March 19.10: Looking at the pen.

Jerry Manuel said if prospect Jenrry Mejia makes the roster coming out of spring training, it won’t be in the set-up role but in low pressure situations.

If that’s the case, then isn’t he better off in the minor leagues pitching in the role the Mets envision for him immediately?

I just see the Mets doing the same yanking around with him they did with Bobby Parnell. Speaking of Parnell, his spot on the roster could be in jeopardy if fifth-starter candidate Hisanori Takahashi makes it as a reliever.

Takahashi will start the March 27 game against Washington. He has worked 8 1/3 scoreless innings in three appearances in competing with Jon Niese and Fernando Nieve for the fifth-starter role. The more I think of Takahashi as a fifth starter, the more I wonder. His numbers are good, but he hasn’t exactly been stretched out this spring and one start won’t do it, thereby making him more suitable for the bullpen.

PEN NOTES: Kiko Calero and Ryota Igarashi are in good shape as far as making the roster. … Pedro Feliciano was hit on the right knee by a grounder and left last night’s game. Feliciano was able to throw warm-ups after the injury and is expected to be fine. … Either Sean Green or Parnell could also be in trouble if the Mets sign left-hander Joe Beimel.

LIKING JACOBS: Manuel likes Mike Jacobs as a back-up first baseman and pinch hitter. The word is he’s been better than expected defensively. Jacobs has two homers this spring.

MANUEL ENDORSES CORA: After last night’s game Manuel endorsed Alex Cora over Ruben Tejada to play shortstop while Jose Reyes is down. That’s not to say Tejada will automatically be ticketed to the minor leagues.

9 thoughts on “March 19.10: Looking at the pen.

  1. Let me be more clear. No I don’t think he would be better now if they had handled him differently. He has had very little success at any level, including D1 College, despite his great arm.

  2. Today’s make-or-break guy is Razor Shines. Razor will be responsible for taking out the lineup cards, collecting the batting helmets and batting gloves at the end of the inning and making sure the sunflower seed bin is well-stocked. It’s still early, so I’m not going to bury Razor, but his performance today will be a telltale sign as to whether he’s fully capable of handling the bench-coach assignment. I’m just trying to stay positive.

  3. I think he’ll be OK with the lineup cards and the retrieval of the helmets and gloves; it’s the sunflower seeds I worry about. If he stumbles there, they’re bound to bring in an “organizational guy” like Gary Carter to fill the role.

  4. Has Razor’s arm recovered from all that waving guys home at the wrong time lasat year? I heard he might need TJ surgery and thats why so many Metsies were thrown out at the plate last year.

  5. didnt jerry say something similar about parnell last year before he made him the 8th inning guy?

    both had limited experience and one pitch.

    get him away from mejia.