I seriously garnered from their moves was that they were happy with Lee but he was clear that he was going to test the free agent market next year, and they restarted the Halladay talks when they got the word that Halladay was willing to sign an extension, and they started looking for a Lee trade market. If Lee would have agreed to an extension they wouldn’t have even tried to get Halladay. I don’t think they ever intended to keep both. They believe Hamels is going to bounce back and they are very happy with Happ as a 3, blanton as a 4 and Kendrick/Moyer as a 5. If Hamels does bounce back they have 2 aces. I was just kidding about the too many aces.

  14. Harry: Right. They knew it would be difficult to carry both Lee and Halladay, along with the obligations to Howard and Utley. … Also, this being a three-way deal, in order to give Toronto the prospects it wanted, they had to surrender Lee to Seattle.-JD